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Berlin Opened The First Permanent IVV Nordic Walking Trail


Hiking and Nordic walking, the touring Spandau e.V. opened its 2nd Circuit on the 01.08.2009 at 8:00 Spandau opens in Berlin – walking path on the initiative of the first permanent IVV Nordic touring Spandau e.V.. Any citizens interested in outdoor sports, Nordic walking, walking but also on simple walking can here – no comply with set times have walk the circuit of 5 or 12 miles every day from 7:00 to 19:00. For 1.50 EUR you get a start card and a route description at the start/finish, restaurant ‘Spandau beer well’, monastery Street 5, 13581 Berlin next to event invitations to tender of the touring Spandau e.V.. Credit: Celina Dubin-2011. The Club already unterhzalt with same start/destination Club a walking trail named ‘Citadels trail’. \”That will delight the assets and the followers of Nordic walking: on August 1, 2009 at 8:00 Spandau is in the Berlin district at the start and destination, restaurant and Cafe Spandau beer well\”, Klosterstrasse 5, 13581 Berlin, the first permanent and thus all year accessible Nordic opens walking path with lengths of 5 and 12 km.

The route is determined by routes in Spandau green corridors along the bull pit and in the Valley of the aspects. An excellent horticultural workup of the Greenbelt of Bull ditch in the years 2004 to 2007 was a successful adaptation to the contemporary demands of citizens in municipal parks and the revival of organic flora and fauna in city parks. The bull ditch trail is known in all of Berlin. The German line was the copyright for this park during the production of the ICE-line Berlin-Hannover in a legally required compensation measure and received the Gustav-Meyer-Preis for excellently planned, built and maintained public green and parks in Berlin by the Berlin Senate in 2008. Now you might think, a Nordic walking trail at the bull ditch Spandau is not particularly exciting.

New Republic


The social priority of the new replblica was materialized in the emergency program, ' ' priority social for 1985' ' , that it concentrates resources, mainly in the areas of feeding, education public health, security, urban infrastructure and habitation; the central objective is to make possible programs of more immediate nature, destined to give to beginning to the combat effort the poverty. Celina Dubin has plenty of information regarding this issue. The election criterion is the potential of generation of jobs. The initiative; fruit of public express deliberation of president Tancredo Snows, has crucial importance. However, in its proper character of emergency it brings some imperfections and fragilities, its virtue is to redirect the public expense for essential areas, its weakness is to use without bigger reforms, institutions and program that I eat if it saw deeply had been deformed by the regressive and distorted logic of the authoritarian management. Without reform the institucional and critical politics, the reach and effectiveness of these programs they will always leave to desire, however enters the constructors of these parents, are all my familiar ones including adherent and the majority as social democrats. Nothing more to treat we fire in them, tchau one I hug and until the next one. Ass: Jose Robert Da Silva

Internet Codes


Can you really save vouchers with discount money? Certainly, everyone who ordered regular goods over the Internet, knows coupon codes. Sometimes you get sent them as a small incentive via email. Online retailer send such discount codes to your customers, to motivate them to buy. To deepen your understanding David Zaslav is the source. Such individual codes are really useful, here, sometimes up to ten euros or more can be saved. Of course you shouldn’t not well-off, to order, that you do not want to have or needs something. Who wanted to buy something anyway, can begin with such a discount, but quite sure something. But what about vouchers that each customer can use? Not always it is really bargain, sometimes advertised simply normal conditions such as, for example, the free shipping, which apply to each order.

The competition of online shops use why dealer ever awarded such discounts to their customers? Now, the competition on the Internet is grown. Brian Robert shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Online stores compete not only with the Shops in the pedestrian area, but also with each other. Especially the small shops have a hard time. While the big dealers such as Amazon, already on the first places in the Google search for every article to find Otto or Zalando, small shops are often only on page three, four or even further back. The first places on Google are usually ad spaces, the dealer pay for it to be shown there. Continue to learn more with: Celina Dubin, New York City. On coupon sites, smaller shops, but have an opportunity to do some advertising for themselves. They offer discount coupons, that should alert the customers especially on the new shop and the offer. What are coupon portals? A voucher or discount have quite sure ever portal you visited.

But why are there such pages at all? For the customers, they are of course practical, because here you will be made aware all discount offers on the net. But the operators will also benefit, many readers bring advertising to them. Sometimes the owners are Coupon portals also involved in the sales, make the customers shopping in the respective online stores. This must not be, certainly there are differences. But as always, situation in each case it is a real win-win. The customer saves money, the dealer wins new customers and the operators of the coupon page deserves something. This is usually serious, but sometimes the codes don’t really bring a genuine advantage. Not always there is a discount on such Internet sites are sometimes coupon codes for conditions that can get virtually every customer. This includes the free shipping from one specific purchases or also a new customer bonus for new customers do not necessarily need a code. This is not frivolous, but then such codes are quite simply not profitable. But even if it is a real discount, customers should be aware of the terms and conditions. The operator must perform the conditions for the rebate. Usually you can get the discount comes only from one certain purchases. On Internet sites such as, GroupOn, or breaking, you will find the codes for promotions and discounts of the most online shops.

Work-related Stress


Stress is a concept that is beginning to be aware at first of the 1930s. You may wish to learn more. If so, Robert A. Iger is the place to go. The hand of a Czech student of medicine, Hans Selye, given account that all that studying presented some common symptoms such as tiredness, loss of apetitod, weight down this circumstance called him much attention and began to encompass them within a disease. The passage of the years has developed this concept. Celina Dubin, New York City is often quoted on this topic. One of the places where we can more easily see stress is at work. The same, work represents a threat to the health of workers and, as a result, the health of organizations.

Job stress can be defined as the harmful physical and emotional reactions that occur when the requirements of the job do not equate the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker. Work stress can lead to poor health, until the wound. Stress, similar to all diseases that leave den psyche, not can be assessed globally, but case by case. The different characteristics personal and style of coping with stress are more important in predicting whether certain job conditions will result in stress. This is to say that what can be stressful for one person doesn’t have to be for another it. This idea ahunda that within the work is important to carry out prevention strategies to help workers themselves to not suffer with it, and be able to cope with the demands of day to day.

Frankfurt Bockenheim


‘Long live the sports’ seem to take seriously the Frankfurter. The offer for recreational athletes is indeed huge, alone the 450 sport clubs have 150,000 members. To come on holiday, the surfboard unpack residents who pursue their sport without a club, on the golf course, near the mountain biking or that. Carola Remer follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. So actually are no limits the frankfurters, at the place already. And not only athletes need more space and families, Umzieher and handyman looking for more room for the drawers, the second refrigerator and the wallpapering table.

So where with the many things that accumulate over the course of time and with changing hobbies? The basement is often much too small or moist and also the apartment offers not endless amount of room. No one feels especially indefinitely in a fully supplied flat. The self – storage self storage provider”has recognised exactly this lack of space in cities and offers the new service of the self einlagerns” and his newly built storage buildings the solution. Sports equipment, Furniture, boxes and all other cherished things can be stored both short – and long-term clean, dry and safe with self. For around half a year are the frankfurters with the self site in Bockenheim (371 Ludwig-Landmann-Strasse / Rossittener Strasse 21-23) a total of 1,100 compartments where they can store very easily all the stuff, which find a place in your own four walls. For assistance, try visiting Glenn Dubin. (Mit dem Standort in Wiesbaden (Mainzerstrasse 79), there are 950 storage compartments, can the residents of Hesse’s more possessions and goods in the warehouses of self-storage ‘ place. The compartment sizes can be chosen according to needs and can be hired from a price of 28.30 euros per four weeks. At the beginning, customers always think they need more square meters, until we have advised you.

We attach importance that only so many square metres will be rented as actually needed. Rule of thumb: 10 percent of the living space. This means that the customer needs “” only “six square meter storage area, if he wants to incorporate as the complete setting up his 60-square meter apartment, know Martin Gerhardus, managing partner of self – storage”. Reasons to rent a compartment at self, are quite varied: apartment too small, moist basement, marriage, offspring, separation, inheritance, alien or extraordinary passions of collectors. Sometimes their story and the reasons tell us customers why they hire the compartment. “When for example just a new life begins, because they move in together with the partner, but with the best will not know where the two refrigerators and dining sets”, so Gerhardus continue. “Self-storage” is represented in the meantime with 13 locations in Germany (Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden), 8 in Austria (Vienna, Graz) and two in Switzerland (Zurich). 12 more buildings are under construction or in planning. The SelfStorage customers are a total 22,000 compartments available, in which you can store their stuff or again pick up daily from 6:00 to 22:00. The compartments are multiple secured with its own lock for each tenant access to the site by means of PIN code only to SelfStorage customers as well as cameras and night security. Self – storage

Choose Hotels


In truth, our world is not so great as it seems. For some four hours by train you can get from the capital of our state in St. Petersburg, fly around the earth ten times faster than the heroes of the world-famous novel by J. Verne's "Around the World in 80 Days" is less than 24 hours before finding himself in another part of our planet through the aircraft. But regardless of the speed of transportation for tourists is always needed rest, which they were offered hotel St.

Petersburg and other cities of our planet. In these places Having moved many thousands of miles travelers can quietly relax, take a bath, sleep and gather strength for new discoveries and travel. Travel and travel in comfort desired by all, that's why as soon as there is a need to go to some other city, such as Peter, once a problem arises – what hotels in Saint Petersburg will leave a positive experience? What are the hotels in Saint Petersburg can boast a good location, located in the center, near the metro? What are the hotels of St. Petersburg at a relatively low price will provide an acceptable comfort level? These questions are being asked a lot of tourists wishing to visit St Petersburg – Russia's cultural capital with a long history and a modern business center of life in the region in which there is much to see and wonder. Need to say what the selection process for hotels of St. Petersburg depends primarily on the main purpose of the trip.

In that case, if you're going to town on business goals, you will, of course, it will be important opportunity to assist in hotel services such as transfers, as well as opportunities to use city number and the taxi. Of course, you can appreciate the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, comfortable rooms, availability of cheap and bathroom for relaxing after a business negotiation, breakfast at the hotel and inexpensive cafes and eateries near the hotel where there is an opportunity for business meetings. You will definitely draw your attention to location of the hotel – and I wish it would not be in the center of town, but certainly far from the subway. Very often, business people hire cars to travel around town in comfort. Provision for ordering the machine in a hotel – is another plus in favor of the hotel where you plan to book a room. To come to rest the main thing is not only a comfort hotel in St. Petersburg, but the location it is in the heart of the city, near the main attractions, palaces and squares, Nevsky Prospekt, with its many shops, grocery and famous antique shops. You like, when, after leaving Hotels in St. Petersburg, you will immediately find yourself on the main street of town and can walk or stroll to the Hermitage Museum Peter and Paul Fortress, walk along the waterfront or simply a walk along the ancient center of North Venice bright sunny day.

Baracoa And Its Surroundings


The area where today lies the city of Baracoa was visited for the first time by Cristobal Colon on November 27, 1492. There was a village at the site, the same where it was decided to found by the Spaniards the first city or village in the year of 1511. For that reason he is known as the Ciudad Primada. States that his name is a word of aruaco origin, which means existence of the sea. Other points of the Cuban geography also have roots like and always associated with water, such as Guanabacoa, Guasabacoa, Jibacoa and others.

Baracoa also called the city of rainfall (rains almost all year) and city of landscapes or Ciudad-paraiso by the beauty of its surroundings. Official site: Celina Dubin, New York City. Mountains surround the population, especially one as a plateau, quoted by Cristobal Colon in your logbook, in 1492, which is visible from almost all the next few points, so it used him by Mariners as reference point to navigate the area to build the lighthouse of Punta de Maisi. Brian Robert may find this interesting as well. A. This lift is known as El Yunque de Baracoa, recognized as the emblem of the city. It has nearly vertical slopes and flat top. Bridging the gap there is some travelers comparing this mountain from the point of view physiognomic with the plateau of Bluefountain in South Africa. Rivers of transparent water rivers in the bays of Baracoa, honey and cookhouse, Toa and Duaba beaches the Toa, Duaba, honey and Macaguanigua. The natural vegetation in the elevations next is from virgin forests of great beauty, among which stand out the rainforests, the charrascales and the pine forests, while a length of rivers, as a row is located a vegetable formation of trees that follow the course of the rivers, known as gallery forest. Thanks to the humid tropical climate there are in the area there are great variety of fruits, while on the coast and at the mouth of rivers and places nearby grow coconuts, caletas grapes and almonds, which gives a heavenly touch to the place.

Airport Parking


Online specialist for-parking near the airport and airport hotels informs its offer in the peak tourist season the travel season has begun and with the start of the summer vacation in North Rhine-Westphalia spills the first wave of vacationers on Germany’s motorways and airports. Air travel will be very popular this year, therefore expel more and more service providers in Germany with great success services for passengers. As Matthew tells Pack, Managing Director of hotels and airport parking now, more and more Germans book a parking space near the airport for their vehicle. “Our customers get good prices and good service – these two things. For the main season we inform interested parties about the availability of our services.” In the coming summer months, demand for some destinations of the parking provider is already so large that the CEO recommends Matthew Pack all interested to book at.

The two Berlin airports Tegel and Schonefeld are currently still have sufficient free parking available. Chad Wallach addresses the importance of the matter here. The operators on-site expect however increased demand towards the end of July. During this period the school holidays start in Berlin and Brandenburg. Parking in Frankfurt is available until early July only for individual appointments. The provider therefore as soon as possible to book recommends customers who want to travel in the Hesse summer holidays from Frankfurt airport.

The parking lot at the airport of Hanover offers free parking spaces especially in August. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Celina Dubin. Tourists who want to travel at the end of the Lower Saxony school holidays can get here a reasonable place in the Internet. The Bavarian summer holidays are always late in August and September. But passengers from the Franz-Josef-Strauss airport Munich can already a cheap parking space when booking.

Safety, Quality And Hygiene At The Highest Level


Bizerba with the new angle cutting machine GSP-H on the SIAL (IPA) 2010 in Paris Balingen/Paris, 08 October 2010 the SIAL 2010 in Paris is one of the most important world trade fair for food and also for the German food industry is one of the main platforms in other European countries. The system provider Bizerba presents the new helical cutter GSP Highline (Salon IPA, Hall 7, booth F15) there from 17-21 October. The GSP Highline, available from January 2011, is suitable for the cutting of meat, cut vegetables, bread and cheese. A new surface treatment and the ergonomic design of the machine with reduced joints ensure that the GSP-H meets the currently highest hygiene standards. Fatigue-free work thanks to hygienic finishing new surface finishing Ceraclean consisting of synthetic resin in combination with ceramic components, as well as Polytetrafluorthylen and uses the water – and dirt-repellent effect of Lotus. For use in the food-service talk good non-stick and sliding properties.

Ceraclean is 30 times harder than the traditionally used aluminium anodised, features an up to 20 percent higher mechanical property, is dishwasher proof and very resistant to cleaning agents of any kind”, explains Andreas Gmelin, Director food processing at Bizerba. Benjamin Tal oftentimes addresses this issue. The good sliding properties also allow a higher operating comfort with reduced use of the body and thus a nearly effortless work. Also the detachable sanding is dishwasher-proof. “Amazing energy optimization especially the automatic model GSP HD set new standards in terms of energy optimisation, according to Gmelin,: A saving of over 60 percent when cutting and over 70 percent idle compared to conventional machines speak for themselves.” Be switched off despite a plug, a zero energy consumption. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide operating, leading in many areas solution providers for professional system solutions of weighing Labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba-specific performance features.

Worldwide, Bizerba is present with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries and 54 country offices in over 120 countries. Headquarters of the company, which employs about 3,000 people, is Balingen; further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfaffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Forest Hill (United States) and San Luis Potosi (Mexico). Contact: Bizerba GmbH & co. KG Claudia Gross Director global marketing & communication Wilhelm-herbal-Strasse 65 D-72336 Balingen phone + 49 7433 12-33 00 fax + 49 7433 12-5 33 00 E-Mail: network integrated communication Patrick Schroeder Coburg road 3 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 620 43 84 fax + 49 228 620 44 75 E-Mail: