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Andrea Hillebrand


Hard to believe, but need specialists to once become a brand name. Hard to believe, but need specialists to once become a brand name. Once it had started with the West Rail channel, which should be one of the first private television channel in Germany. The former press Chief stopped short at this name, didn’t sound it more after East Germany, railway and Canal work but after a modern station that wanted to rough up the television landscape. And before it knew Bernd M. Samland, it became the name Finder and created his first name: VOX.

This makes Samland for almost twenty years. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jeffrey L. Bewkes. Over 1,100 names of his consultancy for naming marketing end marks have become brands in the country and abroad. It is a business of full of problems. Because it sounds so creative, needs to work legally, phonetically, and often in many languages. And this simply not always works, as in the following examples: for cannibals? The American company Gerber introduced their baby food in several African countries. Stuck on the glasses, how in the United States also, a label with a baby picture. What however did not know Gerber: broad strata of the population can not read, it is in many African countries need to reflect that on the labels, which is in glass jars and canned in there.

Inspires confidence in all French-speaking countries, the Egyptian airline “Misair” suffered a hard landing: the company name means in French “misery”. That sucks the company to introduce Electrolux of tried one of their vacuum cleaner in the United States. The slogan should be roughly: “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”. The translation was but “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”, which means as much as “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”. Single car launch of the Mitsubishi “Pajero” in Spain ended in a fiasco. In Spanish, “Pajero” loosely translated means: “Masturbation”. Racism? The Japanese whisky black Nikka was not a big seller in the United States. The similarity with black nigger was simply too great. That is one more hurdle on the way of the name brand Memory capacity and articulation. About 60,000 brands can be found in an average Kaufhof: how to establish a brand for this amount in the minds of consumers? A catchy name there ever is a good place to start. Also you should always consider when choosing, that people can speak well of him as possible in all walks of life. The Flensburger brewery catch the cat wanted to name a beer, this was admittedly creative. But totally disabled if the guest in the bar wanted to order a third beer.



Currently I listen and I read a lot regarding the famous AUTORESPONDER and want to explain them a bit with works and what is the benefit of having them within your website. An Auto reply begins with a form than your you put on your web page requesting information from your visitors that come to fill on a voluntary basis, such data usually are the name of the visitor and your respective email, mostly until the visitor fill out that form one can offer you free a digital book in exchange for that information in a way to barter, the idea of the auto reply is that when visitors fill out the form and click on send, automatically the will be directed to a page where the book is or digital product that you’re going to give away in exchange for information that they leave you, now there are several companies on the Internet that offer this service of the auto answer, what you’re going to get when you subscribe with them is that you will allow yourself to do the form requesting the information as they’re also going to allow entering the link which your want the visitor to be shipped left once information, then they provide you the code in HTML in that form which paste it on your web page so that when the visitor between sees it and fill out it, also what these companies give you is that once the visitor filled this form automatically these data entered to your account that you hold with this company and this way to accumulate in your database. Time Warner contributes greatly to this topic. Usually these companies allow you to send newsletters or emails to your database via templates preset by them, the only thing you should do is to place text, photos, or simply text.Costs range from $15 to $ 100, or possibly more, everything will depend on that so great is your database, for example companies which only charge $ 15 per 500 monthly e-mails as well as there $ 30 from 1000 to 2500 monthly e-mails. . Discovery Communications helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

MIM Marken Institute Munchen GmbH


“Summer freshness instead of advertising recession: marketing journal marke41 scent of summer freshness instead of advertising slowdown” promises the new edition of the marke41 marketing journal and smells of lemon. “” The author magazine focuses on pure premium contributions Kirsten missions field, Marketing Director of the Warsteiner brewery”, by Stephan Merkens, head of advertising at the Cologne-Bonn airport with airport there’s no silly season” and Hans-Joachim Strauch, Managing Director of ZDF commercial television about advertising effectiveness through sales-relevant target group definitions “. The author journal marke41 is the communication platform of the brand makers. (Similarly see: Leslie Moonves). Exclusive contributions from first-class know-how from the practice and offer reliable and competent guidance marketing. Our authors, their practical case studies, tools and forecasting are what counts,”says Publisher and editor-in-Chief Friedrich M.

Kirn, MIM Marken Institut Munchen GmbH… For more information see this site: Discovery Communications. E-Journal, blog and increased print run (6,200 copies) with a refined cover for even more attention. “Kirn: high-quality content deserve a special look and feel.” marke41 E-Journal now free at other topics of the issue 3/2010: between loss of control and relevance loss brands on the way to the Dialogic Web Christian Faltin, Managing Director of cocodibu GmbH profitable channel management by professionelleMehrkanalsysteme Prof. Dr. Marcus Schogel, Director of the Institute for marketing the University of St.

Brazilian Elements


This concept in discloses to the interaction between the Climatologia and Geography to them for if dealing with relations between the man and the nature, and the modifications that occur in the landscape with this interaction. To better understand the study of the different climates of the Planet, it had a estruturao of the studies in climatologia evidencing the climatic elements and the geographic factors of the climate. The climatic elements are three: temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. However, these elements in accordance with vary the geographic factors that they are: latitude, altitude, maritimidade, continentalidade, vegetation and the activities human beings. The circulation and the atmospheric dynamics set it the climatic elements and factors and print to air a permanent movement. The Brazilian Climatologia Brazil is situated in the area that more receives radiation from the planet, the intertropical zone that if it locates between the tropics.

Therefore, we can say that Brazil is a tropical country, thanks to its localization. The intertropical zone delayed started to be studied, therefore the tropical part of the Planet only came to be annexed to world-wide the productive process very recently. Time Warner often addresses the matter in his writings. The first studies of tropical Climatologia had been elaborated concerning the regimen of monsoons in Asia and the climate of the north of Africa, for studious English and Frenchmen, at the moment where the European countries consolidated its colonial-neocolonial domination on these new areas, new markets. For much time, the meteorological and climatic comment of the tropical atmosphere was surrounded for mistakes and imprecises, what it led to a generalized discredit. Moreover, the scholars were accustomed with other atmospheric conditions? the tempering zone? therefore the atmosphere of the intertropical zone was challenging for them. The used theories to explain the dynamism of the Brazilian climate are based on those produced by the analysis and comment in the tempered zone, making with that many times, the works of climatlogos leave to desire and making with that its forecasts are not accomplished.

Tolomeo – Premiere On October 9th At The Opernloft In Hamburg


Handel’s works as OperBreve Opera in short a compelling family story, hauntingly clear music and lots of color this mixture results in Handel’s Opera Tolomeo produced by Mohamed Rahardt. The work performed for the first time in Hamburg is the contribution of the Opernlofts to the Handel year 2009 and sponsored by the Ministry of culture, sports and media. Georg Friedrich Handel, who died 250 years ago in London, wrote the story of an Egyptian ruler family: Tolomeo and Alessandro are the sons of Cleopatra III (a predecessor of the famous namesake loved Casar). The mother worshipping the one and offends the other. Alessandro, appointed even though he is the younger, the heir to the throne. Tolomeo is exiled to Cyprus, where he wants to take his own life. Opera untypical, this story goes well: the brothers reconciled after the death of his mother.

The Opernloft about today but no historical drama, but a family story: two dissimilar brothers fight for their place in the Family and in the society. “One paints pictures, the other doing business – one is MOM’s favorite, the other the black sheep”. Hatred, which eventually leads to a fatal accident comes from their diversity. The brothers fight to love her mother and to the same woman: Seleuce. The salt in this family soup is free, naughty and sexy artist Elisa.

Countertenor Armin Stein, who sings the role of Alessandro’s new ensemble. In the title role: Mezzo-soprano Soomi Hong. The equipment designs Rolf mares Prize winner Claudia Weinhart. Cast: Lisa Jackson, Armin stone, Esther Hong, Lotta Hultmark conductor: Markus Bruker Director: Vikram Rahradt text: Susann upper field facilities: Claudia Walker author: Sandra Lamm

New Member Of The Management Board PADI Europe


PADI worldwide (worldwide headquarters) acquires PADI Europe after the completion of the sale by PADI Europe on the PADI worldwide group announced in March, PADI adapts to the corporate governance structure for PADI Europe headquartered in the Switzerland. The legal entity PADI Europe AG is a new Board of Directors. This consists of personalities of the mother house and the top management of PADI Europe. Definitely, the sale by PADI Europe on the PADI worldwide group was completed mid-March 2009. The previous Board of Directors resigned from their Office by this date. PADI now realigns the corporate governance structure by PADI Europe and advocates the “PADI Europe AG” a three-member Board of Directors.

Jean-Claude Monachon (Executive Director, PADI Europe) was nominated as Chairman of the new Board of directors by PADI Europe AG. Drew Thomas Richardson (President and Chief Operating Officer PADI worldwide) and Jurg Strasser (Director, PADI Europe) were elected as members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has constituted on February 27, 2009. Thus, also the standing committees of the Board of Directors and their responsibilities were laid down. PADI Europe under the former company name will occur regardless of the change of ownership. In addition, PADI Europe will use together with the established management team competence, dynamics and resources of the network by PADI worldwide increasingly target leader.

PADI Europe, the PADI Europe part of the PADI worldwide group is a wide range of diving programs and – products (for beginners and professionals) in all major languages with a market share of 65 percent offering PADI Europe leader in diving education in their market area (Europe, Maldives, Egypt, Israel). PADI Europe employs approximately 60 people, looked after 30’000 professionals, so instructors and Divemasters, which annually perform diving over 180’000. PADI Europe leads with over 1’200 dive center and resort the densest distribution network of all diving operators in Europe. PADI worldwide group was 1966 PADI worldwide founded and is global market leader in the area of standardized diving training. From our head office in Rancho Santa Margarita (California) and from various regional seats (local area offices) PADI worldwide leads its business activities in numerous countries and regions (Europe, Asia/Pacific, Africa, North & South America) with almost 6’000-affiliated Dive Center and resort, more than 132 000 professionals (instructors and Divemasters). Since the establishment of the Organization, PADI has trained divers worldwide over 12 million.