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Paid Surveys Online


Paid Internet surveys arise from the need to know the trends of consumers and generate more products to meet the expectations of the public. Undertakings producing articles made available to consumer surveys to know opinions, tastes and values to specific goods. They collect all kinds of information: If you should change something, to what extent, what would happen if certain product is altered in a minimum detail, what opinion deserves a new merchandise, etc. Then, with that data they generate statistics that allow them to shape articles so they have a higher rate of acceptance. That way, you are ensuring that their businesses are profitable businesses. For years polls stopped being free to be paid. Nobody would lose hours in front of the computer screen by filling out questionnaires without receiving a single dollar to change. Why is that companies paid a sum, usually $5 to $50, per survey.

Otherwise, they should pay to pollsters that go House to House, or business by business; but the value of the internet today leaves no option to doubt. Therefore, using the internet they do reach consumers of products forms with questions and in exchange for that valuable information that can make them win millions are willing to pay a sum of money. It is business for the companies, because as we said, in another scenario they should pay to professionals; and it is also business for us, consumers, since a simple opinion about something we do on a daily basis we would be paying. The procedure is basically as follows: you register at different sites of the companies that have surveys; companies according to your profile, send you surveys to your email box; answer them; you send them and then placed you in your account the agreed amount or they send you a check. The agreed amount may vary, as we mentioned earlier, from $5 to $50, but there are also interviews that would be worth $250. The time that you will use depends on the type of survey, its length and the depth of what the company wants to know, but never shall not exceed half an hour. And the form of payment can be via a Paypal account or a check.

SMEs Competitiveness


The truth, that the stark reality which began in the 1980s and the effects of globalization in the 1990s, suddenly awoke to all organizations and forced them to seek diligently new strategies to adapt successfully to increasing competition. Researching on this aspect, you know, some years remanifesto according to a report of competitiveness published by IESA, Venezuela is located from 47th in the world as a competitive country, not to mention, that this position is often their main industries such as oil and aluminum where focus your increased activity. Unfortunately, the development of other industries has been neglected. Knowing leverage and transform other natural riches. Why this?. You must have the small and medium industry in its matrix a series of problems that do not allow you to export, due to various causes, such as poor management, mishandling of their financial capacity, poor government policies, lack of modern technology, managers with little vision, planning, proactivity, as well as other factors.

Specifically, he says, they are nine areas where it fails, but only two are recurrent to know: older and better knowledge and access to fundamental resources (financial). To this is added, that Venezuelan SMEs suffer from a major lack of information, of knowledge, of know-how, of education, of updating; they are in need of knowing more, learn to update on the progress of the administrative science and its tools. In addition it must be taken into account, that SMEs are important actors in relation to competitiveness in any country in the world, such as the Swiss Sthephan Schmidheiny, however, says as we have mentioned, you neglected lot in its operation, and this gives way to obstacles preventing him to play optimally, as we reaffirm: difficulties in accessing credit, suppliers, the Government, to technology, to resources of all kinds. These requirements appear repeatedly in the nine areas of problem that truncates the high competitiveness.