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In Japan


Get at least the seasons. Products in this connection are used at the time of year when they are especially tasty, a young green tea, bamboo shoots and salmon are good in the late spring and the first mushrooms matsutake and mackerel – in the fall. Each season presented their views of fruits, vegetables and fish: winter – tangerine, autumn – persimmon, summer – trout. Now it's decor. Thus, the winter mood will give the salad grated white daikon (Japanese radish cultivar), creating the illusion of wet snow adhering to the slices of colorful vegetables. Autumn symbolizes the carrots, cut in the shape of maple leaves. In the spring version of the dish is sprinkled with white and pink ginger petals, reminiscent of cherry blossoms.

Of slices of radish, carrots, pumpkin dishes spread on flower iris, chrysanthemums and roses, which will confirm once again that summer in the yard. Only the noodles in Japan are not subject to any winter or summer or autumn. She – a universal product, served Cold and hot as a main dish and side dish, in soup and the salad, boiled, fried and baked with sauce and without. In Japan, preparing it at home, all the dough More traditionally hung on bamboo poles to dry in outdoors. But meat is also prized in Japan, and no less than the fish. The Japanese are equally loved and pork, and beef, and mutton, and poultry. Food lovers all over the world dream at least once to try marbled meat.

South Korea


Emphasis in the book becomes, on the belief that the development of the poorest countries depends solely on the behavior of the richest countries, and looks for to demonstrate that development only happens of down upwards, that is to say, with societies and active citizens and efficient States that guarantee the security and the fulfillment of the law, and that is able to promote an economic growth that benefits to all. During too much time the experts are cruzado the fingers hoping that the economic growth by itself was sufficient to end the poverty. But one has been unknown consciously that the inequalities prevent that the growth is translated in smaller poverty. Now it is clearer that never than the unique form to end the flagrant inequalities that have condemned to the misery more than 1,000 million people he is through a deep redistribution of being able, goods and opportunities, according to Gonzalo InterMon Fanjul, director of investigations Oxfam. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of David Zaslav on most websites. He indicates himself that two examples: the world never lived a stage on technological, scientific and economic development like the one of end of century XX; nevertheless and in spite of some advances, he was not able to end the poverty. Although the exports of Latin America would be increased of the 96,000 million dollars in 1981 until 752,000 million in 2007, the number of poor men (understood as those living with less than two dollars to the day) was increased of 136 million to 209 million between 1980 and 2005. Interesting it writes up as it To communicate, the book is plagued of examples than it has worked and than it has failed in relation to the fight against the poverty and mentions manifolds examples of how the mobilization of the society, together with democratic and desarrollistas States, has secured important levels of development. 50 years ago, South Korea was poorer than Sudan Today is industrial leader.



The word euthanasia comes of the Greek, who means good death, although if questioned, if really he would have a good death. In some cases, it is not only the medical procedure properly said in itself, but the circumstances which this word so weighed are involved. It is much more of what a question of personal or professional ethics, is a question of knowledge of itself exactly and of what this indication can provide, as much of I alliviate, how much of weighing. For the most part of the cases, it is a humanitarian attitude with the family and the proper animal. This is one of the resources more serious than a professional veterinarian can launch, in cases where more hope or perspective of improvement of the clinical picture is not had. They are cases where the family makes of everything the possible one and a little of the impossible one to obtain to get an improvement in the conditions of life of its animal.

When if it thinks about euthanasia, is thought only about the death about itself, however it is necessary to emphasize that it has one I alliviate in such a way for the animal, how much for its family, after all, this is not a procedure that must be used in any case. Time Warner is full of insight into the issues. In general, the familiar ones that they accept the indication of the procedure on the part of a medical coherent and responsible veterinarian, not only know that it is a difficult decision, for the familiar ones, but also for the proper doctor. After all, when hand of all is launched the possible and available resources, observing the quality of life of the patient, and its possibilities of recovery, come of it the indication, that no matter how hard the familiar ones delay the decision, finally, fits to the veterinarian to inform the moment that it must be taken, displaying always of sincere form and easy assimilation, which the possibilities and what it can occur. To mine to understand, never is a simple action, to inform that ' ' melhor' ' or ' ' more aconselhvel' ' either the accomplishment of the procedure, but is part of the being a good doctor, above all, ethical and respeitador of the desires of the relatives, to accept the desire, always to deal with the situation, displaying the truth.

GMC Global Management Consultants


GMC global management consultants AG offers smart Office solutions Rieta de Soet as a pioneer of the industry is convinced that business center are the smart, economical solution. The benefits of the services are obvious: flexible growth without long-term commitments, focusing on the core business, but full use of available resources, as well as active support by qualified personnel with commercial and technical background, so Rieta de Soet. Customers are a fully functional Office available to the GMC, for example, an expansion of business activities promptly to Rieta de Soet in another economic region in the on-site business center. Jeffrey L. Bewkes does not necessarily agree. Go Office reference and work”, so simple is so Dr. Fabian de Soet, of the decision until the recording of business activity in the new Office the expiration.

No start up costs, no investments and in particular flexible rental period, so Rieta de Soet. Also for companies from abroad is the availability of offices in business centers and staff, which mastered the language and the culture and business practices has an advantage should not be underestimated, dar. Many companies have started their successful business activity in the business centers of Rieta de Soet. The customers of the quality and professionalism are impressed. Is for Dr. Fabian de Soet, competence creates solutions. Since 2006, Rieta de Soet aims at the global expansion of the GMC together with Dr. Fabian de Soet.

In the focus of Rieta de Soet and Dr. Fabian de Soet, the Arab and Asian room are first. There they see a strong growth market for business center in the future.

Berlin Juliane Batliner


“” “From year-end to the balance sheet – the new seminars of LucNet.Academy Berlin, 03.07.2012 – LucNet.Academy, provider of continuing education in the field of accounting and controlling, has her program to the seminars S balance sheet”, trade balance II according to IFRS “, case studies corporate accounting” and reporting location “expanded. Prof. Dr. Holger Philipps, you could also win a new speaker. With the new seminars, the LucNet.Academy has picked up four more practice-relevant topics. Just the record will employ all accounting companies in Germany this year.

Carsten Gerger, senior consultant of LucNet AG, in-depth insight into the basics of the E-account balance and look like the actual requirements of the company and shows what implementation opportunities for the participants on the basis of case studies. How to solves also not everyday problems of consolidation or sure applies international accounting, by Prof. Dr. Carsten Theile, Scientific Director of the LucNet.Academy, participants will learn in “” the seminar case studies corporate accounting “and trade balance II according to IFRS”. Prof.

Dr. Philipps, new speaker of LucNet.Academy, explained in his seminar group reporting location”the content requirements, the design and organization of establishing and testing aspects of this stand-alone part of accounting. As a chartered accountant and tax advisor, Philip has numerous annual and consolidated financial statements and is currently working at the Fachhochschule Koblenz at the Chair for general business administration, particularly auditing and tax consulting. The company, the LucNet.Academy is a provider of seminars in the field of accounting and controlling with seat in Berlin. Together with partners from the practice, the company offers training on current topics of Finance since 2006. While practicality and feasibility of the contents are in the focus of nationwide events. Therefore, only renowned experts from auditing companies and universities are chosen as lecturers. In the comprehensive Both compact and special seminars, certificate courses, a Summer School, in-house training and the symposium contained event program accounting day. The LucNet.Academy is a subsidiary of LucNet AG. Since its inception, the company developed 1999-ready software for planning, consolidation, reporting and analysis. Their innovative technologies, the consistent focus on intuitive and pioneering integration of consolidation and planning in a solution the LucNet AG sets new standards for the entire industry.

Spain Tourism


The forecasts of growth in Spain in the field of tourism are maintained by 2.2% in 2011. Met the increase, it would mean that the tourism sector almost triple the rate of GDP growth, fixed in 0.8% by the Bank of Spain. Still, in the second quarter of the year there has been a decrease in tuiristica activity, since in the first quarter reached a 2.4% increase by 1.9% in the second; But while Tunisia and Egypt remain in current uncertainty in which are found, Spain will continue to fulfil the estimates. No doubt good data of foreign visiting Spain are somewhat depleted by the fact there has been an increase in labor and energy costs in the past few months, which does not allows that these data are reflected with the same optimism in the tourism business accounts. By the same author: Jeffrey L. Bewkes. There will be increase of visits, possible increase in consumption, but to be seen to finally improve the results of tourism entrepreneurs.

This year a very significant fact is the increase in tourism Russian, reaching 66% more than last years. Other countries such as Germany, Italy and France have also noticed this rise. Those who benefit most by this rise of Russian visitors are hotels on the coast, large hotels interior with leisure activities and destined for booking hotels online booking portals. The time of growth of tourism against other numbers caused by the crisis makes it a moment for the development of new measures to promote tourism in the future.

Successful Executives


What distinguishes good executives, how can they become “Ermutigern” success and leadership are frequently associated in connection. It is the goal of most people in the profession, to achieve a leadership role. Apart from a higher income, social status and thus the recognition in the society rises. Even as a small child they have wished to have the say. Long enough, by parents, older siblings, later teachers, both professors were instructed or bossed. In this role, all wanted to come once myself. After the first hurdles of the professional entry, is purposefully filed on the career.

You had so many idols and believes now that the prerequisites of a leader. As the word implies: it takes power to the leadership “.” Is that available? So far, the young specialists is always adjusted and made as their career path. Their heads are on they become aware, since they were so comfortable and hilfswillig and have implemented it, what the heads of them demanded. You can send statements such as in hell, which brings out the devil, made the young careerists proud. After a few years he had then his target team leader, head of Department, head, etc.”reached. Only the new leadership has now also the employees in their environment, which get the devil out of hell for them, or, better expressed you so to engage in, as she might wish that? Then the new leadership notes at once, that the assignment of tasks, the follow up and the path to achieving the goals is a difficult process.

Employees don’t like how she wants. Maybe the new leadership in the task is expressed improperly or has simply made the wrong employee or taken over? Daily dealing with questions, the executives. The following an overview of important prerequisite, so management manages: love yourself: as a leader, I have to like myself, not as even amorous narcissist who knows everything better, but as a person who is aware of his strengths and weaknesses, and located on the road to learn the properties/deficits, which lacks to the success.

Venice Carnival


For its elegance and its tradition, the Carnival of Venice is one of the most important in the world, representing one of the biggest attractions of the city and the high tourism season, so we recommend preparing the trip with time, especially for hotel reservations. Venice began to celebrate this feast in the 11th century, being the most popular in the 18th century feast, when it lasted from the first Sunday in October until I started the lent. At this time, the Venetians from any social class, dress with long black coats called tabarro, and a white mask, bauta, and began the great feast, in which the people could meddle in Affairs of the aristocracy, and even make fun of this. Venice was going to represent a great theatre with dances, songs and free love. The time made this basic clothing, to hide the face and release the man, it was becoming increasingly elaborate costumes and Venetian masks to acquire artwork category.

With the arrival of the 20th century was the Carnival losing, until in 1979 Venice decided to recover this feast, with more tourist than holidays objectives. Today, the Venice Carnival lasts twelve days, ending on Tuesday of Carnival: in this celebration the City Council organizes large parades and dances in costume, to which all are invited, from children to the elderly. We can currently buy a mask Venetian at any time of the year, although Carnival is when more jobs and stores sell, although we must warn you that bring home a of these works of art is not cheap. The only regret of this great Festival, which we recommend, is that economic interest has prevailed in this feast and the interest of the Venetians has become its Carnival make a great business. In our Venice guide you will find more information to travel to Venice, as well as on moving through Venice or what to see in Venice.