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Florence Nightingale


However, from the moment that the hospital is conceived as an instrument of cure and the distribution of the space becomes an instrument teraputico' '. It is transferred then for changes where the space destined to the cure becomes favorable to the exercise of the medical power, which, from there, starts to be main the responsible one for the hospital organization, banishing the religious community and organizing it of form medically. It is observed then, that from there, new forces and forms appear of being able, and of these it is gotten nursing profession. With the medical confidence gotten by the religious ones, the disciplined hospital becomes local adequate of disciplines doctor, it allows what them to cure the sick people and to control the daily one of the excessively professional ones, giving to the category of nursing a subordinated paper, beyond determining the type of behavior waited in the hospital space. (FOUCAULT; (1979)).

The nursing is a science that comes conquering throughout history, autonomy and power. This conquest, was initiated by Florence Nightingale, as Padilha tells (1997, P. 01), gave to origin the Modern Nursing the world-wide level, when nailing the superiority of medical Saber in detriment of knowing of the nursing, what it observed the Leaderships of Nursing and the practical one of the power, as it is mentioned to follow: Since Florence it disciplines it to Nightingale, the obedience and the subservincia in the nursing, is considered as indissocivel part of the exercise daily, not only in what they concern the assistenciais actions, as well as the relations between nurse and the doctor, the team of nursing and the hospital administration. (Foucault apud PADILHA, 1982, P. 02). It was in the decade of 80, of century XX that the interest in carrying through critical studies appeared on the relation of nursing with the power, with the concern to understand the nursing as a historical, social, cultural process, educative politician and, analyzing and denouncing of clear form the humble, conformistical behavior and docile of the nurses in the relations with who it represented the power, opposing its authoritarian behavior, frequently assumed in the relations with the too much elements of the nursing team.

National Policy


Prelector: Antnio superintendent Pablo Commander of 5 Division of National Policy p Kilamba-Kiaxi 10H10- the youthful and cultural associativismo as one form of combat to the fenmeno the local level vision and expectations. Prelector: Head of the Municipal Section of the Culture, Youth and Sports of the Young Kilamba-Kiaxi 10H50- of today, adults of tomorrow what they think oldest? reading of letters, depositions and interviews of Traditional Authorities. Responsible: ORION (projeco in screen of trade bills of the televising program Angola in Movement) 11H00- Debate. Moderator: Mr. Daniel Luciano Muondo Social and Coordinating Assistant of the Municipal Net of Proteco the Child of the Kilamba-Kiaxi 11H40- Coktail (meal) 2 PANEL the challenges of the current Angolan governao in the context of youth. 12H00- the educative reform before fenmeno- abilities and limits of the current educative system. Prelector: Dr.

Filipe Zau Ph.d in Sciences of Education, Master in Intercultural Relations and Assessor of the Minister of the Education 12H40- a vision on the new constitution and youth the consecrated politics the inclusion of the young in the public life. Prelector: Dr. Manuel Joo Young chicken Member of the house of representatives and Winner of the Prize Young Angola 2009 13H20- Debate. Moderator: Municipal chairman of the board of the Youth of the Kilamba-Kiaxi 14H00- Session of Closing: Approval of the Report of the Conference? Delivery of Diplomas to the participants? Message of gratefulness of the organization of the Conference? Message of the Administration of the City of Kilamba-Kiaxi? Message of Closing of Its Excellency Sir President of 6 Commission of National Assembly p Education, Culture, Youth, Sports, Social Communication and Religious Subjects. NUCLEUS OF FRIENDS OF THE KILAMBA-KIAXI, IN LUANDA, TO THE 28 OF JUNE OF 2010. Intently the Coordination-generality of the Intermunicipal Conference on the Delinquncia Infanto-Youthful Dionsio Alfredo Vunda Halata



It says despite: Practical conscientious of the control of the quality for all the people of the company, assuming the responsibility on the results of its process and the authority on its process, are the base of the participativo management and the pillar of the sustentation of the TQC. (…) the participation of the people is not obtained by exhortation, but by education and training in the practical one of the control of the quality. For in such a way, to follow, we suggest for each one of the involved ones, what we believe to be important each one to develop inside of its degree of responsibility with the system. We divide the participants in three distinct categories below as: 5,1 Participation of the high direction. All the auditorship process must to have the participation of the high direction, since its request to the competent agency until its closing.

Without the participation of the high direction the process cannot be considered as true because it has broken of it the comprometimento with the SGQ. ‘ ‘ The manager does not have simply to look at its results and to give orders, it must guide its subordinate and act in the causes of shunting lines of its proper item of controle’ ‘ (Falconi, 2004). However it is necessary that this participation leaves of being only one comprometimento with the system to become in an envolvement, a real action of participation in the process. That is, the administrator of the company must changed itself into plus a involved collaborator directly in the SGQ process. The great problem today in if treating to SGQ, perceived through the research, is that a space between the high administration and the soil of plant exists in the organizations, what leads to understand for the collaborators who same the not this compromised one directly to the SGQ.

Daily Alienation


The daily alienation. A miscellany of administrative miseries enters little and the case of the authorities, the Brazilian education faces an politician-ideological chaos, much in virtue of a sphere neoliberal politics with adjustments ' ' draconianos' ' , limiting the critical capacity of of the pupils and masters whom if they see tilted for discrepancies that go since me the formation of the professors the most complete lacks of severity in applications of measures to discipline the rebellious pupils. The structural plan of morbidez and a fraction of deficient estudantil classroom that passes the Brazilian public education in them sends to the following questioning; To who it fits the guilt for this I afflict that students and professors have that to digladiarem themselves daily? To a governmental system ideologically camouflaged in a socialist speech and syndicalistic reactionary, lost in some link between the bipolar world, or in the explosion ' ' malthusiana' ' of the Brazilian population in years 70, 80 and 90, come thus to the edge to the lack of a management state that it can prevent and control the highest taxes of natality of the great cities of our Brazil. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Leslie Moonves by clicking through. In virtue of this, we must point out that the growth of the thousands of private superior educational establishments, in the last few decades, being distinguished in this point the licenciaturas where the candidate and future ' ' profissional' ' in its good parcel they do not have the minimum of prerequisite for I came to exert its function, and enxerga this aspect a chance of social growth, however if not mattering in awaking the critical spirit of its pupils not having an adjusted formation to usufruct of its graduation. Mediocre Brazilian and hypocritical education. For behind of a demagogy broken up in social equality and of economic ascension partner, a breeding of eschatological theories of a State is hidden mechanist and repressor, that take to a inigualvel amplitude of the tecnicismo for the classrooms forming archetypes of a coletivista ignorance that encloses our current society, despertando the anger of educators pupils, increasing the permanent climate of hostilities in the pertaining to school life.



These elements directly are related to the paper of the manager (Fernandes and Muller, 2005). The managing one passes for a transistion process to manage a school. She is necessary to know and to apply paradigms of the public administration. She is necessary to argue the paper of the pertaining to school manager in face to the new reality that if delineates. Generally, the manager, chosen for the City or State, possesss authoritarian character and centraliser, in way to establish a hierarchy in which it must be the head of who breaks all the orders in the Pertaining to school Unit (Fernandes and Muller, 2005). If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Time Warner. The manager has of if acquiring knowledge of that it, alone, cannot manage all the problems of the school. The way is the decentralization, that is, the sharing of the responsibilities with pupils, parents, professors and employees. It must to stimulate the participation, respecting the people and its opinions, developing a reliable climate enters some segments of the pertaining to school community; to know to hear and to know to communicate its ideas (Dourado and Duarte, 2001 apud Fernandes and Muller, 2005).

To assume responsibilities brings possibilities of changes that take care of the collective interests. The construction of a democratic management must be penetrated in all the actions of the school and involves the doorman who receives the pupils, the employees who give to administrative services and technician, the staff of the canteen, the cleanness and the library, the professors, the managers and all the ones that coexist in the pertaining to school space (Fernandes and Muller, 2005). One politics is necessary, inside of the school, that has the objective participation and commitment of all to reach the proposal pedagogically. Beyond everything, the manager must manage, and very well, the conflicts. The school is a place where some personages coexist who act and think of singular form.

The Organism


All the capacities of the organism will serve to satisfy fome' '. (Maslow, 1975 P. 342). 2. Necessities of security: they constitute as the level of the necessities human beings. They are necessities of security or of stability, the searches of protection against the threat or privation, the escape to the danger, in the work (benefits, wage, safe conditions). Check out CBS for additional information.

They appear in the behavior when the physiological necessities are relatively satisfied. When the individual is dominated by security necessities its organism if it guides strong for the search of satisfaction of this necessity. The security necessities have great importance in the human behavior, a time that all used is always in a relation of dependence with the company, in which arbitrary administrative cases can provoke uncertainty or unreliability in the employee, how much its permanence in the job. If these actions or decisions reflect discrimination or favoritism or some unexpected administrative politics, can becomes powerful activators of unreliability in all the hierarchic levels of the company. 3. Social necessities: they appear in the behavior, when inferior necessities (physiological of security) they meet relatively satisfied. Amongst the social necessities they are the association necessity, of participation, inclusion in groups, of acceptance on the part of the friends, the family and organization, exchange of friendship, affection and love.

When the social necessities are not enough satisfied, the individual becomes resistant and until hostile with relation ace people surround who it. According to Maslow, this if relates to the necessity of affection of the people who we consider (boyfriend, children, friends). It says that gifts in all human being are social necessities: ' ' the person starts to more intensely feel, of what never, the lack of friends, a boyfriend, a spouse or children (…) its desire to reach such situation will be stronger of what any thing in mundo' ' (Maslow, 1975, P.

CPC Being


The recognition of the other is not enough to assure the communication, the debate, but yes a teaching concrete of sprouting of the order of the world, the conscience human being; Discardings said: between the extension and the soul. ‘ ‘ To recognize the Other does not consist nor of discovering in it, as in me exactly, a universal Citizen, nor accepting its difference, but to recognize that we make, with materials and in different situations, the same type of effort to combine intrumentalidade and identity. Walt Disney oftentimes addresses this issue. It treats then to recognize the Other as Subject and of if thus recognizing itself as exactly Subject. (Touraine Alain). To know more about this subject visit Robert Iger . She is necessary to present in the schools on the nature of the societies and its complexities. The anthropology contemporary has today many possibilities and became a field of in such a way rich knowledge and complex, that is not more possible the capable generalista figure of dominates it in its some branches and trends. The question of the unit and continuity of the social systems continues as central control point of disciplines. The scene of the Brazilian poetry comes if desconstituindo from a valuation that if express by means of the diversity of groups and individualities poetical that they are given through the cult of ‘ ‘ eu’ ‘ .

In this direction the poet if places in a species of dawn of gnese, that is, I free of any rule or literary convention. The erosion of the literary system that backwards the idea of what it is not rule can modify the image of what it comes to be literature and what can be taught, what is said in this research of work is that to enclose the equality idea the presentation of the diversities is necessary and that for this has a igualitria conscience. Here significant poetries will be presented that if had kept for much time far from Literature for not being considered of value, breaking then this paradigm, are fortified here the singularity of the Brazilian poetry and its vast culture. In the poem ‘ ‘ Sounds for Lumumba’ ‘ , it in the account that its name is indian and that in its tamoio being or tupi if it calls Moacyr, son of fish of waters, son of pain andeja draining as rain in the eyes of our people. Moacyr Flix is the poet who organized and prefaced the three volumes of the series Violo de Rua, the poem election of some authors, in books of pocket, made for the CPC of JOIN. Moacyr Flix disclosed the necessity of if to weave one another one I sing to apprehend you strike them of the black man against racism and the neocolonialismo. ‘ ‘ Sounds for Lumumba’ ‘ , leader assassinated congols politician in 1961 (FLIX, 1966: 50): My name is indian, Lumumba: Since the cradle until the tomb I will call Moacyr. Flix wants the Europe of Rome and all to me opas that they had taught to me to trair with positions of savant my tamoio being or tupi: son of fish of the waters that take the highest point to the khaki one, son of pain andeja draining as rain in the eyes of people there. But my body, Lumumba, uiva a dog of treva and hurt all made of negror: is your Congo that lateja in this sofredor verse when the night to thus speaks me of what it dies in me, senzala under the relhos of the administrator.

Professional Education


The preceituada professional qualification in art. 36 of the Law n. 11.741, of the 2008 which if complements specifically with made use in the article 39 in interpolated propositions I and II of the paragraph 2 which beyond guaranteeing initial and continued formation also present the professional education of average level, being objective of the national education. By the same author: CBS. Make reference to reference the servers who belong to the picture of the education searching to identify where they are the servers professors is not verified that the LDB presents, in Heading VI – Of the Professionals of the Education, in interpolated proposition II. ‘ ‘ Art.

61. At Jeffrey L. Bewkes you will find additional information. The ones are considered professional of basic the pertaining to school education that, in it being in effective exercise and having been formed in recognized courses, are: I? professors qualified in average or superior level for the docncia in the infantile education and educations basic and average; II? carrying workers in education of pedagogia diploma, with qualification in administration, planning, supervision, inspection and educational orientation, as well as with headings of mestrado or doutorado in the same areas; III? workers in education, carriers of course diploma technician or superior in pedagogical or similar area. (Enclosed for the Law n 12,014, of 2009). (BRAZIL, 1996). However, the professionals who compose the picture of servers of the school are the workers in education with formation in level technician or superior courses in the pedagogical area. 2,2 PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION: HISTORICAL PICTURE Manfredi (2002) when constructing a historical picture of the Professional Education, standes out that when the Portuguese had arrived at Brazil, related educative practical the aboriginal peoples had its to the practical activities of the daily one by means of the socialization and the convivncia with the adults, and that they gave themselves by means of comment and direct participation in the practical activities.

Pharmaceutical Attention


The medicines are of basic importance for the recovery of the health, but they are not exempt of risk, being able to become extremely dangerous in certain situations. Beyond the risk to the health, when used of form irrational they also cause unjustifiable economic losses, they is esteem that about 50% of the patients they abandon total partially or the established treatments or commit errors in the administration of medicines, what can lead to the aggravation of its state of health (GICK; YOU WOULD MAKE, 2005). These data are important, to the measure that they indicate not only I aggravate it to the health of the patients, but also one significant increase of the expenses of the health system. Such fact if becomes individually critical in the public sector, where the deficiencies in the primary attention result in such a way in the overload of the too much levels of attention to the health as in the rise of the costs for the maintenance of system (GICK; YOU WOULD MAKE, 2005). 3,2 Pharmaceutical attention in Brazil In 2001, a group of entities and institutions, worried about the magnifying of the pharmaceutical attention in Brazil, instituted the Managing Group in Pharmaceutical Attention, under the coordination of the Organization Pan-American of the Health, that resulted the proposal of a Brazilian Consensus of Pharmaceutical Attention, being this considered ' ' a model of practical druggist, developed in the set of the pharmaceutical assistance, form integrated to the health team. The direct interaction of the druggist with the user aims at the rational resulted medicine use and the attainment of better, come back toward improvement of the quality of life (I CASTRATE et al., 2006). This professional considers itself that the direct relation, orientation and accompaniment of the user of the medicine are the moment most important in the work of the druggist, therefore is the privileged retainer of the knowledge on medicines. . Follow others, such as Robert Iger , and add to your knowledge base.



According to department of amateur soccer Da Ponte, these invitations is frequent, what she discloses to the affection and the recognition to the Veteran. Coen Brothers is a great source of information. In the case of Castanhal, Amilcar journalist Sheep, for email, made the following story (in 24.05.2004): ' ' He does not want to know how much that game moved with our city. I had six years but I remember of the full field. I say field, because it was not stadium, same being closed, had not arquibancadas nor fenced. The delegation Da Ponte was homaged with a lunch (in the house of the Notary local) and greeted with a speech pronounced for a journalist come of Belm, ordered for the periodical the State of Par. Caps with the colors of our team had been confectioned (black and yellow). It at that time imagines to order to make caps. I find that they were of coarse linen cloth, made for dressmakers.

My father was owner of the cinema (Cine Argus, established in 1940) and to very little they made it things to cancel a cinematographic session. Therefore in this day &#039 did not have matin; ' In the column ' ' Line of Fundo' ' , that it publishes in the local periodical, Amilcar confirmed the grandiosidade of the event: ' ' It was a great event in the city, the commerce closed, and to the afternoon all the population was back in the Field of Castanhal for great jogo.' ' But after all of accounts, it was intentionally municipal holiday? I wrote the Secretary of Administration of the City hall of Castanhal, Mr. Jucivaldo Blacksmith of Birth. After minute research in the archives of the City hall, it discovered that the only holiday of the municipal theatre of Castanhal is 19 of March, consecrated Is Laboring Jose, the Padroeiro of the city, as the Law n 17, of 14.05.1949 (information given in the Craft n 10, of 26.02.2004).

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