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East Europe


Cuba and Vietnam were saved of such evolution to have a different history and to be in a continent far distant. Whereas in Eastern Europe the USA was view like an ally against hard and a symbol of progress and freedom, in Cuba and Indochina was a strong popular resistance to Washington to that they had repelled militarily or they confronted a blockade. Whereas in Europe the Eastern ones saw as the western part of the continent had better standards of life and consumer goods, in Cuba and Vietnam their populations saw that their neighbors had discharges rates of unemployment and poverty, reason why their economic models did not arouse the attraction to him that yes had the European Community for the Euro-Eastern ones. While liberal revolutions of East Europe knew to remove advantage of resentments of national minorities (like Armenian of Karabaj, Baltic, the Slovenes and Croatians, etc.), Cuba, although it is a crucible of races, is nationally homogenous. To the week that Fidel fulfilled his 65 years the blow of Yanayev in Moscow took place (19 21 August 1991) that, when failing, it produced a feedback. Those years must have been terrible for Fidel because it saw as its Soviet godfather were disintegrated. This era its main buyer of sugar and other products and also its supplier of hydrocarbons, machineries and other goods. In 1990 her comrade Daniel Grouse loses the power and since then the sandinistas have not returned to govern Nicaragua. In spite of its isolation, I castrate avoided a rise Eastern Europe type because their main opponents were outside the island and to that the majority of the population compared its standard of life with the one of the rest of Latin America that was under strong adjustments. Although the monetarists maintain that those reforms were essential to guarantee growth Chile type, certain it is that then these initially produced in many parts I close of companies and leisure, panorama that Fidel showed like a bad example the Cuban town.

Schtzelschen Wedding


A ring has various meanings in the modern world. Thus, rings are often seen as a symbol of a partnership or an amicable relationship. If two partners want to marry, the engagement rings are usually regarded as a symbol of eternal love. When two similar rings engagement rings are selected which are freely selectable in the design. A wedding band has the highest symbolic meaning of love. Since wedding rings are to be worn for life is spent here a lot more money. Gold rings and white gold rings are often used as a partner rings. Also in the field of wedding rings, silver is very popular. In all three diamonds, precious stones are used very much. Thus, the ring also gets a personal touch, often engraved with something. Often, the partner’s first name is engraved. The opportunities here are limitless, however. Even the nickname (for example Schtzelschen) the spouse is often taken as an early engraving. In addition, very often engraved with the date of the wedding or the first meeting. Ratherbest models are given away with friends. This certainly is due to address the well-known friendship rings a much younger audience (from 14 to about 20 years). Youth buyers prefer more of a good quality (but inexpensive) ring, that is stainless steel rings, or 925 silver. Even for purely aesthetic reasons to jewelry – rings like to buy. Optical are preferences for each other. While some consumers prefer a beautifulgemstone ring, would prefer to have other clients rather simple. For the fans of simple rings is a simple syllable ring is highly recommended. When a distinction is made between a ladies’ ring-ring and a ring master. Woman’s rings are usually designed fine, while the men – rings are usually abundant. Otherwise, there are no differences here, however. Since there are mainly in the “jewelry” large differences in the rates, which offers good prospects should be compared. For comparison, the prices not only the many dealers, but should include someProviders will be visited on the Internet. It is possible for each ring all the information available. If, despite the information or questions should be available, the telephone to make an outstanding customer service. Once the customer could opt for the right rings, guaranteed fast delivery. In most cases, the goods have already been requested by 3 to 5 days can be delivered. Despite the limited time, the shipping costs are relatively low.

The Martian Moons


The two moons are very small but very interesting and relatively near-Earth objects of study of Planetary Sciences. There are obviously of the gravity of the planet Mars captured small bodies in the asteroid belt. Their diameters are equal to 15 km for Deimos, the smaller, and 25 km for Phobos, the larger of the two satellites. They consist of a relatively loose mixture of silicate rocks and rock dust. Phobos is so light that he either be really porous, or must, however, are partly composed of water, even if such a date to at least on the surface could not be demonstrated. The orbits of the moons are nearly circular, and while Deimos orbits the planet in greater distance races Phobos in less than 10,000 km height in just seven hours on Mars. This is by far the smallest radius of the orbit of a satellite around its planet in the entire solar system. Phobos moves to the Roche’schen so designated limit, below which is being torn apart by the gravity of a moon of the planet and as a ringfrom boulders and dust around the mother’s body lays in the disintegration or crash and embarks on the planet. Rail calculations show that this fate of the satellite in the astronomical times threatens relatively short time of the next approximately 100 million years. Phobos is the only known moon, which rotates because of the short distance to the planet’s surface so rapidly that it overtakes the self-rotation of the planet and goes down on a seemingly retrograde path to the west and the east. Your own gravitational pull of Martian moons is very low and is hardly enough to protect the surface from erosion by particle radiation from the solar wind. In particular, therefore, Phobos moves in its orbit around Mars dust flag behind him. A person would weigh on each of the moons only a few grams


Sales Manager & Trainer (IHK)


In many companies, it lacks of qualified junior executives in the sales. Sales managers are needed who, have sufficient practical experience in the sale of business skills and management skills. In addition it is for sales managers of necessary part functions of training to take over. Training salespeople to junior managers should contain also a trainer training. Since 2003 this course of the BEST sales GmbH meets these requirements. The participants conclude with the regulated trade businessman for sales management (IHK) training \”from and gain the IHK certification trainer for continuing vocational training (IHK).\” It is a training in a blended-learning process. Education is about learning materials and tutor-led webinars.

The seminars serve the application of knowledge in planning games, primarily Role-play, case studies, and group tasks. Systematic action learning do, leads to the development of skills and training the ability of participants to solve problems better. The courses of BEST GmbH be performed at 6 locations in Germany and enjoy increasing popularity. To determine is not just new recruits take part on the course, but increasingly also active Verkaaufs and Sales Director take the opportunity of this training. 40% of the participants, employers finance the measure.

Private participants use largely to finance, the regulated part of the training, the promotion of AFGB. To learn about the sales manager & trainer training, of best GmbH. The BEST sales consulting GmbH was founded in 1992 by Bernd Stelzer and developed a concept for the training \”Expert advisers in the field (IHK)\” as the first provider. The book series \”The consultant in the field\”, published shortly after the very practice-oriented education concept and the multiple award training awards the BEST sales consulting helped GmbH to take over the leadership in this area. In 1996, followed by the training as a \”trade merchant for marketing (IHK)\”.In the development of the framework material plan for this profession by the IHK Dusseldorf, co-wrote the BEST GmbH and also became the leading party.