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The human being never before was ahead of so great so important decision for the future of its proper race. We have two options, we can opt to emter a future, oupor another side we can leave everything as it is and only go seating in them and ficarassistindo for tev the next end to arrive. If to choose the first option, we will have work, much sacrifice sufficiently and will be able even though to fail. But we will have in the heart a feeling that never we will forget in this or in another life the feeling of that we were useful that we do not pass in they go for this existence. cal-book-report/’>Heart Specialist, then click here. That we will only have a long way that probably starts porns and finishes with our future generations therefore will have that to generate a world-wide awareness for this project. We will need the world-wide consensus for this fight: the fight for the preservation of our planet. Let us stop with the pollutants, we go to opt to actions more healthful as to leave the vehicle only for trips of rests or emergencies, to separate the lixos to be reused, to take banns more fast, disconnect environment light bulbs that will not be being used, to use stock markets of ecological materials to make purchases, to diminish the feeding in forty percent of what we eat, to reuse waters of lauderings of clothes to wash bathrooms and garages, to banish the spout, to wash the vehicle of ecological form, to implant systems of collection of solar energy for domestic use, to use walked or the bicycle to move if, to waste little waters, to eat little meat red, to deforest little and to plant more trees, etc.

Now is the moment to decide what you are for the planet angel or demon? Angel and demon, happy and poor fellow, rich and pauprrimo, the Man threat today the stability of its planet, puts its proper existence at risk. Per millenia, it has ignored the conditions of maintenance of the life in its world. Although it fights daily for the freedom, not yet it knew to construct a really free society. It builds a gigantic civilization but it runs the risk to destroy it in some minutes. Today Man acts as an irresponsible one and same with millions of years of existence and evolution, he acts as if he more than did not depend the nature created that it. We have the greater of the gifts our planet our mother Land we are children of the universe and of the Land and we do not respect nothing. This great blue sphere, that turns slowly supported for the arms of the universe, in them contemplates huge sinfoniaa nature. Musics of the waves of the giant and wonderful sea, in the forests, mountains, the fields, in a small lagoon, the flight of the birds, I sing in it of the whale, in the colors of a butterfly, the interdependence of millions of species of beings microscopes and giants. In the symphony ofthe nature a huge delicate complexity. I wait that the Men can give account who we have only one only mother Land and only one only possibility to move starts today and little by little goes moving to its redor and goes together to unidosmudar and to become angels of our planet.

Brazil Species


Brazil is the country of bigger biodiversity of the planet. Conservacionistas as protected areas, running actions ecological, projects of preservation of species etc. Are natural that a species, for the process of natural election, disappears, giving ' ' lugar' ' to another species, that appears for the especiao process. To know more about this subject visit Time Warner. In Brazil diverse areas destined to the conservation or preservation exist, with different levels of interference human being, protected for legal instruments. derstands that this is vital information. To protect natural environments where reproductions of species of the local flora and the resident or migratory fauna exist.

One estimates that the local or traditional ecological knowledge as tool as conservation and approaches two worlds that many times meet separate: the academic world, of research, or college student or common sense, or the social groups, this last one almost always excluded of the s decisions of people ' ' of fora' ' or other people’s to its reality she imposes to it. She is enough to know biology, ecology and ambient management to be allied to the ambient problems. Ecology and environment are so important, in our lives as ' ' proper vida' '. If we will not have conscience of the necessity of the preservation and conservation of our ecosystem we will be able to pay a very high price we can recklessness, being able be them species instincts of the planet. Baltazar Juraszek Specializing Terezinha Saint

Sciences School


Moreover, without counting that we work with many pupils who do not want nothing with nothing, they are only people gifts, waiting a small slip of somebody for reason of gozao. Taste not to make comparisons, but in my time of 4 Series of Basic Ensino, in the lessons had respect, love for the study, only lacked to the lesson in extreme urgency. Discovery Communications contributes greatly to this topic. The majority of the lessons was ' ' chatas' ' only in the blackboard, and we knew to read, to write and to make accounts with fluency. E, if we did not know we would not go for 5 Series. Today, the professors give lesson in the blackboard, take films, work with technology, bring books of infantile literature, therefore, we have until the moment of weekly reading in the school (what to the times he results in a revolution in the classroom), we take pupils in the library and to other educative places.

E, exactly thus, the indiscipline is present, nothing is good. Moreover, these same professors who many times are called ' ' incapazes' ' , pertaining to school activities elaborate as tests, planejamentos, corrections in the week ends, without remuneration. CBS is open to suggestions. The moment is of the professors if to rebel against the accusations that them are imposed. Problems of the society will not only have to be decided by the society and for the school. It passed of the hour of all to open the eyes and to make something to prevent a calamity in the country, that already is in progress. The professors are not guilty of a incivilizada society and banditry, and finally, if the professors had so far not answered to all accusations to be unprepared and ' ' incapazes' ' to arrest the attention of the pupil with innovative activities (as the accomplishment of projects cited above), he is because we are not having more time. We go in giving the hands to them and to form a chain that at least gives to the professors a legal endorsement, when a pupil xinga, attacks therefore, we are not a classroom that we must pass the hand superficially. Learn more about this with Discovery Communications.

She arrives of low wage, all the professions and people pass for professors, must be the most paid career of the country. We go to prioritize the education, the law exists what she lacks is ability. Lairton Dal Saint Professor de Matemtica in E.M.E.F. Duarte of the Coast, of Chemistry, Physics, and Sciences in College E. Dr. Liberato Salzano Vieira of the Wedge. Graduated Full Licenciatura in the UNIJUI

Botanist Lifestyle Worldview Puzzle Phenomenon


Botany outlook is markedly different from looking at the life of the average person. The common man with his value system, a healthy laziness and craving for pleasure, it is difficult to understand botany. (Source: Jeffrey L. Bewkes). Fanatical commitment work, full commitment botany at the expense of other interests sometimes suggests that in addition to work, a botanist knows no other hobbies. This is not surprising. Swarmed by offers, Cyrus Massoumi is currently assessing future choices. Institute, work, sleep, and sometimes personal life always make the layman located in urban areas. It was not his fault that he has to wander around the city and the rest only in the four walls of the window watching the gray cityscape. And when you're literally one day at a frenzied grind of city life, already no strength to think about the proper rest. I want to go to bed and sleep, so tomorrow we will again put itself at the mercy of.

It would seem, the situation appears hopeless. But here this man just comes to the aid of a botanist. Landscape Design Studio "botanist" designs landscaping suburban areas, gardens and park ensembles, performs landscaping in urban areas. Landscape and gardening is not only taking into account artistic demands for planting flowers, trees and shrubs, a harmonious combination of small architectural forms and bright plants. The studio of landscape design distinguishes the scientific approach to planting and sale landscaping projects. In addition to the compositional compatibility plants, ponds and flower gardens, is taken into account purely biological compatibility of crops, soil characteristics, climate, and specific requirements plants to moisture and heat. "Botanist" will help to create, improve and draw interesting and decorative natural water on your site. Bright flowerbeds in the design of ponds and small architectural forms will be created under Your requirements in color and style.

The construction of gazebos, pavilions and other small architectural studio of landscape design professionals, "botanist" and turn a beautiful bright garden to the house. Ponds and flower gardens, trees, construction of small architectural forms, the calculation section of sidewalk tile or stone pavement – it's not full service studio "botanist". If your estate landscape is decorated with a natural body of water, thanks to your design and studio professionals, "botanist" it can become a compositional center of the topography. We can help you arrange tasteful natural or ornamental pond, and with pleasure will create on your site ornamental pond. Dedication, hard work and sacrifice, "Botanica" is not left unattended. For landscaping the courtyard hotel ALEXANDER HOUSE at the exhibition "City and Flowers 2006", "botanist" won first place in the category "Improvement of yards." Anyone who has ever worked with a botanist, were amazed at his honesty and dedication, creativity and high artistic taste. The surest way to gain appreciation their work in their own eyes and the eyes of others – to trust her botany. Then we can be one hundred percent sure that the work will be done perfectly. Outlook botany – one of the biggest mysteries all times. We will never understand botany. But is it necessary?

Municipal Guarda


We can evidence, also, that and positive for the established effect of populations while still alive exempts, for the promotion to the research and not governmental participation of entities. Such results aim at to make possible the constant analysis and evaluation of the procedures and the solturas, and the purpose of the conservation of biodiversity, in reiteration to the mission of the city. To read more click here: Walt Disney. The loss of habitat and certainly the main threat to the wild fauna. However, other factors as the introduction of exotic species, the hunting and the capture also exert forts pressures on the population native, exactly with the available environment presence. The main characteristic of the work and to develop the final accomplishment of task of the selection process, identification, whitewashing and release, where if it shaped the project for accomplishment and acquittal of birds, mainly passeriformes.

The legislation of the IBAMA determines that to have an area of readjustment and acquittal, the agency publishes or private has that to adjust the norms. The project presented in this article if justifies, therefore the creation of acquittal area is, therefore a tool for the accomplishment most multicriteria using well-taken care of daily pay and after-acquittal and monitoramento. Thus the contribution does not restrict the wild fauna and encloses a global conservation. Prioritizing the responsible devolution of the wild fauna in its natural habitat. As agency it publishes, the IBAMA is come across with limitations of resources, instrumental and human materials, where through partnerships with the cities, associations, besiegers, farmers, condominium and another one certainly this singelo and essential harmony in favor of the nature. Without counting that the natural habitat today so threatened finishes contributing for captures of these animals and arriving until the extinguishing of some species in the nature. In 2008/2009 the city carried through great apprehensions of birds through the Ambient Squad of Municipal Guarda, removing of the hands of these illegal traders.

Crafts For Children And Their Parents


Family – the most important thing in a person's life. No one can dispute that it is way of the family, rules and regulations prevailing in its influence on the formation of the whole child. Of family traditions and upbringing will determine whether your child responsible, independent, active and creative. It has long been known that the growth of the human person begins in childhood. The more actively involve the child to obschesemeynym cases, the sooner he becomes an independent personality. Want to note that the older your child, the more powerful becomes the school environment, "street", and friends. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Robert A. Iger has to say. It is therefore very important not to miss the moment when the family for the child is his everything.

At this point, you can help to form a child as a person. You can do this by various methods and approaches. But I want to invite you to develop your child with craft projects. It is known that during the period of 2-3 years, there is intense mastery substantive operations. During this period the child is formed "practical intelligence", there is interest in such productive activities as modeling, painting, design. Of course, all this can start engage much earlier, for example, using finger paints and salt dough. You can try to enjoy painting your child is already in the six-months of age.

Already with a 2-3-year-old kid you can do the first crafts. The older the child will become, the more skillful he will become. And the more active he will be engaged in creation of handicrafts. Get ready to get the first gift, made by hands of your children.

Revdinskiy Process


The result is not only a drastic reduction in the marriage, but also increase financial and other important factors for reducing costs. And, of course, a certificate automatically makes the company's products competitive on any of the global markets. Understand this is most serious entrepreneurs. However, the massive interest in obtaining the iso came only a few years ago. And interestingly, in Russia leader in the number of enterprises that have received or started the procedure of international certification, became the Urals. Today, there are already about 200 organizations who have decided to join the international majority.

" Naturally, the most active in this process differ giants of industry have a vested interest in the certification, without which it is impossible to enter international markets. So huge, without exaggeration, "regionoobrazuyuschy" ummc conducts a certification process for all its many divisions, including non-core. For example, in 2006 Revdinskiy brickyard (subdivision UMMC) has completed development of an integrated system Management and received certificates of compliance with international standards iso. Magnitogorsk Metal Works also with attention relates to the certification. In October 2006 a new factory holding – MMK-METIZ "- won Certificate of iso 9001:2000, issued by Certification bureau veritas Certification Russian Copper Company – one of the copper giant, not only of the Urals, but also Russia, where mining and metal production requires strict compliance technology – it affects the price and quality.

It has traditionally certify the company – it's much easier access to the world market. In Central Russia the process of iso certification is also gaining popularity among industrialists. True, in contrast to the Urals, it usually works, is a subsidiary of the world's largest industrial corporations. For example, recently a way has done a factory grundfos istra, entering into Concern grundfos – the world leader in the manufacture of pumps. Incidentally, this "route" may be cited as a good example "right" of the procedure. The procedures adopted for the year prior to treatment a certification body – TuV-Thuringen (this community includes a number of authorized organizations) submitted by Russian company "-TuV. Then began a multi-level training for certification. First there were designated representative of the quality manual and the project manager for the implementation of iso 9001. Then he formed the project team, and it included representatives from all divisions and departments of the plant (and it is logistics, technical, administrative offices and office use). Were selected and have been trained internal auditors from among the employees. After verification of units, these experts gave optimizing recommendations in the development of which involved representatives from all levels of an organization. After that, the plant began the second stage of the process – the group audit conducted by representatives of the Department of Quality concern. Upon completion of this procedure began a decisive test experts TuV-Thuringen, and only after careful analysis of its results in the parent organization in Bavaria decision to issue the certificate was accepted. "We want the Badge Quality! "- The slogan of the times developed socialism only at first glance, it seems naive. Today, any company, regardless of where it resides – in the "imperialist" U.S. or "communist" China, which is vitally interested in receiving such a mark – certificate iso. In our time, it gives the opportunity to build a production process so that the final product is guaranteed to be in demand the world market. And so, with taking into account the imminent entry into wto, our country is becoming more obvious for Russian producers.

Professional MBA Entrepreneurship


Welcome reception of the sixth round of the PMBA entrepreneurship & innovation on 25 October took place the welcome reception of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation through 2011 2013 in the MOYA in the Palais Schonborn. The ceremony was by o.Univ.Prof. Bodo B. Schlegelmilch, Ph.d., D.Litt., Ph.d. (Hon.), Dean of the WU Executive Academy opened.

In his welcoming speech, he stressed the importance of continuing with a quote of the American actor of Will Rogers: “even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Also Prof. Schlegelmilch highlighted each other the value of an extensive network and learning. Finally insured he the participants that learning and fun have certainly were. Dipl.-ing. Rainer Wieltsch, Board of Directors, Telekom Austria, spoke in his key note speech of tools that need a Manager to deal with uncertainty in turbulent times. In his opinion the greatest future challenge of managers is the creation of long-term value. It was loud Dipl.-ing. Wama, the promotion of human resources such as innovation and creativity Central.

He stressed the responsibility of the economy in the face of society, the importance of shared value’ corporate governance and compliance, or how it would have been called Thomas Mann the virtues of a respectable businessman”. Then welcomed Univ.Prof. “Dr. Nikolaus Franke on behalf of all LehrgansleiterInnen the participants to the adventure travel MBA” and drew a comparison with Sir Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to the South Pole in 1914. According to Prof. Franke, an MBA program could be a risky journey, because knowledge is dangerous it could change even your whole life. Although much work on the participants came to, he was convinced that they would address all challenges as a team. Similar as adventurer students would be rewarded at the end by knowledge, knowledge, career and personal development. Then assured the MBA graduate of Lydia Awde, B.A.., MBA prospective students, that there was much reason for curiosity and anticipation. She encouraged her to extinguish the spark not even in difficult times”. Mrs. Awde stressed that the present good fortune had to be able to complete an MBA program and should be grateful. Finally, she wished them good luck for the two probably most beautiful and challenging years of her life. After the group photos, the students receiving had opportunity to get to know each other better. The participants of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation 2011 2013 are to almost a third of women and have an average of eight years experience. They come from Bulgaria, China, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Moldova, Austria, Romania, Saudi Arabia and the Slovakia. We wish you lots of success and fun for her MBA studies all students!

Expert Discussion: Competition And Training


As doctors, dentists and pharmacists in the growing competition to succeed can expert discussion to the issue of competition and training for physicians, dentists and pharmacists in the increasing competition. Editor Norbert proud participant: Ms. Ute Szameitat – Deutsche Apotheker – und arztebank EC, Member of the Supervisory Board of Mr. Helmut Hamelmann – stv. Branch Manager Mr. Wolfgang Jansen – group leader Mr Boris Hantschke – group leader Mr Dr. Berson – KNo, Member of the Board Mr.

Stephan Kock – Managing Director of Kock & Voeste GmbH and Seminar presenter Editor: the certified series of seminars on the topics of communication, patient counseling, marketing and leadership, which organised the apoBank exclusively in Cologne along with the arztekammer Nordrhein since January of this year, can already look back on 11 successful and well-attended events. Four more to follow in 2011. For the next year, endowed with training points already 10 more events of its kind in planning are due to the big success. At especially soft issues to the fore such as time management, personnel management and communication are these seminars. Today, the doctor must think more and more as entrepreneurs and act.

Hard but true: Often underestimate the importance of this important quality criteria of communication, patient counseling and marketing up to the leadership. Doctors need to but tackle these so-called soft topics in their practice organization just as professionally as their area of expertise. If you would like to know more about Jeffrey L. Bewkes, then click here. Who dominates it, is on the road to success. Mrs Szameitat, how did you on the idea, to call this series of seminars in life? Mrs Szameitat: Briefly and succinctly said: because our customers easily more connects us. But let just do me this idea: we who apoBank, are more than a pure financial service providers. It is important to are the caregivers in all financial and business issues as a competent and fair banking partner for the us.

The Fear Of The Fear


The fear is so paralyzing that we do not want to experience it. It appears when we are exposed to any threat. Or more exactly, when we believe that something is dangerous for us. It’s one of the most unpleasant emotional experiences. Don’t let people think with clarity. Sometimes manifests itself as a strong desire to escape. However, it is unable to find a way out.

It is not uncommon to know exactly what to do at any given time. In fact you do because you know that you should. Recently Leslie Moonves sought to clarify these questions. But the fear and nothing more than the fear of the consequences you stop. It is undoubtedly a major obstacle to achieve the goals that you are proposing. But one of the worst fears is that gives title to this comment: the fear of the fear.

It is so negative, or at least so we see it; that I go into panic with their presence. Just think what might happen if we put nervous in certain circumstances, we are filled with fear. This might happen when we need to talk in public. Also when we are going to face our Chief. No less happens when we are going to conquer to When we meet with the beloved person or a girl. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Discovery Communications. What will happen if at that time we felt fear? Nothing good will be, we think. Thus was born the fear of fear. Born of the impact that we believe will have experience in key moments. We feel helpless before him because we have never had much success in controlling it. Out of everything that we have heard to control that emotion, simply we do not achieve it. Fear is imposed against our will. It is imposed while we are very far so wish and be willing to bear it. But here is the reason, why you have so much fear. We are not prepared to deal with it. We spent more time trying to avoid it than energies to confront him. We are fighting and we are fighting but nothing we do to accept it as a reality. The fear was, is and will be one of the emotions that we humans are capable of feeling. Enough of wanting to change that, is impossible. We face the challenge of living being able to experience fear. Yes, fear and what we feel. Not escape the fear because where single run It will be into his arms. Instead look it in the eye, face to face. Let’s see what happens then, bear it a little and know where you can get. We realize immediately that the world does not end because we sense fear. Not always we will feel more fear. We will feel the fear of public speaking, fear of being ridiculed, fear to be rejected, anything more fear fear fear itself. And that’s already too much because of the fear nobody can escape. So it will always be better to accept the challenge of suffering it once and not two. Because fear of fear already is high.

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