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Marco Antonio


But isn’t that what I fell in love it, says Marcelo, a young Colombian businessman who entered in Datanta to meet the woman sweeter that I’ve never met. Their love story developed keystroke a few months. Marcelo then traveled to the India to meet with Queen Rania and his family, and after that trip many more followed. Today, Marcelo and Rania live in Barcelona, happy. They are already planning their wedding, which will be held in November. Another happy ending star it, since three months ago, Paola and Marco Antonio: she, Italian, ran one of the most exclusive fashion in Rome boutiques, while it accumulated one loving failure after another: often had the feeling that the men only saw in me a pretty physical, says Paola, enjoying an enviable attraction, but that did not care to Mark Antonya Chilean veterinarian who was looking for his soul mate.

Romantic inveterate, Antony fell madly Paola, which had only put in Datanta the image of his face. After two months of contacts, Antony sought veterinary work in Rome and went to the side his love, with whom he lives on a continuing honeymoon. More complicated was the love story between Dam and Cinthya, Senegalese of 36 years and 22 years old American, former student of Harvard. Cinthya parents thought that he was very young to embark on a relationship with someone older than her and that, Furthermore, he lived many miles away, but their love was stronger than parental objections. Today, Dam and Cinthya live together in Paris.

She is a lawyer in one of the law firms in the capital, and he is chef in a prestigious restaurant. Gets along very well with his in-laws, who has won with its cheerful character and his love for Cinthya. These are three examples of love between people from different countries and cultures, but not the only ones of the many stories: interculturality favors to love, and that Datanta is an expert. Not in vain, now it may be brewing another pair with different cultures. Sure that is so.



Digitel is a mobile phone service and wireless Venezuela. As a user refers concentrated 22.6 of the subscribers, is the third operator in number of users, after Movilnet and Movistar Venezuela and the second involves using the GSM technology in Venezuela (recalling that Infonet was the first deploy GSM network in 1997). Your access number is 0412, and its technology is used GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G.
In 2000 TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) bought 56.6 of Digitel lead to changes of name (Digitel TIM).
Similarly, in September of 2000, Digitel hit the market with cell phones entry into service of text messaging, the second telecommunications company to offer this service for free for 5 months continuously between users of the same company, capturing an amount of 500,000 users during the period (recalling that Infonet launches first elservicio messaging, giving free and then keep the service under flat rate until 2006), forcing other carriers to offer service to their customers. This trend is not arrested in November 2002 and presented to the Venezuelan market Digitel the multimedia messaging with your Self expression on innovative GPRS platform.
Also in November 2002 launched the international roaming service for pre-paid customers Radi-Call, adding further differentiating the offer from Digitel. Another milestone in the history of Digitel was that since the first time on a management scheme for recovery in seconds, which launched an era of transparency in the relationship with users, not known so far in the country.
The most recent innovations that are brought Digitel Mobile and TIM TV Click. The first converts your cell phone on a television screen, allowing you to enjoy the programming of local television, while TIM Click emotions prints, andalusia andalusia offered users the ability to print in postcard format photograph taken with his cell phone.
TIM then decided to sell some of its companies in South America and was AT&T on the list Digitel, the Venezuelan businessman Gustavo Cisneros became a creditor of the company in 2006 taking the company to its original name and merging with the other two GSM companies in Venezuela (Infonet and Digicel), thus forming the only GSM company cell phone deals of Venezuela. The area of coverage Digitel covering the whole national territory.
In May 2005, Digitel Mobile Office introduced to the market, a platform that allows customers to stay connected at any time and anywhere with their workplaces. As part of this platform, in August the same year reached Courier Mobile, a product with which customers can receive, send and forward emails with attachments in real time.
May 2006 marks a new path for Digitel, since 100 of the company shares are acquired by Telvenco group, chaired by Mr. Gustavo Cisneros Fajardo. Thus, Digitel is now the only telecommunications company in the country with 100 Venezuelan capital. The purchase marks a phase of expansion, because Digitel expands coverage through the acquisition of regional companies Digicel and Infonet, based in the east and west of the country respectively.
In July 2006, customers in the eastern part of the network is 412, and in September for western customers become part of the 412 family, thus the process of integration of technology platforms.
Since July we began a at&T phones process of expansion of coverage, which closed 2006 with over 1,070 base stations installed 4 new switches in the cities of Barquisimeto, Maracaibo and Caracas Tachira and deployment of 100 of the network GPRS / EDGE in the west of the country that provides customers with communication solutions, data, information and entertainment.
In the ranking of the ten markets with the highest number of GSM subscribers at the end of 2005, Venezuela holds the ninth place with 3 million users connected to GSM networks, a position important when we consider that the selection in the country did not exist a GSM operator with national coverage.
Digitel GSM is an innovative telecommunications company in the country, providing basic wireless phone service, and mobile publishing, with a unique range of services on computers and the latest generation. there are many cell phone users with who have the best cell phone deals out there Currently established as the first GSM network in Venezuela, the global standard for mobile communications.
Digitel GSM has pioneered the launch of services of the most advanced technology from the start AT&T cell phones establishing a pattern of billing in seconds, launched the text messaging service which then evolved to multimedia messaging, based on the GPRS platform, introduced mobile TV and more recently, Mobile Office Mail and Mobile.

Microsoft is not planning a Microsoft-branded phone at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona later this Monday No Microsoft-branded Zune phone. Not every form of Microsoft-branded phone. Period. So why – despite persistent and repeated refusals by Microsoft – reports continue to surface … when shopping for make sure to consider all your options, and use the internet to visit online stores for cell phones like
Ars Technica
In-Stat analyst Allen Nogee expects femtocells, in-home cellular base stations designed to enhance cellular networks will grow from virtually zero last year to more than 30 million units installed worldwide in cell phone 2012. But Nogee thinks that something more than 12 million (or 40 percent) of these will be found in American homes. Femtocells, the current big idea for improving the indoor residential coverage

Microsoft Office


When you buy a PC, one of the packs that includes Windows is Microsoft Office. It contains programs such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. So whether you seek work in a small office or for a large firm, a requirement that undoubtedly you will require, will be the knowledge of Microsoft Excel. If on the contrary you are an entrepreneur, this software will help you with calculations that you need to perform for your business. Do not hesitate to sign up for a course in Excel in Mendoza or anywhere where live, because you will be very useful.

What is Excel? Excel is a software company Microsoft, which is included in the Office package. It is a spreadsheet used for perform mathematical operations in a simple and automatic way. It makes it possible to perform complex operations and is capable of transforming numerical data into percentage graphics. Unlike the calculators, the operations that you do in Excel can also contain written data. For example the name of a client, what must and what takes subscriber of such debt. The data are entered in the so-called worksheet, which is the Excel Workspace. This sheet is composed of cells formed by rows and columns.

Numeric data, text and alphanumeric data, such as dates can be entered in each cell. Each worksheet can be saved and amended many times that it is necessary. So does Excel? Excel facilitates the tasks of large companies and anyone needing to do mathematics and operations accounting, frequently modify its contents and alter this form results, whenever you want it. This powerful software is used to perform mathematical operations in a simple way, but also to organize, edit, store and convert the results in graphics. Allow: or store different worksheets in a single file or book. or modify the data whenever necessary. or submit data in different types of graphics. or search previously stored data. or insert text and images. or access to extensive calculations accurately. or add rows and columns separately. Make a course of Excel in Mendoza or place you encounter at this time, will provide you much work. Whether you want to calculate the cost of a trip in the car, which cost each square meter of the House that you’re about to buy, make an assessment of income and personal expenses or working in a company manually posting a huge amount of data where take you several days, Excel make it possible. Excel can solve all these problems and more, in just a matter of minutes. You optimise your time simplificaras your life and your personal economy accounting. It is much simpler to learn how to use this program spend hours trying to make endless mathematical operations. Wait no longer and begins to discover software that simplifies the life of many people in the world. If you wish to make an Excel course in Mendoza, knowledge Foundation has the best professionals, so you can get trained. If you liked this article, share it. If you have a blog or website, you can link it or even post it on your own site.

Cell Phones


The mobile phone has arrived to the world of dogs. The U.S. company PetsMobility has launched the first of these devices called Petscell. (Pet Cell Phones!)

Manufactured in the form of bone and water proof, Petscell has an identifiable speaker for the sounds of its owner, a global positioning system (GPS) that makes it possible to locate the animal in wherever you find yourself and a “translator” for barking of the animal.

The creator of the invention, Cameron Robb, who says he came up with the idea of the device when discovered by chance that in a congress at which he was invited, one of the assistants he spoke by phone to his dog while his wife was holding the device in the ear of the animal. To eliminate the person intermediary, the idea emerged alone.

Although the invention may seem somewhat absurd, the market for pet owners in the United States represents a good business opportunity.

At The Bargaining, Germany Is Only European Average


63 percent of Germans Act on holiday regularly London/Berlin, February 2, 2009 if the new economy in Germany is only due to the economic crisis, is not sure. But the fact is that nearly two-thirds of Germans on vacation are to traders and trying to push fixed prices. So are the Germans according to a pan-European survey by only European mediocrity. Favorite bargain object is clothes. Britain is the country of the bargainers Britons are the biggest bargainers of Europe.

76 percent, the usually restrained nation characterized as particularly feilschen happy. By skillful price negotiations, the British holidaymakers thus saved 34 EUR from the travel budget last year per capita. On the heels of feilschende tourists from Scandinavia, are followed closely all the Sweden (73 percent), the British by the Norwegians (72%) and the Danes (66 percent). 64 percent of the French can play their charm even in the negotiation of prices, while 61 percent of Spaniards are trying with the haggling a particularly cheap travel deals to make. The Irish, with 56 per cent are bottom of the statistics. German bargain always and everywhere with 63 percent of regular holiday bargainers Germany placed in the middle of the European filing shear list. However, the German in the negotiation of the individual Schnappchens is particularly committed. Because he tries his bargainers luck wherever you go.

Tourists from Germany Act (90 percent) and Morocco (80 percent) preferred destinations, which are known for their bargaining culture, such as Egypt. Generally speaking, though, any price seems to be everywhere negotiable for German tourists. Also in destinations where you are already cheap prior to on-site services, he tried it with price negotiations. 62 percent and 45 percent respectively have turned at least once in Thailand and Malaysia at the price screw. Also, Spain, the United States, France and even Germany are not safe from the bargain hunters. Practice makes however still no filing shear master: despite the strong commitment is Total profit during a holiday at 86 percent of the haggling Germans under ten euros. About bargain Feilsches-lust”Germany is favorite object of filing shear desire clothing. Whether in the market or in the business, 75 percent of Germans have acted at least once to the price for a piece of clothing. 54 percent to engage for souvenirs on a heated discussion with the locals. Who’s driving the taxi, tried just as his talent in action (46 percent), active leisure at prices for diving, camel riding and other leisure activities (20 percent). Even before hotels German tourists bargain hunting does not stop. Here leads the traveller to the most common negotiations on the Bill of the minibar (19 percent), the food at the restaurant (16 percent), as well as drinks at the hotel bar (five percent). About,’s global hotel portfolio includes 80,000 quality hotels. A customer finds the same booking at another provider competitive rates, refund the Differential amount. In addition, has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry to deliver an objective description of the hotels bookable on Travelers can book online at or via the telephone hot