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What Owes The Public Sector The Lenders And Recipients Of Subsidies?


Why switch not the public authorities owned economies? That would be a rewarding, both financially benefit from the rich and the poor. Federal, State and municipalities such as other companies and organizations of the public sector are welcome credit customers. Namely, you pay your old instalments with new debt. This is not only a quick ball system, as there are no better for banks and other lenders, but also a business which excludes the paying customers of any authority, to pay or not. The State monopoly of power, exercised by the police authorities for the tax authorities, ensures that all taxpayers pay. Authorities give just the business.

Responsible shall not be liable for their actions. But there’s something wrong. The tax law is so complicated that no man, not a tax expert, and no other measure is capable of precisely to realize that what is laid down. What can be expected from a simple tax law? It is realistic, in the Run by thirty years step by step to introduce a simple tax law, although no one can know in advance how it will evolve? There are a number of ideas 1 for years and there were even Governments on this planet that have introduced successfully simple tax law. But corruption has again thwarted good efforts over the course of years. A possible target for a simple tax 2 describes Hans Kolpak, initiator of as follows: 1 only entrepreneurs pay 10 per cent sales tax on products and services but only at the end of the value chain. Example: Net price is 100 euro. Plus 10 euro, VAT is the price of 110 euros.

2. non-entrepreneurs are tax-free. Wages and salaries are tax free. We have the most voters as a majority for this tax model. 3. There is no tax-reducing operating costs and no subsidies. Sales tax is the only tax survey form for products and services.

Eberhard Fabricius


The integrated applicant management by Peris 3010 standardized and accelerates processes and saves time and costs. It helps to make the electronic record of applicants make approval by the setting, and the first day of work as a single, unified process and decreases as routine work to the company. For the business valuation and high planning security, Peris 3010 offers an overview of the current values from wage and salary data, the targets, the expenses and the allowance. Through the integrated document management long searches for documents of the past on. Peris 3010 offers the opportunity to forgive freely definable categories for documents and to provide documents such as title, keyword, category, reference number, file number, or person with Keywording. With the import of data from unstructured text files, Peris 3010 offers a highly efficient tool, to include more information in the digital personnel file. So, read and transformed into text documents using OCR paper documents can be acquired and transferred easily mouse click in the database by PERSIS 3010 with scanner.

The powerful evaluation tool for lists, statistics, and evaluation helps the individual analysis of company data. With the modular software solutions of the AZS system is a sophisticated range of soft – and hardware components that are aligned exactly on the needs of public institutions, churches and administrations and efficiently bridge islands of information. In addition there is AZS system AG, with access control, including access control readers, biometric systems, digital cylinders and digital hardware, visitor management, Alarmanlagenscharf – and -disarming, building management and video integration for more software and hardware solutions and add-on modules. These are merged with existing hardware to integrated overall solutions depending on the need and requirement case. About AZS system AG, the AZS system AG with headquarters in Hamburg is one of the leading systems integrators for comprehensive and complex solutions in the areas of personnel management, personnel information, time recording, access control and security technology. The perfect interplay of hardware and software customers from administration, public service, industry and Commerce received the complete system solution from a single source. Since its inception AZS itself in 1989 as an independent system and consulting for integrated solutions. More than 1000 installed systems at major companies have been successfully installed in more than 20 years.

AZS has consistently on these solutions aligned. Personnel management and information system business AZS support public institutions and management companies in the design of individual, freely customizable working time arrangements. The use of terminals and intelligent software increases productivity in the production data acquisition, which collect all important data of personal and operational events and process them. AZS is represented with 12 sales and service centres nationwide in all of Germany and of Switzerland – and certainly also in your vicinity. Contact: Eberhard Fabricius AZS system AG Muhlendamm 84a 22087 Hamburg phone: 040 / 22 66 11 fax: 040 / 22 76 753

North Of Mines


The region of the North of Mines was considered devoid in some aspects, demanded the formation of qualified staff, with precarious education and high indices of illiteracy, ‘ ‘ devoid of qualified professors, it witnessed its young to interrupt its studies (.) or to migrarem for other regions to conclude its estudos’ ‘. (id, p.19) As Caleiros org. (2002), the UNIMONTES, was constructed having as the foundations the devotion of many idealists, but as this study it deals with the woman specifically, not if it can leave to mention the names of Maria Jacy Ribeiro, Maria Saucers Dos Santos, Marina Helena Lorenzo Fernandes, Sylvia of the B.C. Axe, Yedde Ribeiro Christova and Yvone de Oliveira Silveira, as the authors (p.24) the women had still had gifts in first constitution of the Reitoria of the University in 1970, represented for the Teachers Maria Isabel de Magalhes Figueiredo, Heloisa Helena de Ruiz Combat Vieira, Maria of the Consolao Figueiredo Cowen among others, this last one co-ordinated the elaboration in ‘ ‘ time recorde’ ‘ in 1977, from the project of the Campus that would be presented to the MEC and the Federal government saving bank with ends of release of resources for the construction of the same, the educator also according to authors (p.25), receives then the Director together with Joo Mauricio Valley the merit for the conquest of the land that functions the University currently. Joel and Ethan Coen can aid you in your search for knowledge. ‘ ‘ the conquest was fruit of the efforts of the Director Joo Mauricio valley and the teacher Maria of the Consolao de Magalhes Figueiredo’ ‘ (ibid, p.25). As if she can observe, the woman comes inside developing important papers of this university. On the basis of the data searched next to the Department of Human resources, exist today acting in the UNIMONTES, 1441 professors being 635 men and 806 women. This data come to reaffirm what the research in national scope already had evidenced: that the women are in bigger number inside of the universities, occupying spaces also in the diverse areas of the knowledge mainly in the areas ‘ ‘ typically masculinas’ ‘ , desmitificando the relation sort and profession..

Brazilian Constitution


Victory for a wire route to tetra Edson Silva I do not know if all know (nobody has obligation to know everything), have 62 years, in 1932, part of brave natives of So Paulo caught in weapons to try to defend the Brazilian Constitution, then violated for the Dictatorship Vargas. We finish alone raises in it and we had to support fight seted against other Brazilians, as it was the case of confrontations against the miners. We, natives of So Paulo, lose the revolution, but we earn in pride raises, it generated the commemorated state holiday in 9 of July, since 1997. But, speaking in Pantries of the World, our focus in the column. In one another one 9 of July, has 17 years, in 1994, in the United States of the North America, another legion, this joined, formed for natives of So Paulo, miners, Brazilian Cariocas and other naturalness, stopped arduous fight against the dutches, who had never given easy life to Brazil in the Pantries, has seen defeats that we suffer in 74 (2×0) and still dolorida declassification in the passed Pantry, of 2010, with 2×1 and right to the lambana of Philip Melo. Good, in 94, history was different, but it was not easy.

Game of the Brazilian Election in Pantries was 71 and 65,000 payers were in the Cotton Bowl (Dallas/EUA). The Croatian arbitrator Rodrigo Badilla did not have easy life, turned yellow the Winter dutches and Wouters and also Dunga, remembers it as technician in 2010? In 94 he was our projection and captain. Pr to say the truth, in second time the game until seemed that it would be easy. To the 8 minutes, baixinho Romrio, ours better player in the world-wide one of 94, made 1×0; to the 18, another prominence ours, the Bebeto, made 2×0. Game profit and alone to think about the semifinal? How nothing! Bergkamp after deducted for Holland one minute as the Brazilian goal.

Ten minutes later, Winter tied up to and to a mill of winds frozen lode on our low heads. The game was indefinite. As much a team as to another one could make the goal of the victory or then to persist ties up to for the terrible extension or the lottery of the pnaltis. We had the White coming back of bruise, pparently tired left lateral, and in that instant far of being unamimity of ' ' Twisted Organized of the Corneteiros' '. What nobody could deny is that White it had strong kick of left and the destination in gave a lack to them in the intermediate, distant pra who kicks placed. They lacked nine minutes to finish second time, White it left for the ball and it went off a torpedo, that entered in cantinho of the goal defended for Of Goej. One detail that we would only see in replay, while the Galvo still was esgoelava crying out ' ' goooooooooooool' ' , it is that for a wire, or better, for one collected of bumbum of smart baixinho Romrio, the ball it did not make right our aggressor, would deviate what it for the bar or for it are of the dutch goal. It was pretty goal and of if seeing. White still would be substituted by Cafu, but to the 90 minutes. Brazil if classified to face Sweden, was successful for 1×0, goal of Romrio, disputed the heading against Italy, was in 0x0 and was tetracampeo, in the pnaltis. Edson Silva is journalist in Sumar /edsonsilvajornalista @

Social Assistant Treatment


it was verified through visits comments some problematic ones, however the intervention proposal has as objective to focar the question of ' ' family in its process of whitewashing and the groups of support (friends, users) ' ' , therefore the proposal therapeutical of the ad CAPS – she aims at to reduce the consumption of the alcohol and other psychoactive substances in its daily one, stops later abstaining from it, thus needing a bigger bond the family and other coadjuvantes support (using, friends) in its treatment. The project has as main goal, to contribute with this difficulty of familiar integration (main), in the therapeutical treatment of the user in the ad CAPS spring. General objective: To contribute for one better understanding of the familiar and group importance in the Specific Objective treatment of the user: Focar that the recovery context is favored by a set of contextual supports as family, groups and nets of friends; To show the importance of each individual in the work in group; To carry through a workshop of interpersonal relations with a group of users; To provide a bigger reflection between all. White public? Familiar users and of the ad CAPS spring Justification of the Intervention: The relevance of the related subject, consists of the perception of that the familiar and group net (friends, users) is efficient a therapeutical support in the treatment of the user, and that exactly those that do not possess family, need the participation of other individuals as coadjuvante of incentive in its treatment as: friends and users. See more detailed opinions by reading what Joel and Ethan Coen offers on the topic.. Also understanding that the families describe – as consumed with the pathology of the patient. Soon, the intervention will be carried through with a group of users, where we will try the Social Assistant together with, to congregate some integrant ones of the families of these users. Since biweekly it is carried through a familiar meeting, co-ordinated for the Social Assistant, where they are argued daily the familiar one of the user and its possible fallen again. .

Brazilian People


That is made systematically. Visit Coen Brothers for more clarity on the issue. Here the broth starts to thicken. First because invariably &#039 will be taught; ' formas' ' , and the Law gains great prominence in this process: this can and this cannot. Second because without perceiving the malice of the Brazilian and nor the real motivation of that sudden interest for the things of God, the missionary worsening the situation implanting in the mind of the native the genuine idea of Leader, English word that also can be translated Brazil as head, pag, tuchaua, big shot, ' ' homi' ' , ' ' cara' ' , among others brasileirismos. This the new converted knows well? accepted without no problem.

This concept is not new. Although the leader word does not appear in the Bible, Jesus already had alerted its disciples: ' ' You know that the ones that are recognized as governors of the heathen ones, of them if they assenhoreiam, and that on them its great ones exert autoridade' ' (Mc 10:42). Authority, power and evidence on the inhabitants of its community. Unhappyly it is this that many believers are searching. 4.Muito money and little attention. The valuation of HAVING and of the BEING is not common in the capitalized cultures more. Moreover, the volume of money that in front of runs all that people with who if it is working, is very great. The people starts to glimpse all the benefits that they can obtain through the new element in that society (she interprets $ or missionary, therefore in this case is synonymous).

Everybody wants to be benefited, and the fact one or two to be only obtained is reason of discord, also envies and cimes between the people. 5. Little or no disposal to learn with the Brazilian. But for the foreign missionary, it is making all certainty. The targets are being reached, have developed good contacts here in Brazil, the mantenedora church is contented with its reports and new projects are pipocando.

Vesta Daniel


It was a form to place all directed toward the subject, in tune with the experience and the diversity of preexisting thought, that to the measure that went flowing went if collating healthfully with the new and constructing the knowledge. I relate this experience as the proper exercise to enter in a community to know it, to observe it and at the same time to observe itself and if to know, in collective a personal process and at the same time to act, to live deeply and to interact. Culture also is this, is to live, is to place and to be present in the dynamism of the search and the construction, making and being part of it. During the reading of the text of Vesta Daniel, on the community definition, I analyzed our proper composed group of nine pupils and a pupil, come of different areas as communication, pedagogia, art, physical education, joined for the shared interest to understand the ethos there of disciplines and the hierarchy of the academic knowledge. Discovery Communications is a great source of information. The text already alerted for the fact of that the previous knowledge all would be related to the learning process and could intervene with the learning. In the same way, the reading and quarrel of the text of Canclini, on traditions crossed in conflict, made to reflect on the difficulty of the searching student in dealing with a popular community. In this process it starts to deal inside with the existing paradigms of he himself, and to the measure that it searches it goes passing for estranhamentos of its proper vision, for the anguish to deal with the reality, the process of matureness and of the knowledge in itself. This point also shows the importance of the delimitation of the subject of the research, because the estranhamentos and the temptations of new shortcuts go appearing, delaying and placing at risk the project. .