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Mexican Republic


Spain is one of the countries of the European Union where the ports play a vital role in trade. Both because of the length of its coastline, close to 8,000 Km away, by its geographic situation, it turns out a strategic area in international maritime transport and a logistics platform in southern Europe. The Spanish port system, State-owned, is launched by 46 ports, run by 28 port authorities, coordinated by the ports public agency of the State, that has assigned the implementation of the Government’s port policy in turn. Ports are the main links of logistics chains and transportation. For them it circulates more than half of exports and more than four of every five imported products, which represents more than half of the Spanish foreign trade with the European Union and almost all with third countries. Without hesitation Robert Iger explained all about the problem. Brands to quickly locate the marinas in Spain and Portugal. It also includes the Islands. A Marina is a place in the coast or on the banks of a navigable river especially built for mooring boats and recreational facilities.

By the gods of Paco yesterday I wrote with the Moon in the head like a lark. I descifre a text with feet and head. And I’m here still, saying that I will go because there is much that I have to do elsewhere. Once said them that this place will be saved for my. That I’ll be back when water chores under my bridge, turns more calm.

Meanwhile, already said, here I’m another moment. In the pinch of their experiences and their affects on our blog. It grieveth me thinking that I will not be the course during campaigns to preside over the Mexican Republic. There are many other blogs talking about this Mexico. To my around almost no talk of anything else. Is it why I decided to invent four husbands to Julia Corzas, the character who tells husbands, just for the third man in your life? I’m going to see what happens by the head and lives in what years. I’m going to accompany her in her house beside the Lake and concentrate on his memory and mine. The Republic cannot live without me, without me baffled. I do not live well without writing, so my silence won’t disinterest, but shelter.

Effectively Draw SEOarticle


In this review, we discuss some aspects of SEO-writing articles for article directories. Discovery Communications is the source for more interesting facts. First of all, we should firmly understand that your proposed article to be unique. In fact, what you have Directory of articles in the database, so it should be at yourself articles. Yandex exists regarding the term "bonded links. This phenomenon lies in the fact that links to your site coming from various sites, but on these pages is the same text content, such references do not give more "weight", and almost no increase tci to your site. With respect to graphic design.

Using the text headings in different sizes, fonts, text selection semantic tags em strong and improve the visual perception of the article. A man accidentally gets on such an article might want to read it through. He probably also wants to proceed directly to the site, left in this article. These techniques improve the visual perception also applies to the use of text images, video, charts, graphs, tables, etc. Link to your site must be left in the form of anchor.

It is this link increases the position of your site to rank in the serp Yandex, directly to the request, in the form which made the anchor. Regarding the effectiveness of SEO-articles. Most article directories are well-optimized website, so that search engines are assigned such sites seo-high settings (such as TCI). You too can do some steps to optimize your article personally. In the article, seo-made mix key words (or phrases) in the amount of 5-7% of the entire text will be more effective if each keyword select tag strong. A large number of article directories have the ability to add meta data to the article. This meta field keywords, description and title. Not fill in these fields simply criminally inefficient. It is these fields tell search engines what the document. The values of these fields are directly involved in the ranking of search results. In other words, the link emanating from a document with blank meta data fields, has much less importance in the eyes of the ps. Well, still the most important principle of good design is to write articles of interesting articles, articles for people which independently will be distributed on the Internet through a variety of people who will copy your article and place it on the forum or blog. And with it, and a link to your website. Good luck in developing your projects!

Business Startups


Retirement planning and securing, a cost factor for the self-employed who dares step into self-employment, which should in time the necessary insurance learn about. The idea to postpone this step may be “later”, to relieve the tight operating cash at the beginning is how in principle any meaningful insurance, a game with fire. Leslie Moonves has much to offer in this field. In the case of necessity the own existence can be without sufficient insurance protection threatened, just at the beginning of the independence: A prolonged disease or damage in operation mean then financial losses, which are possibly completely to pay from his own pocket. What insurance is recommended, of course greatly depends on the individual risks of the founder, and should be discussed together with a fachkudigen advice. The personal interest of the founder are likely to be in any case, such workers also important: guarding against sickness and accident, and a sufficient retirement are not inconsiderable cost factors in the life of a self-employed dar.

But already in the choice of this basic insurance can do on yourself first difficulty: worth the way in private health insurance, which is often cheaper at a young age, or it remains faithful to the statutory health insurance as voluntarily legally insured. This decision the way back then but no longer is even more important because private health insurance can be changed as Selbtstandiger may now be readily in one, or is possible only in exceptional cases. The question after the hedging in the age is also beudentend: self-employed must not protect themselves about the statutory pension insurance. A voluntary insurance or a request for compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance are still possible. Even if aller ortens be praised the virtues of private provisions for old age, this step should be well-planned.

Already acquired rights to the statutory pension are usually retained. Is already based on this relatively simple designs see that the choice of the appropriate insurance for business start-ups and self-employment requires quite a few considerations in the start-up phase. Also the financial burden should not be underestimated: just new companies sometimes tend to neglect such additional costs when calculating the required gross sales. Peter Schill

Conventional Versus Alternative Medicine


When a person is sick the first thing that makes is to consult with your physician the conventional prescription medical treatment according to the patient’s symptoms or then do analysis of laboratory the percentage of treatment to cure the disease it is very low so it is highly recommended add to treatment conventional mount natural treatment that places emphasis on adequate food in physical exercise and calm our nerves with meditation that leads to the body is fotifique that our inner anxieties dissipate that the soul clean of all the impurities that modern life gives us the modern life and its demands have always something more material as a new car leads us always to be nervous should think more in the family nature is beautiful let’s look at simple things like dusk the Sun the Moon and see that health comes laugh always up to at the moment more sad. The main thing is to look at life as a balloon that flies through the air moved by the wind, seesaw .to fall back again to upload, so we feel our feelings, sometimes happy, sometimes sad but always knowing that after a fall We will return to lift us, yet with more impetus .because life is up and down with joy, always because joy promotes the secretion of endorphins that fortify the mind, the soul, the spirit, the body. Feel the force of nature Sun, the Moon, the stars, they receive vital energy that leads to our remote and endless goals of our inner self that allows us to feel our heat and others. It is important to know that our spirit is always alert, any changes the tells us, only we should listen to it, feel it. The health is in ourselves, but careful, not underestimate it, without thinking we can enter into the disease and think it is normal.Beware, beware, the evil that we can cause can be irreversible.

Pan Dacom Spot


Pan Dacom Dreieich is represented at CeBIT 2009, the February 12, 2009 – also presents the Pan Dacom networking AG by the 3.-this year 8.3.2009 as a strategic system integrator on the world’s largest computer trade fair CeBIT in Hanover, Germany. Under the motto: “YES, WE DO!” find us buyers, as in previous years, in Hall 13 – C47. The financial and economic crisis has reached its peak, or companies may soon face even bigger challenges? The experts in the central points so the forecasts vary, but agree: it was never important to optimize mission-critical business processes and to insure against errors for companies. Pan Dacom to assist prospective customers with tailored solutions for your projects and shows how these themes also for which IT can be use infrastructure. All enterprise customers, carriers or authorities which concentrate more on your core competencies and competitiveness through technology and Applications increase, would like to receive a complete cost transparency, lower costs at the same time, Pan Dacom offers solutions with a flexible framework. The most important here in Overview: IT service continuity management managed services, professional services, SLAs, maintenance, rollout, customization data center solutions information life cycle management, application availability, compliance, virtualization and consolidation, archiving, secure communication solutions enterprise voice, mobility, wireless, IP networking, fixed mobile convergence, intrusion prevention / detection, content security, network access control and log file management carrier class solutions FTTX, VDSL, CPE management, carrier voice, Broadband access, customization, rollout more information under about the Pan Dacom networking AG: the Pan Dacom networking AG is strategically set up since 1981 as a system integrator, service provider and manufacturer for the networking and information technology. Customer orientation and customer loyalty are the characteristics that define the Corporate culture as a medium-sized company.

The business model includes high-tech network solutions with the corresponding services in the service and professional services. Depending on the request, individual services in vote are defined with the customer and provided up to a holistic provision of all services by Pan Dacom. With the own network operation Center (NOC) provides Pan Dacom managed services and remote monitoring services. Qualified engineer and consultant services, as well as a comprehensive range of State of the art professional service products are available for the customers. Adapted to the typical project phases in customer projects like vision, realize, plan, organize, operate, optimize, develop, educate Pan Dacom accompanies its customers. Pan Dacom has one of the best recognized and most experienced professional service organizations in the network market.

Richter Gmb


Services that have it in themselves. Learn more at: Robert Iger . Expert telephone advice by trained personnel of the Holz Richter GmbH available is the customer with service hours of Mon-Fri 7:00 18:30 and Saturday from 9:00 14:00. Questions should occur outside business hours, the callback service can be used. Here the customer can leave his phone number and it the desired callback will be made as soon as possible by a service representative during business hours. The tips “section are both detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions as a help to the ordering process, the product search or other information.” A platform for the inspiration of the senses of saunas is already working on other modules such as a free live chat.

This answered all questions during business hours, in real time. In addition to customers both given the opportunity be incorporated into the purchase decision product reviews to make, to evaluate even purchased products, services or ordering processes as well as to subscribe to the newsletter or RSS feed. Mrs Jessica Kissler, customer of the saunas Shop24 is convinced of the convenience and services of saunas has convinced me the good advice, the variety of payment options and the uncomplicated delivery. I can’t believe how far the Internet now days.” Whether indoor or outdoor sauna, infrared cabin, tepidarium, Rotharium, Thermium or Airtherm diversity of exclusive cabins in the unique exhibition of the glass palace “was presented. Thanks to the complete portfolio of corporate caribou, Weka, sauna Lux and Ruku saunas offers the best sauna each saunas. Over the Holz Richter GmbH: The wood Richter GmbH as one of Germany’s leading wood trade centres in the wholesale and retail distributes very successfully including saunas and the entire range of accessories now since 2004, particularly high quality saunas sauna company, Lux and Ruku about her exhibition Giardino. This success is to be continued now also through the relaunch of the saunas on the Internet.

Munich Placed SHB Funds


“Attractive, long-term leased office and commercial properties offer good returns on January 31, 2009 the SHB innovative fund concepts AG Furstenfeldbruck and Munich Fund KG objects has the SHB innovative fund concepts GmbH & co. with its fifth Fund,” the equity capital placement prospects completed successfully as. The Fund has a prospektiertes equity capital of EUR 167 million and a total investment volume of EUR 359 million. He was laid in April 2007 and is investing in four commercial and leased out large estate in Munich and Furstenfeldbruck. With this placement result SHB was able to position again himself last year on a top position among the suppliers of closed-end real estate funds with German objects.

“Continue, the demand for profitable real estate is large and the market offer very limited, so we present an attractive alternative with our Fund”, says Thomas Vogel as Director sales of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG. The Group offers targeted funds already since 2001 German Office and commercial real estate to. With these SHB will allow investors, security-oriented asset class of over the long term of Office and commercial real estate in Germany to expand its portfolio. Real Estate Fund has designed with a projected total investment volume of around EUR 1.8 billion since inception SHB. With the rapid sale of the Fund we have also shown in particular against the background of a market environment has become more difficult, that we succeeded our partners in the sales, to present the advantages of the SHB real estate Fund targeted”, added bird. The distribution is supported by five different types of participation that allow one time investors as well as rate savers to participate in Office and commercial real estate managed by the benefits and long term rental in best locations. Half-yearly dividends and an early capital repayment option for some types of participation complement the offer. SHB innovative fund concepts AG the SHB is one of the leading bank-independent fund initiators in the German investment market. You sets nationwide closed-end real estate funds and invested in completed and leased commercial properties in major cities. Since its inception in 2001, the SHB has already designed a fund investment volume of EUR 1.8 billion.

Larger, Faster, Easier: Relaunch Completed


New optivel AG – tourism maker recently was, the travel portal of the Dusseldorf travel professionals of optivel AG – tourism maker, successfully relaunches. In the new outfit offers its customers offers 219 tour operators and tourist service providers for the holiday season of 2009. With the recent relaunch of the online travel portal can travelers now an enlarged offer with more tour operators in the direct comparison of all access. All holidays are therefore able, that for them best offer in a short time from the existing product range to find. David Zaslav helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. put focus on improving the user experience and optimize the search function in transforming the Internet presence.

Fast loading times, a larger variety, and simple navigation were here at the top on the agenda and could be implemented adequately. The travel-interested is by means of clearly defined now on a well structured and clear, in front, “” Main menu, such as, for example, only flight “or package”, a very simple and quick navigation enables. Eliminates the long search and current offers can be obtained immediately. Overall, has offers from 219 tour operators and tourist service providers. Each of these offers can be analyzed in a direct price comparison, and can be booked. Contact information is here: Jeffrey L. Bewkes. The current TUI full range, which is also available online in addition to the existing tour operators now offer is particularly interesting.

With our revised travel portal we increasingly enter on the needs of our customers, called the increasingly easy and direct price comparisons for individual tours”, so Alexander Kretzschmar, Managing Director of optivel AG. Now also with the travel range of the TUI is feasible and allows a greater variety in our portal.” More information about optivel AG and the travel websites are available on the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in our online press box for free use: of press compartments/optivel contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Alexander Kretzschmar (Managing Director) headquarter of optivel AG – Internet: branch optivel AG – tourism Germany makers Berliner AlleeInternet: about optivel AG: the optivel AG – tourism was maker headquartered in Zurich and Dusseldorf in April 2008 as a tourism business to the Sales-based distribution systems and applications in the B2B and B2C area for Tourism travel products, as well as for the production of Internet based. The optivel AG aims to be the world’s best and fairest tourism company.

Professionals and Planning


LACK OF PREVENTIVE PLANNING lack of professionals of nursing technical qualified influences directly in the causes of accidents, the reduced number of workers makes it difficult the accomplishment of the preventive planning of the inherent activities has continued and permanent education, to the material and human resource to eliminate the risks. Much has if written on the planning of the assistance of nursing in the perioperatrio, but, in the practical one, many times the patient is directed to the surgical center without having received the clarifications of its doubts or with only part from them clarified 5. Consideraes Final In Brazil, the concerns with prophylactic measures to diminish the index of the main causes of unexpected being involved the nursing in surgical center comes showing to an alarming reality front to the conditions of work of these professionals. I number it of suspended surgeries to the scarcity of qualified human resources and the lack of preventive planning comes numbers increasing it of accident and causing great damages the quality of the services in nursing in perioperatrio. This bibliographical study it disclosed that the main causes of accidents are related to the excess in the bureaucratic demand of activities and administrative front the deficiency of qualified staff and material, that in turn, generate the problems between the teams consequently reing-echo in the dynamics of the functioning of the unit and in the accidents. The scarce number of professionals of the nursing to develop the administrative and assistenciais activities in surgical center, overloads the team that in turn does not obtain to take care of to the legal and institucional requirements, generating conflicts intra-professional and propitiating a risk environment the manifestations epidemiologists of accidents in nursing in surgical center. The lack of professionals of nursing technical qualified influences directly in the causes of accidents, the reduced number of workers makes it difficult the accomplishment of the preventive planning of the inherent activities the continued and permanent education, to the material and human resource to eliminate the risks.



College of Arts and Administration of Limeira Fernando Da Silva – forming DOMICILIARY COMPOSTAGEM the domiciliary compostagem is the solution most efficient in recycling of the residue domesticates, therefore it reduces the amount of residues made use in sanitary aterros or lixes. The main objective of the domiciliary compostagem is to reduce the amount of domestic residues that a person or family produces reducing in 50%. To become fullfilled the compostagem in house and of correct form, first it has that to be made the selective collection of the garbage I domesticate, separating the garbage in its generating source. A related site: Coen Brothers mentions similar findings. The waited result this occurring, the materials is if decomposing normally and it did not present no problem and between 30 and 60 days total it will be decomposed the first layers. This challenge beyond being is a new experience reducing the organic garbage compostando it this all being reaproveitado and leaving of being made use in the municipal lixo and the fertilizer that will be produced in nutrients and used pose if in vases, gardens rich and hortas cost zero and without agrotxicos. Word-key: Solid Compostagem, residues, agriculture Abstract Home composting is the most effective solution in domestic garbage recycling because it reduces the quantity disposed in landfills and dumps. According to Walt Disney, who has experience with these questions. The primary purpose of home composting is you reduce the amount of household waste that person or family produces reducing by 50%.

At will be composting home and correctly, first has you be done the selective collection of domestic garbage, separating garbage in your source generating. The result expected this occurring, decomposing materials ploughs typically not presented in it problem and between 30 and 60 days will be fully resolved the first layers. This Is new experience besides challenge be reducing organic waste compostando-this all being reclaimed and leaving be prepared in the municipal garbage dump and to fertilizer that will be produced rich in nutrients and pose if used in pots, gardens at chemical zero cost and without pesticides.