The hearings revealed that the company it made secret experiments (1956-1961) of mental control with the MK-Extreme program in numerous cities. Their agents introduced hallucinogens – LSD and mescaline in drinks without " conejillos" they would notice themselves and they remained to " observar". Many " sujetos" they became ill and two died. Between 1944 and 1974, the ministry of Defense (Pentagonal) and Commission of Energy Atomics del studied in the thousand of people injurious effects radioactive material and injections of plutonium. A committee of the government informed in 1965 that was realised 4,000 experiments in dozens of hospitals, universities and military bases, generally without permission nor knowledge into " conejillos". Pedro Albiz Fields In 1931 the Dr. Cornelius P. Rhoads, transfer to the Presbiteriano Hospital of San Juan for " to study the anemia in Puerto Rico " , with financing of the Rockefeller Foundation.

What it really did went to inject to anemic with cells of cancer and the radioactive elements and to apply radiation to them to study its effects. In a letter to its friend F.W. Stewart, confessed to have dice to him death to 8 patients. Later, Rhoads directed military biological in Maryland, Utah and Panama. Also it integrated the Commission of Energy Atomics, where it organized experiments of exhibition to the radiation with soldiers and patients of hospitals. In 1951, the patriotic leader Pedro Albiz Fields denounced from the jail the Princess of San Juan that was being radiated and that the Americans use to Puerto Rico like a laboratory. From 40 to the decade of " 90, in Panama yperite tried on, neurotoxic hydrogen VX, sarin, cyanide and other agents. In the first experiments it was applied the substances to the soldiers with tragic consequences, in as much in years 60 and 70 tested toxic of agent orange and other weed killers in the forests of Panama, similars to the battlefields of Vietnam.