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The year 2011 designed for the private health insurance very pleasing important changes in the private health insurance in 2012. Significantly more insured to a shift in the private health insurance have opted by reducing the statutory waiting period from three years to one year. So, the number of new additions in a private health insurance was 20 percent over the corresponding period of the previous year in the first half of 2011. Thus, nearly 9 million people in Germany were privately insured end of June. More about 119,000 private supplementary insurance contracts were added.

Also this value significantly higher than the comparison period and resulted in a total of 22.09 million private additional insurance until the end of June. In particular care insurance, dental fees and optional services were in demand in the hospital. To broaden your perception, visit David Zaslav. The Association of private health insurance is optimistic that the success can be continued in 2012. Some changes coming in the new year at insured. From the 1. January 2012 the income limits of the health and social security are adapted to the wage and salary development. So the contribution assessment ceiling, so those amount to the posts at most collected for statutory health insurance, of annual 44.550 Euro Euro 45.900 rises. This is equivalent to monthly amounts of 3.712,50 euros and 3.825,00 euros.

At the same time increasing the compulsory insurance limit, which is known as year working pay limit and to determine at which level of annual gross earnings a worker is no longer compulsorily in the statutory health insurance, 50.850 euro. This corresponds to a monthly amount of 4.237,50 euro. Make a note of the insured should be also 21 December 2012. at the latest up to this point insurance companies must offer Court uniform rates for women and men in accordance with a decision of the European Parliament. These gender-neutral unisex tariffs apply for private health insurance, but also for other policies like for example, pension, life insurance and occupational – legally binding. The previous differentiated pricing, which arose because of the different gender-related risks will be no later than on the date. What exactly this means for the insured is still unclear at the present time. But experts expect that the adjustment could lead to a general increase in contribution. Insured persons enjoy an extraordinary termination right in this case. As a result, any cheaper fares on the same provider as well as a change to a private provider other than alternatives can be tested. A change should be still considered as valuable provisions could be lost, as well as a new health check may be required. “Because so far the exact design of the adaptation, nor the financial implications are known, should pursue insurance initially restrained further development”, recommends that the Managing Director of JuMFinanz UG (limited liability), Marco Otter leg. About insurance insurance Deutschland.

Disability Insurance


Students benefit particularly from the low contributions to the disability insurance on the first October 2013 the new winter semester starts. Learn more at this site: Leslie Moonves. The lectures start again for thousands of students, for others the final exams start soon. For students who are nearing the career, it is worth now to look a good disability insurance. As a student rarely thinking about the right protection in the event of occupational disability. This topic is even more important when you stand just before the first own job. Experts advise again then as soon as possible a reliable occupational disability insurance to take care of. Because the advantage for many young people is clearly obvious: when they are still very healthy and complete a police time, they receive the protection at a very reasonable price.

For new entrants, the BU is protection like students and young professionals have generally no problems, a powerful Disability insurance to find. Who is still fit, given the important loss of own labour protection often for very little money. Follow others, such as Leslie Moonves, and add to your knowledge base. Apart from the private insurance for new entrants is already essential: who is berufsunfahig in the first five years of his professional life, receives no support from the State. For more information on the topic here. Early completion only after price – performance comparison insurers compete of course for young, healthy customers.

As a student or young professional, you can see the offers of companies in all peace and opt for the best rate at the end of. When choosing the occupational disability insurance you should refrain from but necessarily, only pay attention to the price. Because the conditions of the contract and the contracted services are much more important, if one is actually sometime berufsunfahig. The insurance terms and conditions select what disability insurance with insurance guarantee terms for occupational disability protection, should take best a personal and vendor-independent consulting service students and new entrants. Just when the career, there are some points on which they should particularly seek namely. Among other things, it is advisable to choose a contract with insurance guarantee. This will make it possible to adapt a contract even in hindsight to the living conditions often still evolving at a young age.

Immigration Office


In addition, a fee will be charged. An is clear: the 14 days is just a precautionary managerial Act – see below! The process then the local German authorities (Embassy) tells your partner Gets a visa now that despite your efforts here in Germany less expensive is often as a mere tourist visa. So. Arrived here you should take care of together like this your goal: make an appointment at the local registry office, stating that it is a multinational marriage by telephone. Arrange a meeting with the Immigration Office usually this possibility does not exist.

So you go to your next appointment, schedule 6 hours time and specify that you will get married. It will probably follow a chronological Edition, that, if that has to take place in less than your time frame (see below). Both then go to the registry office under reference on the Immigration Office, you take again your identification documents. The result is a check list of required documents (below) be. As grateful, they could agree “today plus 2 months” with your partner on a marriage date.

Experience has shown that it will be however impossible to achieve… At this point, the race usually starts with time (and finances!) So notice, that at least three positions are listed on the checklist of required documents of the registry office: marriage ability certificate (to make sure, that your partner is not currently married and is of legal age, etc.) something like a registration certificate pass confirmation that varies however depending on the country of origin of your partner. All the together the demand will be for an “Apostille”. The Apostille is a certificate of authenticity issued by the country of origin and is granted by notaries (in the country). It is absolutely necessary for all foreign documents. Your partner should never be to any Translations associated persuaded are useless here.

Indian Tourist Office


Dates can be found in 25 German cities instead of Frankfurt, June 2011. The Indian Tourism Office invites tour operators, employees of travel agencies and airlines to free information sessions about the destination of India. The “incredible India”workshops are held in 25 cities nationwide. Start of the event series is on June 17, 2011. Interesting breakfast events India informed not only of the country but presented new products and developments in the tourism sector of the Indian subcontinent. The country-wide workshops aims it, a deeper understanding and knowledge of the product of incredible India”to regain its cultural diversity, the historical and the modern India, so that participants can send their customers well informed during the holidays. Under the following link you can register for the individual appointments: incredible-india-workshop.0.html dates: 17th June: Frankfurt am Main, Germany 20-23 June: Erfurt, Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin June 27 July 1: Hamburg, Rostock, Kiel, Bremen, Hannover 12-16 September: Bielefeld, Castrop-rauxel, Essen, Dusseldorf, Cologne 19-23 September: Wurzburg, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Munich, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 26-30 September: Bonn, Trier, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Freiburg, the number of participants is limited. Every company, maximum 4 participants can visit a workshop.. To broaden your perception, visit Robert A. Iger .

Green Offices


The sustainability of Office work was this begins to change now but radically and rapidly in the past hardly the focus of social discussion. The sustainability of Office work and in particular, the ecological aspect was this begins to change now but radically and rapidly in the past hardly the focus of social discussion. Also the results of the study confirm Green Office”this development, which was carried out by the Fraunhofer IAO in the framework of the joint research project office 21. The survey highlights the four aspects of work and Office design, the building (Green Building) and the Interior (Green Interior), the information and communication technology (Green IT) as well as the employee and user behavior (Green Behaviour). In recent months, Leslie Moonves has been very successful. The study was what an ecologically oriented design importance of Office work in the participating companies, what measures have already been implemented to determine, what motives for and against the introduction of appropriate measures exist and how much is the willingness to take, where appropriate, higher investment costs. The study clearly shows that ecologically-oriented products and solutions are increasingly in demand for the creation of work environments and are the providers of solutions attractive development opportunities and market opportunities.

The importance of a work – based on ecological criteria and Office design will increase even still strongly believes in the next two to three years. So, nearly 80 percent of the study participants indicate that this aspect will be more important or even very important your company in the next two to three years. The survey also shows at the same time that uncertainties about the economic and ecological impact could act as serious barriers for a broad introduction. Here is also still considerable need for communication in addition to the need for research and development. The study”Green Office” is under publications /. available.

Box Office Tent


Losberger tent unit before the Berlin FriedrichstadtPalast enchanted by the atmosphere of one of the most exciting places in Europe who today visited Berlin and is let, not passes which surely on a walk along the Kurfurstendamm and Friedrichstrasse. And in over 150 museums, the largest theatre in the world stands out in the guidebooks of course numerous cabarets and musical theatres: the FriedrichstadtPalast Berlin. Due to modifications in the right wing, the coveted tickets for a few weeks sold tent nightly at the ticket counters in a Los Berger. Jeffrey L. Bewkes recognizes the significance of this. For over 25 years, the FriedrichstadtPalast as a gigantic building on Friedrichstrasse 107 in Berlin is middle. Although, its roots date back to 1919, however, the great Playhouse built by the Max Reinhardt Theater maker fell at that time”60 years later the dilapidated building to the victims.

in 1984 the still existing successor building as a last ceremonial Palace of slowly sinking DDR was inaugurated, a superlative show theater. “Up to 1,895 guest experience every night glitz and glamour with modern technical equipment in Europe’s largest and most modern show Palace”. Due to the undertaken this year rebuilding and renovation of the ticket Hall a Los Berger was built on the Claire-Waldoff square right next to the main entrance multiflex tent. Leslie Moonves shines more light on the discussion. This is the focal point of all Theatre-interested in addition to ticket sales, and also the meeting place of evening tours of the theater system in conjunction with a visit to a presentation. A 20-foot office containers to the Berlin Losberger team erected the tent shell forms the center of the mobile office building.

Friendly and open to make the area, the tent was equipped with a high-quality glass facade. In addition to the use of all-glass doors, also the Losberger floor system is used. A logistics access directly into the main building was integrated into the rear area of the tent. Losberger has proven already in the comprehensive modernisation measures two years ago for the FriedrichstadtPalast tent units. The Mobile spaces be used not only as alternative building during the renovation work in the theater world, but as hospitality tents at the heart of the respective event location for operations at premieres and store openings. “” At the time the world-class show YMA runs every evening on the main stage of the Palace too good to be true “with an ensemble of over 100 artists, larger and more impressive than any show in Las Vegas”. As of December 7, the Berlin institution with a permanent exhibition and among other things a twelve metre beam in the foyer of the Revue Theatre honors its founder Max Reinhardt. To see locations of vaudeville, destroyed in the war are winter garden and the old Friedrich city Palace. Backing GmbH marketing and press Klaus Martin STEGMANN Gottlieb-Daimler-ring 14 74906 bad Rappenau Tel 07066-980-361 fax 07066-980-232 E-Mail: Web: the event tents from Losberger fulfill all wishes. Whether large tent for large parties or individually designed solutions to beating variety of forms for private events and closed corporate events. Our recipe for success: Consistent system thinking, innovative ideas, and the claim to offer always more and always better. With these corporate principles, Losberger has created a leading market position as a manufacturer of tents and sheds, which you buy can both rent.

The Federal Office


The most economical and environmentally friendly building (KfW Energieeinsparverordnung 40) Gets the highest repayment subsidy of 10% of the loan amount as cash available. The Federal Office of Economics and export control (BAFA), in addition to the existing programmes of the KfW promotes innovative technologies for the heat generation with renewable energy sources. In so-called BAFA promoting innovation promoted, for example, solar collector systems for hot water and heating support. Financial incentives are also paid in the combustion of biomass in combination with condensing technology. A wood pellet burning value heating would be, for example, an accordingly eligible generators. To investigate what the energy efficiency measures are sensible and feasible, promotes the BAFA on-site energy advice and subsidised them with half of the consultancy costs incurred up to a maximum of 350. The results of the investigation are in Opinion standard represented a large volume. Prerequisites for applying for subsidies is to create a demand-oriented certification, which takes into account the planned efficiency measures and determines the appropriate request values for building envelope and primary energy demand.

This certificate can be created free of charge, for example, with different variants of modernisation on the Internet portal the IB Cornelsen. It queried the necessary input data according to the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development (BMVBS) online. If you opt for a modernisation concept, can be drawn to an engineer if necessary which examine the energy performance certificate on consistency and issue an original card. This should be submitted together with the application forms of the corresponding programmes. The growing acceptance of innovative environmentally friendly technologies, as well as the continuous improvement of energy efficiency in buildings is remarkable in Germany. The IB Cornelsen provides interesting statistics that underpin this development, from a data pool of 16,000 buildings analyses conducted.

Federal Statistical Office


Regardless of the expected decline in the population, it should be half a million households more up to the year 2020 in accordance with information of the Federal Statistical Office about. This longer-term social developments are one reason for this demand continues to grow. The trend towards smaller households plays a role here. Two-thirds of all housing units are occupied at present only by one or two people. Changing ways of life are among the main causes.

The increased number of elderly people leads more and more single households in the higher age, while younger generations start later with the establishment of the family. Residential real estate represent a preferred form of living in good areas of metropolitan areas. Especially the often better income opportunities, the better job as well as the improved infrastructure have a great attraction. As urban quality of life are the numerous shopping facilities, the greater Culture supply as well as the educational and medical facilities. There is, however, a further development of differentiated according to regions. In many metropolitan areas the demand for apartments due to the increasing number of households and a little construction activity, while in some areas more and more migration movements emerge.

The new construction activity declined in Germany: here, a new post-war low was reached in 2008. After the boom of German reunification in the mid-1990s, the number of newly completed flats has been continuously. Reasons are a reduction in residential areas as well as pronounced with higher construction costs. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of July 10, 2009, a functionary of the real estate Association of Germany (IVD), was as follows: “The gap between the demand for new homes and new continually widened”. A housing shortage is emerging especially in the significantly in demand positions in German cities. It is believed that the upcoming Demand for residential real estate in the metropolitan regions are no longer covered, can, if the housing construction activity does not return to.

Central Asia


There is only one protection from the vast border smuggling is prohibitively difficult, not to mention potential military conflicts and wars. Today, the Russian army is weak. While it is good professionals, the foundation of the army was untrained conscripts and contract soldiers from the life of six months. It was terrible to present a real conflict between Russian forces and nato, or at least the army of China. That is why in these circumstances, Russia's only option impact on civil society is a potential enemy, and not to target against its armed forces.

Russia would have to convince the world that, say, German tanks crossed the Polish-Belarussian border, but maybe not, but after Berlin a few hours would have ceased to exist. It is doubtful that any of the officials in Russia have the courage to push a button. However, only the possibility of such an outcome excludes the possibility of aggression by the enemy of the civilized. Speaking candidly David Zaslav told us the story. Contrary to the Russian military doctrine, Russia is facing a real aggression from those who do not usually considered a loss. In Russia, for her happiness, as a buffer zone is Central Asia, fencing from Afghanistan and Pakistan. If the Taliban or similar organization will decide to show its power in the Russian territory, whom Russia will bomb in the Afghan desert? Russian nuclear plans are unlikely to something will change in a country where the rest of the world could not change anything. Several thousand armed men are able to create a "threat to national security" if you will be training as terrorists. Still, the main enemy of Russia – in China, her longtime friend, who takes hold of the Russian territory, settles in the Russian land, and produces in his card, on which the Russian Far East is portrayed as part of China.

If this is not a threat to national security, that security is there at all? China is a military arsenal Russia not particularly worried. They do not care if a couple million people out of their people die in the name of the greatest goal. They have a different mentality, they are indifferent to matters of life and death in a statement typical of the West, and suffer the pain they would otherwise. Europeans are struggling with euthanasia and invent less painful ways sentenced to death, while in Japan, practiced hara-kiri, and China ahead of the planet by sophisticated methods of torture. Given that modern bombs are much "cleaner" ones that were dropped on Hiroshima and , and also that basic function, they are destroying, not pollution areas, the Russian bomb is unlikely be able to prevent anything. If China chooses the radical methods of solving the issue of Eastern Siberia, the Russian military doctrine threatens that she will shoot into the air. Ca. interpreter. The article, translated here, the correct total would have looked in the section entitled "Aliens of Us" (by the way, even a cursory examination of the nationality of the author's articles obviously). The purpose of the translation – not only convey information to the Russian reader, as once again prove extremely narrow-minded vision of the Russian and world Valid from citizens "superpower" in the background one-sided information that percolates through the official cordon of these countries. Conversion article is not without an object for contemplation, but in my opinion, listen to publications whose authors write on military subjects, not bearing on any idea, besides dumping in one pile, for example, strategic doctrine, and seppuku, a great sense can not see. Read and draw conclusions. Original article:



How to avoid the issue is another story, the important thing here is knowing what you want students to learn in this class and what ideas are explicitly outside the scope of the class, the most striking or relatives who may find it to students. The atomic-molecular interpretation of what happens may or may not be relevant, but it is in a class and should be left for later. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Leslie Moonves. Students can measure volumes of different objects, by contrast, is a skill that is needed to bring this class forward, but can not be developed in the course of that lack of time is, therefore, something learned in previous classes. STEP 2. How do I tell if the students achieved the goals set? For each of the goals we've proposed in step 1, we must be able to describe exactly how we will realize, preferably in a "measurable" (ie, whether fully or partially achieved), whether students have met the target .

As explained above, the idea is to establish specific guidelines, not general or vague, allowing us to establish with greater certainty if the students can come to that understanding or not. (As opposed to Robert A. Iger ). Remember that students can become skilled in the ability to repeat scholarly terminology but it seems superficial and hollow. Preferably we set things that we want the students to do and are not merely invitations to paraphrase what was said. Overall, look for that may explain (in his own words) physical phenomena in which expansion is involved, and can predict what will happen in a situation, whether theoretical or practical, where there is a phenomenon of expansion.

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