This great amount of the Brazilians, beyond studying and working also needs minimum conditions of leisure, independent of its physical conditions. Moreover, our country is known by the climate, beaches, music culture, what it attracts thousand of the whole world people, also people who need that the tourist cities, hotels, restaurants and places are accessible for its locomotion. In the next years, with the two great world-wide events that will happen in our country, of the Paraolimpadas and 2014 Olimpadas and the Pantry World of 2016, with certainty they will come more thousand of people with deficiency. Being thus, the cities that will receive the games must be ready for the arrival of people with different necessities, therefore beyond the participation in the games, 4 people will also come many as expectadores and tourist. To take care of them of form worthy joust and still we will have that to cover an arduous way to transform the cities into accessible places. She is very common the people to understand the term accessibility as a necessity for the deficient ones, in special, for the users of chairs of wheels, for require greater physical space for its locomotion with the chair, what she finishes many times being seen as a problem in conception of the project. This is a maken a mistake vision, therefore the free spaces of obstacles are for all and in the same way that a slope will be used for locomotion of the deficient physicist, also will be used by an elderly, a gestante, a mother with stand of baby, a child, a dwarf, a person with locomotion difficulty, etc. the accessibility can be understood as another name given to the universal drawing that is a term well older, whose objective is to project without barriers, a so important and so necessary question, but that the had importance was never given.