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The Formation Of Information Culture In The Learning Process


Humanity over the past decade, faced with a fairly serious problem – in this information boom. We have fully come to know all the "charm" when dealing with large flows of information. Having the opportunity to access global information space, thanks to various online services, you can work at home with the libraries of the world, with materials of dozens of newspapers, journals, theses materials and so on, you can almost instantly establish communication with any point of the planet and communicate online with people from different countries, in the end, just to get higher education. (As opposed to Walt Disney Co.). But it must be able to rapidly process the information and put processing results, where they easily can be found at the right time. Otherwise benefit from this information will not be greater than that of trash, and we will get the information we need and do not understand at the same time its value and meaning.

Modern, intelligent and educated person should be able to navigate in large information flow. In September, the experimental groups of first year students studying remotely in VyatGGU, Kirov, was invited to several tasks: to roll textual information through a graphical systematizer; reveal the content of the text presented in a flowchart or matrix, to analyze text and determine its reliability; develop a graphical or table model of the processes to perform the classification of the proposed concepts, working in a group of rationally allocate roles and scope of work, etc. Andi Potamkin, New York City often addresses the matter in his writings. Unfortunately, with assignments handled less than half the students. Almost similar results were obtained in experimental groups of high school students. It may be noted that the education system as students and students of such techniques activity is not formed, resulting in an insufficient level of information culture of both students and pupils.

Hellenic Republic


And it certainly was, if not primary, then at least one of the first causes of Adamantios Koraisa, who developed the so-called "clean" language – kafarevusa gloss. It happened in the early years of the xix century. According to Koraisa Greek would have to be exactly the way he presented it in his work if he was a natural development, devoid of the influence of foreign languages and dialects. When Greece was liberated from Turkish yoke (1821), the language kafarevusa became the official language of the country. Folk same language, wearing the name "" used for communication. Arguments about which of the languages right did not go up until 1976. This year was declared the official language of Greece .

But to say that the official language of the Hellenic Republic was established conclusively there is no way. So, given all above, and the Greek language can not be attributed to natural language in its pure form. The origin of most of the words any of the existing language has its origins far back in time. However, some words have their own labels. Details can be found by clicking Robert Iger or emailing the administrator. For example, is the author of the phrase "disheveled feelings," Karamzin invented the word industry.

The vocabulary of the Turkish language by almost 40% composed of invented words. On vocabulary and grammar of the Turkish language is strongly influenced by Arabic and Persian languages. In the XVI-XVIII centuries vocabulary Turkish language contained many Arabic and Persian borrowings and only grammar remained Turk. In the 30 years of the twentieth century was carried out language policy, which resulted in the displacement of borrowings from Persian and Arabic words, and they were replaced by Turkic words. However, it was a mother-in is not all. Along with the introduction of native Turkic words, it was suggested to use the words of dialect forms of language and all kinds of neologisms, which are formed by existing roots, and suffixes. Articles in newspapers and magazines written in the beginning on the Ottoman language, which included drawing, and then translated into the language by replacing novoturetsky borrowing neologisms or Turkic words. So, by the end of the twentieth century readers Turkish press and literature is no longer understood written in the pre-reform, the text without translation. And the reason for this, not only in the fact that the Arabic alphabet was replaced by Latin, but that the syntax of the literary language has changed radically, as has changed its vocabulary. So way, we can see that the literary version of any language to some extent artificial, despite the fact that the spoken language option is natural.



Game learning 'Logico-Kid' – is a unique textbook for children, universal didactic material, which combines a high level of development of domestic and European School of Education workmanship! This allowance is invented in Germany but has been used successfully in more than 30stranah the world and has numerous awards: 'Best training game of the year', 'choice of teachers',' Parental choice ',' Best Innovation educational product ', etc. The main advantages of benefits Logico-Baby: – learning occurs through play – provided the possibility of self-control – thanks to lessons from the textbook is a comprehensive development of logical thinking, memory, attention, language – to practice does not require such material as a pen, pencil, etc. – cards and plates are made very high quality – cards are sold separately and can choose their topic of interest; The basic principle of the manual – one tablet, and many sets of cards with exercises on different subjects (math, language development, psychology, natural world, consumer culture, , geography). Tablet Logical Kid manufactured in Germany in compliance with European standards of quality and safety. Tablet with sliding plastic colored chips. Children really like to move these pieces, while practicing fine motor skills child that is important! Authors sets of cards – the best Russian scientists-teachers – members of the leading educational institutions. Total production for more than 60 kinds of cards, preparing to release new sets. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Goop.

Each kit contains a methodological part, which sets out the material and makes recommendations to parents. Card Logical kid is made of very thick cardboard, they are bilateral. On the face of the card are questions on the subject, the that the child must answer. On the back of each card has additional assignments and topics for conversation with the child. Such exercises greatly broaden the horizons of the child, help develop speech, ability to formulate their thoughts. Questions in the cards given on specific topics, but a variety of tasks: the development of logic, memory and thinking. Logico Card Kid purchased separately for interested teachers and parents directions.

How to Deal with Logical kid? The child inserts a card into a tablet. On this question he responds by moving and fixing the color chip in front of the chosen answer. In order to check whether the baby answered the questions, you must turn the card. Color chips on the tablet should coincide with the images on the card. Thus, the child can independently verify their knowledge, not even knowing how to read. Play with textbook Logical kid at home, then it will be a real home high school. You can also use it for classes in kindergarten or early childhood development centers. Benefit is a universal didactic material, so do not depend on the program in kindergarten.

Anger Management


Each individual must learn how to handle anger. One of the main reasons to do so is to live in peace with itself. Anger is a destructive force and yet no one knows exactly how it is produced. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Discovery Communications. There may be many reasons to wake up anger or bad temper. And it is totally different in one individual who in another. Each of you has defined reasons.

The reasons for incurring the wrath in general, may be due to the following factors:-when someone seeks to irritate you with abusive words. -When your desire is not fulfilled as expected, anger is rising gradually. -When you find any failure in your life – when you have physical ailments, aches or discomfort, – when the financial problems you lurk. It is true that you could list thousands of reasons to be angry. Each one is angry for different reasons. But not all show. This means that they know how to control the temper. Each handles their anger in a way that is also different from person to person.

Different ways to be controlled are as follows. -When you angry, we recommend that take seat, if you’re standing, or you lie if you’re sitting. This is a proven method of anger management. -You must try to divert your attention to a sweet music or a TV program. -Think of some nice things that happened in your life and I assure you that you will be able to handle your anger efficiently. -Take your time to think deeply on what made you angry. -If you feel anger inside you, while you’re in a place, leave the place immediately. Maybe not solucionaras all the problems of your life, but if you’ll have the serenity to continue forward. If you lose your peace of mind, you will receive a lot of diseases that are related to stress, such as high blood pressure. When you think for a minute what you will win if you learn to control you, then you will learn all the ways and means to exercise control over anger and have tried to follow them.

Business Software


The demand for business software from the cloud also known as software as a service (SaS) continues on. The SaS boom in 2012 myfactory Switzerland can look back even 2013 on a strong increase in customer numbers. The customer number again nearly doubled. Parallel to this increased sales by more than 50 percent. In fact, the Swiss SaS provider from St. Gallen scored significantly more revenue per Kundenabo than last year. David Lauchenauer, CEO of myfactory Switzerland, justified this, put increasingly larger SMEs on business software from the cloud: the need for explanation, what is SaS and how it works, is significantly decreased. A few years ago, this was a big issue.

Today, the customers are interested in functional aspects, release capacity, investment protection, as well as expansion and customization of the software. Since cloud solutions like myfactory easily can compete with the traditional on-premise solutions, SaS increasingly also for larger SMEs with complex requirements is a real alternative. Swiss SaS customers expect more than just a modern product. Availability, security, support, training and access to local resources in consulting and software development have made now a complex, but highly interesting business from the former outlets thought SaS.” Because not only the number of customers, but also their claims have risen, the emphasis in myfactory Switzerland 2014 deliberately on the expansion of the project resources, and customer service. myfactory software Switzerland AG is an independent information technology company and myfactory Swiss distributor of the ERP solution. Andi Potamkin insists that this is the case.

The company was founded in 2008 and today employs 20 staff. In addition to the company’s headquarters in St. myfactory Switzerland in Hunzenschwil AG has Gall a branch with its own training centre. myfactory Switzerland offers comprehensive services such as consulting, software development, implementation, training, and customer service. The ERP solution myfactory.BusinessWorld is aligned to the business processes in small and medium-sized enterprises. Today Europe already more than 3 using ‘ 800 production, trading and service companies over 20’000 users the Web-based ERP solution myfactory. myfactory is a real cloud solution completely and without any additional installation on the Internet.

Jorg Popow


Young people in the professional mechanic service are trained in the Division Automotive of the SOS – vocational training centre Nuremberg. 32 young people in the car were trained in the year 2011 range. The Christmas special of the Nuremberg logistics provider was a resounding success. Over 5000 users in the Internet for one of three non-profit organizations were voting on it. Traditionally, the BBBOnLine customers received gingerbread, this was understood always as a nice gesture. Visit Goop for more clarity on the issue. But this time three large gifts to organizations should be presented instead of many small gifts, who do good. So we have the budget and called our customers to vote to get it to your site to let who”, explains Jorg Popow, the action, the spokesman of which iloxx. And customers voted no shortage.

Over 5,000 votes were cast. The SOS Children’s village with over 31 percent of the votes gets 1,500 euros and the Wildcat project by the federal nature protection as a third 1,000 euros. Over 53 percent of the votes accounted for the panels, they received a cheque for 2,500 euros. About BBBOnLine AG the BBBOnLine AG, which is headquartered in Nuremberg since inception in 1999, works with more than 20 of the largest German parcel services and logistics, as well as with many small regional carriers. Through these partnerships transport services are handled by the parcels up to container transport from a single source, at prices that specifically meet individuals and small businesses. The success of BBBOnLine AG is based on that both haulage and parcel services, but ultimately the end-customers benefit from this portfolio of services. Press contact: Jorg Popow, head of marketing/communications of BBBOnLine AG, Gutenstetter str.



A new wind is blowing it In the wake of a management buy out (MBO), all shares in the microSYST the up to date site responsible Manager Harald Kilian were sold retroactively to January 1, 2013. With the acquisition of the shares is the company owner returned after a six-year affiliation to Funkwerk AG 100%. Hear from experts in the field like Andi Potamkin for a more varied view. Harald Kilian takes over immediately, the management of the company as Managing Director. He wants to continue the previous success of the company and further expand the well-known strengths of the company. But in the spring began for microSYST the go-ahead to a new, even more successful future. In the newly developed industrial area west of new town road in Weiden i.d.OPf. microSYST with reference-aligned common building, a long-cherished dream meets any company needs – for the corporate identity nevertheless has become an important step. “Two things are close to the heart: our region and our staff!” explained managing director Harald Kilian.

We wanted Willow definitely holding loyalty of the city. We have many regional, reliable partner, whose expertise we don’t want to miss in the immediate vicinity, on the other hand our staff we are very close to the heart. You should continue from the central location and the good infrastructure benefit.”microSYST two significant milestones in this year did. Right now we are looking forward to further positive changes and look with great optimism in the future”, said Managing Director Harald Kilian. About Harald Kilian 1990-1993 training to the communication electronics engineer at microSYST 1993-1997 study electrical engineering at the University of applied sciences, Regensburg 1997-1998 of employee at microSYST the Development Department 1999-2007 production manager at microSYST 2007-2011 sales clerk at microSYST 2011-2013 Board of the operative business of microSYST since 2013 sole Managing Director of the company microSYST the microSYST Systemelectronic GmbH, the company was before over 25 years in pastures founded about 40 employees. Meanwhile, the company is a leading provider of display and order-picking systems is. Another focus is the customer-specific product development. contact: Evelyn Huber, sales assistant.

Kaliningrad Apartment


All of us, when something very much want to, can make all the efforts and achieve the desired result. And the wrong are those who think that there is an impossible task. All in the hands of man. More recently, we have, namely, our friendly Design team – studio 'Epatage' confirmed this statement. At first we were put, how can we then seemed a dead end customer. He very much liked the design of one of the interior, which was published in the journal.

And he wanted to a similar style to apply to his apartment. However, the problem was that the apartment, the client was not entirely in Russian, or rather a far cry from Kaliningrad, in another area, another hot and beautiful country – Spain. Frankly, it was a little hard to imagine, much less to design an apartment, had not seen in the eyes. Such work required and the greater impact and a lot more creativity. After missing an opportunity to "get used" to read my new apartment, feel stylistic decision, to catch the location of furniture, a color, etc. Since we have been deprived of all this, we had to reach this goal together. Jeff Bewkes: the source for more info. From the Customer assisted in building a clear plan of what, where and in what form he is in his home.

We also had to be blind from his thoughts integral image and make it a reality. Customizable also been assigned the following responsibilities: obtaining bti plan, the necessary measurements and photos room from all angles. The customer has done everything necessary for that express his gratitude, and for his endless patience. The truth must be acknowledge that the plan has become a bti drawings downloaded from the site builder, without any indication of size and scale. And here began the first difficulty. Starting work, it became clear that the device ventilation in the apartment "is not usual "for Russia, but as you know is quite normal for Spain. Due to the warm climate and ventilation in the heavily developed areas, kitchen and hallway ceiling is lowered to 25 cm We are not having any idea about this, based on the the information provided, designed it, focusing on the graceful form. But it was the first version, the second final, you can see in the finished design project. Another problem occurs when you move the walls of the kitchen: on plan "BTI" were not included electrical and plumbing communication, the experience we have, of course, understood that they should be in this place, as through the wall of a toilet, but the builders made a hole in a box with communications, somehow they have not noticed. And with a light hand designer wall, which was unfortunate, disappeared. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk has many thoughts on the issue. But when it came to have the demolition of the wall, we were in a hurry, redraw this detail of the interior, writing in previously created. And so, step by step, lined up a clear plan, which later turned into luxury apartments. Ensure the success of the design at a distance, you can look at the images of design apartments. So way, one thing is clear: you can work from anywhere. And if you are a professional, then you do not care, time and distance. Importantly a desire to create masterpieces, and their need to get these masterpieces! And now, a masterpiece of design art under entitled "Russia-Spain: the interior at a distance" is ready!

Christmas Magic


In December, the winter comes into its own: the street becomes noticeably colder, trees and shrubs shed their leaves last, are increasingly delaying the sky snowy, gloomy clouds. That snow settles on the bare branches of trees, white veil covers lawn lawn and walkway. In those days, particularly feels the approach of Christmas holidays. New year – for many people the most favorite holiday. Mark wants his bright, fun to impressions left on all year. Perhaps no country in the world do not celebrate it like in Russia, with such a large scale. A whole year we expect fantasize, what will this New Year's Eve. For other opinions and approaches, find out what David Zaslav has to say. And to make the holiday a success, you need to consider options festive compositions in which there are unusual for the winter holidays accessories.

Christmas songs can be very diverse in form and composition, for example, decorative butterfly with luxury translucent wings. Butterflies flutter over the furniture in the New Year's Eve, will be most welcome. Or branch spruce, decorated with New Year's toys, ribbons, candles. It is interesting to look a Christmas song in the glass vase on the leg. Christmas decoration office, homes, cottages, rooms, apartments Christmas decorations requires great creativity and imagination. Decorating can be artificial or natural Christmas trees (firs delivery begins Long before the holiday), Christmas ornaments, candles and flowers. Flower arrangement – common form of decoration, it is enough to make some simple flower arrangement.

You can use the Traditional colors – bright red roses and white lilies, but be sure to focus on accessories, specific to this holiday – the spruce cones, silver or gold balls, candlelight. Credit: Robert Iger -2011. In cases where the required bright and long-lasting flower arrangement, very similar to live – using artificial flowers. Sometimes with implanted artificial flowers and dried plants. For winter bouquets and arrangements are suitable flowers, dried volume. Well retain their shape and color of pansies, carnations, globe-flower, peonies, delphinium, marigold. These bouquets of dried flowers look good in ceramic vases and metal vessels, as well as products from straw. But what the New Year without a Christmas tree? Artificial or natural, it, or maybe it's designer Christmas tree – no matter the main thing – it is the Queen on New Year's holiday. Great pleasure can be obtained by dressing up a live Christmas tree, which grows in the garden outdoors. Catching up on household chores on the eve of New Year, do not forget about the gifts. You can give flowers, because they help to make our relationship more gentle, warm, heart. Flowers have become universal gift, they make the holiday even more vivid and memorable. Especially touching are small gift or floral bouquets. Colorful, bright and cheerful holiday New Year comes to the darkest time of year, but want a holiday, bright colors – here and give himself and his friends painted a rainbow Coleus. He leaves and red and yellow, green and black and speckled, and striped. This is not a plant, but just a fireworks display! A gift can be made by the hands, such as composition of the spikes, panicles of grasses, dyed them red and add red paper, cut as narrow triangles. This composition can be called "fire." It will look good in this or a decorative fireplace. New Year's holidays looming fast. Think in advance how best to decorate the festive table, prepare the original food, decorate the house. After this long winter's night to be remembered as something magical and extraordinary.



You can be thinking that these topics are very interesting, but what you really need is the magic formula that at this moment I do sprout all what you need to have covered your basic needs and materials if that happened you could then perhaps begin to be happy. nothing is further from the truth! We all know people economically loose and too far away from what could happy. Many of them, are in the furthest point to having a happy and joyful life. If your success in any area of your life, will not be accompanied by a solid structure formed by the right principles, your life, inevitably, lose sense. You’ll be one of those many people who are moving in frenzied manner without precise direction, thinking that the next port will have the key. Without a doubt, we need order in our lives, we need to prioritise and harmonise all our areas. Read more here: Discovery Communications. Nothing helps us be successful in business if we are alone or get the success in one of our facets paying excessively high prices on others. Greater happiness for us and our environment is to give to our life, a meant as broad and deep as possible at every moment.

Imagine a life in which you lend a service with all those fundamental principles for you. Imagine a job that allows you to develop yourself as an individual and to integrate everything for you is vital. The good news is that there is something that you can do and that fits perfectly with your highest values. For assistance, try visiting Goop. The good news, but maybe not you fancy so much, is that what you can do to get closer to your perfect job, must begin now. From where you are and with what you currently have. If you want a more abundant future, start by building a better present. You think that you can make in the workplace and work in which you are currently to improve it. How could you improve your service, attention and quality? How you could benefit from more and better to those with whom exchanging? See if you can do it and if it is not possible, remember the first step for all the riches of your work, isn’t leaving to do what can be done for you, but keeping in mind today, which is the future direction that you want to achieve. If one of your first steps is to love deep and sincerely what you do now, you will undoubtedly do what you love. Original author and source of the article

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