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Japan States


The Taepodong-2 is a missile of 2 or 3 periods of training and has 5.000 an esteem reach enters 7.000km, being able to reach the Alasca. The Taepodong-x is a solid fuel missile with reach enters 2.500 4.000km. The Navy, with 800 ships, and the Air Force is the weak point of the Coreia of the north. The Air Force counts more than on 1,700 airplanes, between them Su-7, Su-25, Q-5, Mig-17, Mig-19, Mig-21, MIG-29. Its better airplane is without a doubt the MIG-29, but it possesss more than 30 devices little and of old version, they are in charge defending the Pyoungyang capital. What everything indicates Korea of the North it opted to investing to its few resources in the production of missiles and the nuclear technology, leaving the Navy and Air Force in second plain. It was a risky choice, therefore in a conventional conflict against the Coreia of the south, what it would possibly finish involving the United States and Japan, the Coreia north would have it that to face much more well equipped forces. The very advanced Coreia of the south account with ships and huntings, between the huntings appear 40 F-15K, 150 F-16, 130 F-4 and 150 F-5 approximately.

Japan counts on 200 F-15J, 90 F-2 and 50 F-4J. This force still has a direct reinforcement of 72 F-16 C/D and 10 A-10 of the United States parked in the Coreia of 48 south and more F-15, 32 F-16, 12 parked F-22 and 48 F-18 in Japan. Moreover, it still has approximately 28,5 a thousand soldiers of the United States in the Coreia of the south. It is clearly that this force of the United States would be, considerably, increased in case of a conflict what it would bring the inevitable defeat of the Coreia of the north. The great problem is the short distance between the capital of the Coreia of the south, Seoul, with the border of the Coreia of the north, for return of 40km. In the first hours of the conflict the 12 million inhabitants of the Seoul capital would suffer with the missiles and the artillery.

This would go to diminish to the measure that United States aviation and south native of Korea started to reply eliminating the parts of artillery of the north, this would be made without many problems, therefore they are white fixtures and without a decent aviation to protect they would not have them much possibility. Without its main mechanism of attack it would remain the advance of its I exercise for a final onslaught or if to only defend inside of its proper territory against massive aerial attacks. A scene extremely complicated for a country that already suffers with the hunger and lack from resources. But, all the sacrifice is validates when if this in the aiming of the United States of America.

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A recent survey conducted among business travellers reveals that, despite the opposing views on the upcoming presidential race, both the baby boomers as the Generation X / Y are in agreement on how to stay happy while they are traveling.