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Apartments Of Luxury In Barcelona


In the last years, Barcelona has become one of the most attractive cities of Europe. The Olympic Games of 1992 located the city in the map of the world, they gave an important notoriety him of mark and were the perfect pretext to carry out a deep modernization of its infrastructures. The Games were the departure point, but in the later years the city has maintained its rate frenetic: they have been extended and modernized the port and the airport, they have improved the road accesses, have been developed universities, research centers and sanitary infrastructures. Whenever Robert Iger listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In addition, Barcelona has become a city for people, with ample areas pedestrian, an increasing network of track bici, concurred and taken care of beaches, good educative and satinarios services and a great fan of activities for children and majors. If to it we added one to him insurmountable architecture and ideal climate, in words of the Monocle magazine, impeller of the Urban Quality of Life Index, does not surprise that Barcelona attracts as much tourists more and more as a qualified workers. Other recognized index, the European Cities Monitor, of Cushman & Wakefield, that classifies the attractiveness of the cities for the businesses, has reflected the evolution of Barcelona, that have raised from position 11 in 1990 the 4 in 2009, only behind London, Paris and Frankfurt. Perhaps check out Discovery Communications for more information. In order to obtain more data, please it visits apartments of Luxury in Barcelona. Against this background, Aspasios identified in 2005 a deficiency of the city: the supply of houses in rent, in particular the one of furnished floors of luxury, was not sufficient to welcome the increasing demand on the part of investigators, emigrated students of postgraduate, entrepreneurs, managers and, generally, professionals of high qualification and to its families. 5 years later, Aspasios offers solutions of lodging with one varied portfolio of almost 150 floors, from small functional and economic studies to towns with swimming pool and track of squash. Aspasios, is their business, covers very many-colored needs of lodging and simultaneously it reinforces the supply of services of Barcelona, thus contributing to reinforce its positioning in the global context. About

Selenne Business Intelligence


Selenne Business Intelligence expands its layers of operability and autonomy in the world of BI, there is no doubt that this business solution causes profound changes in the entrepreneurial mindset and strikes at the core of the management of the companies. The generation of KPIs, Dashboards, using methodologies different like Kaplan and Norton or strategic maps-based indicators, oriented and positively revolutionize the key decisions of the companies. In everyday life we are accustomed to measure everything that we do, we weigh, we calculate the kilometres remaining to reach a destination, we observe how much gasoline have in the car or if the temperature is at the appropriate levels. However, despite being accustomed to constant measurements of daily life in the business world, we measure short and often incomplete. Selenne Business Intelligence improves its interfaces and uses the most advanced charts and gauges that allow autonomy in decisions for the selection of indicators and implementation underway. This information revolution is It is accompanied by practical, and flexible systems where dynamic analyses are essential to the navigations. Key can be summarized in three steps: have data / information / knowledge. As relevant information for immediate advances of Selenne Business Intelligence solution, you are working on the incorporation of Data Mining options aimed at segmenting the information through processes that enhance the study of information.