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SMEs Productivity


Before this quite worrisome reality for the Venezuelans, the investors, for the same the consumers, require themselves that the corrective measures are taken, action that they rescue to the SMEs, the enterprise sector and they get up in the economic dynamics of the country guaranteeing productivity, operativity. To the withdrawn futures about the program of postgraduate of the specialty of management of the quality and Productivity, about Phases of the University of Carabobo, especially regarding Chair of managemental Topics, this reality worries to him seriously, for it, have organized forums, seminaries, that debate on this situation, thus, some comment, that it is a certain fact and no secret, the situation of risk and uncertainty that live the Venezuelan companies at the moment. And this mainly must to the political speech of the president lieutenant colonel Cold Hugo Chavez, that it deserves preoccupation by his actions, laws, decrees, that it seemed to attempt against the private property and where a disinterestedness culture is promoted towards the work; giving step a climate of tension in the organizations, that is reflected in its productivity, the necessity to concern products, to cause that some companies close. Position cannot be denied is of the public opinion and they show the registries to it, national statistics, the stop unemployment index that is had generated years in the last, as well as the appearance of a great number of micro-enterprises, that when not counting on the necessary tools, leave the scene, losing the position of the conquered market and to others, it is difficult to stay to them in spite of the products that offer, considering the changes, that since we have made reference they come giving to an accelerated rate, not allowing in some its stabilization, particularly because they were not prepared for it, that guarantees permanence to them..

It Constructs Your Success To Make Money


Good, this is first that you must remember. Your you are the most important factor and absolute for the construction of your success and to make money, if you have a business in line, this is an opportunity to consider to make money According to investigators who have studied the successful and nonsuccessful people throughout their history, all almost have important factors of success common. The same also happens with the people who are not successful. One is enterprise attitude (confidence/competition), plan of businesses and well-being. First of all, you must be arranged to take measures to change factors in your life, so that you do not have to depend on anybody, nor lose the time hoping that miracle that more likely never will happen. The majority of success person is arranged to take measures immediately. Nevertheless, failed people do not have nor idea of what to do and frequently they have excuses, and only wish to be able to be successful without making any sacrifice. This takes to our first factor important to us the laziness and the lack of will to have success.

The laziness not necessarily determines your failure. There is a pile of people who are extremely vague, and even so maintain the unit to make concrete decisions on themselves and to take measures to improve his life. But, it is not necessary to confuse the laziness with the lack of will. Often, the success is generated when being in the correct place at the suitable moment. The success is guided by a sincere ambition, that with lack of directs you to will to the failure. Nevertheless, it must have carefully thought a solid enterprise plan and. A mistaken attitude would not help you to create your businesses. The majority of failed people has bad attitudes brought about by personal or familiar friendly, the use, the lack to strive to be successful, or for any reason.

San Juan Quot


The hearings revealed that the company it made secret experiments (1956-1961) of mental control with the MK-Extreme program in numerous cities. Their agents introduced hallucinogens – LSD and mescaline in drinks without " conejillos" they would notice themselves and they remained to " observar". Many " sujetos" they became ill and two died. Between 1944 and 1974, the ministry of Defense (Pentagonal) and Commission of Energy Atomics del studied in the thousand of people injurious effects radioactive material and injections of plutonium. A committee of the government informed in 1965 that was realised 4,000 experiments in dozens of hospitals, universities and military bases, generally without permission nor knowledge into " conejillos". Pedro Albiz Fields In 1931 the Dr. Cornelius P. Rhoads, transfer to the Presbiteriano Hospital of San Juan for " to study the anemia in Puerto Rico " , with financing of the Rockefeller Foundation.

What it really did went to inject to anemic with cells of cancer and the radioactive elements and to apply radiation to them to study its effects. In a letter to its friend F.W. Stewart, confessed to have dice to him death to 8 patients. Later, Rhoads directed military biological in Maryland, Utah and Panama. Also it integrated the Commission of Energy Atomics, where it organized experiments of exhibition to the radiation with soldiers and patients of hospitals. In 1951, the patriotic leader Pedro Albiz Fields denounced from the jail the Princess of San Juan that was being radiated and that the Americans use to Puerto Rico like a laboratory. From 40 to the decade of " 90, in Panama yperite tried on, neurotoxic hydrogen VX, sarin, cyanide and other agents. In the first experiments it was applied the substances to the soldiers with tragic consequences, in as much in years 60 and 70 tested toxic of agent orange and other weed killers in the forests of Panama, similars to the battlefields of Vietnam.