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Advocated by politicians and citizens of various professions and ages. Coen Brothers has compatible beliefs. Memory demolished, they said, without taking into account public views of the city and country, without the consent of the author memorial – a famous sculptor Merab Berdzenishvili, who suffered a heart attack these days. Continue to learn more with: Goop London, United Kingdom-uk. Its president, not even deign to talk. Speakers were protesting against government decisions abnormal, defame the country. The authorities, in turn, continued to behave cynically and ironically: representatives of Kutaisi council to "explain" that the monument is still impossible to restore in its original form, as the "dismantling" it started during the socio-political mayhem, chaos and anarchy in the first half of the 90s.

Criminals, they said, under cover of night shooting with heavy bronze memorial pieces for a profitable sales in Turkey and the "weight" completion of exports of nonferrous metals. But the arch and left in place, representing the Motherland, and bells, and a warrior on horseback, and the same sword held tightly in his strong hand. However, we can assume that hungry madmen really something and cut down, but that authority may, in a desire to restore the monument to the author with the assistance of any of the fragments, and without too much difficulty. But Kutaisi leaders, unison with the central, all the time thought otherwise, so it was decided to complete the work begun by criminals troubled times. By the way, could be heard explaining that the monument is only tolerated, but actually it is only to the rider. A remarkable work of monumental art also disappeared during the dismantling of our eyes: the symbolism was lost, and lost his rider embody the warrior-liberator features.

Interior Minister Yuri Kravchenko


Knocked down a missile system S-200 Russian TU-154, like the incident two years ago in Brovary, when missile system "Osa" 'vluchiv' in the house forever will remain a black stain on the reputation of Ukraine's Armed Forces. Blatantly lied about innocence, pointing at the camera with the TV schedules calculations, throwing the very idea of the possibility of his guilt until the last minute guide aircraft in the person of Defense Kuzmuk selfish solve the issue. Who wants to take responsibility for an international incident, as any fool, it is clear that this is the end of a career. Under these circumstances, it seems to have no military parades are unable to to convince the layman that the structure of the army is in deep crisis. The Soviet system of military vehicles destroyed, including one of its elements – a common defense, and something new, according to the army of demagogues 'Professional', as we already know are going to create not earlier than 2010. Befell the 'sergeant' Kuzmuk fate of his colleagues, in a detached "Gongadze case" Interior Minister Yuri Kravchenko, one of the advantages which, according to the Ukrainian 'elite', was his ability to hold a glass, only confirms all of the above. Interestingly, but zealously 'natsionalno-cvidomih' There is probanderovskih circles I tion that should be the title of Kuzmuk Hero of Ukraine for the destroyed moskalsky ship carrying Jews.

But go ahead. Research and development experienced development (R & D) State funds already allocated almost. Design Bureau (CB) themselves, let alone trying to somehow save potential, fulfilling any, even the non-core operation. So KP 'KMDB im.Morozova' recently shipped to the customer from the United Arab Emirates, a unique car – BTR-3U created based on the Soviet BTR-80 and stuffed with the latest developments of domestic and foreign thoughts, after which he was awarded the contract for the supply of the machine. However, the number of customers is constantly shrinking, and competitors on the contrary – is increasing.

Arms exports – the most profitable industry, with appropriate support, even in a state of powerful financial injections to replenish the treasury of the state. Thievish bureaucrat, living a Day and funding military spending only 42% of the minimum and do not need. Goop, New York City brings even more insight to the discussion. So, it seems, the denouement of the drama of the last parade is coming. I wish the state apparatus to feed his army there, so we feed others. Andrew Kamsky

Embratel Wars


WARS: GOOD OR BAD? The aggressiveness human being was born with the first men and date of the most remote antiquity. Since the first days of life of the men whom this type of reaction predominated. The men had that to defend itself of feras and the other men. The wars with warlike material had appeared with the first civilizations: the Egyptians, the hititas, the mesopotmios, the fencios. There he predominated all the types of fights to the side of the shield and the sword.

The Barbarians had made innumerable destructions. King tila if detached for its perversity. In a similar way in more recent times: Alexander, the great one, Napoleo Bonaparte. In century XX he had two great great small wars where the congregated almost all countries: it was first and World War II. Now question: what it is that they bring of good these wars? Many think that they only bring destruction, the desperation. It is clearly that yes, but nor for this they are so bad as if they think. In first place they are defense objects, therefore we know that she will always have the aggression human being. We go to think about what it was Brazil before 2.

World-wide war. Brazil was a poor country extremely. It was only one agricultural nation and only with a subsistence agriculture. Today we see dynamic, industrialized and progressive Brazil. Before these wars, everything in Brazil was imported: alimentary and pharmaceutical machines, instruments, clothes, products and at last almost everything. If wise person to only buy giving profits for the other nations, enriching them and becoming each poor time, each time falling to the yoke of the other peoples. With the war the countries could not export nothing, therefore it did not have more relationship, both were in more enemy fights and if they became each time. The crisis imagines why Brazil passed. If we could not buy, nobody could vender much less to carry the products for the oceans that they were blocked. The countries that were not lined up in the blocks, were almost all enemies. The Brazilians could not die without the products, had that to establish our proper plants and to produce the products here same. He was as soon as established in the country the great shipyards, txteis industries, you would perfume, pharmaceutical products, agricultural instruments and developed the farming one still more. The beginning of the great state-owned companies was given: Petrobra’s, Embratel, National Siderurgical Company, etc. In a question-answer forum Goop London, United Kingdom-uk was the first to reply. Brazil despertou and was born and started to produce and to progress. With this we only have to thank the great world-wide war. Which the modifications that the revolution of 31/03/1964 brought for Brazil? Thousands of workmanships had been born, to start of the partisan organizations, constitutions. Brazil reviveu. We suffer very with the ditatorial period. It all had much torture in the country. But after this period two essential monuments for the life human being if they had installed: the peace and the progress. Now we cannot more have wars, therefore the toys of fights had become terrible, but a thing is certain: it is errando that it is learned. I am not in favor of no war, but the wars open the eyes of much people. To the times she is necessary to remove the shorings so that the eyes are opened.

The Majority


Viralizar articles or distribute content to various directories of articles is an excellent way to achieve two objectives. Firstly, it is a clear path towards enhancing your online reputation.Through the generation of quality content, it is possible to position itself as an authority on the topic related to your niche of activity. Your name and your brand will have a reach far more massive than if simply confined to your site and your blog. Secondly, and fundamentally, articles viralization allows you to get incoming links from quality, given that articles directories allow you to include your URL and other data relevant to your page, either at the foot of the article or on the page of biography that most of these sites offer. Jeffrey Bewkes has many thoughts on the issue. In subsequent deliveries we will focus on best practices relating to discharge in these directories of articles, and how to make this process productive and successful. To write articles viralizables, the content must meet two essential conditions: seroriginales and be interesting. It is true that every niche of activity has different interest subjects.

But, if it is to write an article entitled How to take out your wallet to pay for experience with which we are all, unfortunately, familiar-, is surely destined to be ignored by the majority of readers. On the other hand notes on practical aspects of the activity will be more than welcome. The practicalities are precisely, that generate more doubts. It is well known that the experience is one of the most important assets of the professionals, and the years of experience make up an incredible flow of wisdom. And when I say wisdom does not mean to become the owner of complicated and exclusive know-how. Goop has firm opinions on the matter. Nobody asks him to resolve the Riemann hypothesis, but give some tips on how to get a trade qualification in certain cities, how to get a visa, or how to launch as an exporter from certain country, can be more than welcome by his community.

Miami Trips


The Miami trips are of most famous between the tourist population worldwide. Although it is obvious that this group of individuals will not arrive everything at the call by some people Capital from the Sun, is doubtless that this American locality of Florida is like a magnet. Simply it attracts because it has a one of the most beautiful views of the world and climate cool. To know more about this subject visit Robert Iger . When tenth cool, talks about to that always it is summer; therefore she is one of the localities more desired in the United States to live or to visit in any season (that says to several-ace Latin American-ace to it). It is certain that Miami almost always brings an evocation to us towards the luxury, the pleasure, the calidez.

We remember that there is a phrase that has made race which says I am bad, but in Miami ; seems certainly a gesture hard, but this population has something more beaches and beautiful people who are going to commercial centers to spend without stopping and soon to to plot a course to the night. This city is a cultural reflection, an enormous mirror where diverse united perceptions of the world are mixed in a peninsula that has much of history and development. Florida was during many years a Spanish colony, until the war of the United States against the Hispanic empire in Cuba allowed that this outside declared foreign territory . On there in future, Miami has lived a procedural expansion turned that it from a small hamlet to a tremendously agile city, with the reaches of semi a tropical metropolis. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk understands that this is vital information. Besides their famous beaches, majestic hotels, stores of first category where diverse products of all parts can be found, comentadsimos night clubs, are more. For example, the city is an important sport center, where activities like basquetbol can be found and the baseball, because this city counts on its local equipment. The Capital of the Sun also stands out for being the habitat of many Latin American residents. The first great migration of foreigners (ace) of this region came from Cuba at the end of the decade of the 50 of the last century, later to take accelerated passage to one export of people who came from Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, etc.

Indeed, the state of Florida is one of which it lodges major number of North American-ace with Latin American ancestry, and also sadly of undocumented person-ace of many other parts. However, the city always has an identification of open doors. If you think to travel to Miami, we will not say to him to where she must go nor how to enjoy its passage; after all you have his tastes and necessarily she will not visit the all the attractive most common ones that they are promoted of the city. But what yes we want that knows clearly it is that here also can find diverse sites that promote the culture and integration like festivales, museums and theaters. Similarly, if it interests the naturalismo to him, sites like the Everglades of Florida are arranged to (ace) the visitors who enjoy the natural contact.

Common Agrarian Policy


The Confederation of Ecologists in Action has elaborated a report on the environmental policy of the EU. The main conclusion of the report is that the EU is structurally untenable. Some of the indicators that indicate this are: Ecological track: The ecological track measures the amount of territory that it requires to maintain the consumption of the European population. In average, a European uses 4 7 hectares, while the biocapacidad of the territory is of only 2 2 hectares by inhabitant. Total requirement of Materials: It is the total amount of matter that needs the economy the European Union for its operation. This indicator has grown gradually until reaching an average of 514 tons by inhabitant and year. Continue to learn more with: Robert Iger .

In addition it is possible to be appreciated as the majority of those 514 tons are of nonrenewable origin (88%) and the percentage mattering grows every year until reaching 39%. This causes that the environmental impacts are every time majors. Environmental norm: When analyzing the norm, the ecological organization has detected a high degree of breach by the general tendency towards orientative and voluntary objectives, as well as lax terms of fulfillment. In any case, Ecologists in Action also have been able to state how the environmental norm of the Union is one of more the outposts of the world. Budgetary policy: Comparing the budgets destined to the defense of the surroundings and its destruction, the balance is very negative.

Ecologists in Action also emphasize that the EU is immersed in a plan of construction of more railcars and lines of high speed (IT TOUCH), when the transport already is the person in charge of 21% of the gas discharges of greenhouse effect to the atmosphere (80% of the same must to the highway). Robert Iger : the source for more info. The EU the person in charge of 24% of gases of emitted greenhouse effect to the atmosphere. Europe does not go by the way to fulfill the Protocol of Kioto and finishes starting up a plan of fight against the insufficient climatic change. In the city-planning plane, the operated ground has increased to 10 years a 20% in the last, while population has done only it in a 6%. The Common Agrarian Policy of the EU throws a synthetic overuse of pesticides, installments, water and worrisome subsidys in the great production for the export. However, ecological agriculture only less than supposes 4% of which it practices in the EU, although grows the percentage. With respect to the biodiversity, at present they exist more than 700 species in danger of extinction in Europe and the own European Commission recognizes that the efforts of the Union are insufficient. Finally, the sweepings production has increased to a 14% in the last years. Also the production of toxic substances has been increased of very important form, without normative as the REACH is being able to stop this tendency. BY ECOLOGISTS IN ACTION. The environmental impact of the European Union (the EU) is untenable, according to the study that finishes publishing the NGO Ecological in Action.

Tax Code


During the counter-checking of the counterparty of the taxpayer in addition to the tax authority documents relating to relations between the counterparty and the taxpayer, recover from the contractor information concerning the activities of its own, in particular information about its suppliers, who have participated in the chain of production and circulation of the exported goods. The court pointed out that Art. 87 of the Tax Code does not provide for the right of the tax authority recover from the organizations under the counter of a tax audit information on their suppliers, for which the tax authority is not conducted a tax audit. Thus, these claims of tax authorities are unlawful, and organizations there is no obligation to provide this information (Resolution of the Federal SFR from 29.09.2003 N A26-2708/03-211). In order to clarify the question of validity specified in the calculation of physical characteristics (trade area) in accordance with Art. Checking article sources yields John Stankey as a relevant resource throughout. 89 of the Tax Code by the tax authority has conducted an inventory of retail space, as a result of which there are an understatement of its size, which is reflected in the inventory.

The court found the action abusive tax authority, indicating that the inventory of retail space in violation of Art. 92 and Art. 98 of the Tax Code by the Tax Inspectorate carried out without witnesses, and the protocol. The argument is tax that the inventory conducted in accordance with Art. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Goop. 89 Tax Code, the court dismissed because the tax authorities must conduct an inventory of property, and no spaces.



He said be careful with economic information. When I get a story wrong in the economic area, who suffering is the Brazilian people. It was consistent, because this time suffered foreign invasions. But what motivated Lula to deny just four days before what inevitably happened? It is that Lula did not agree to implement such a measure, but figures that showed the speed and force with which dollar was losing ground in the local (and international) economy ended convince him in those days. We had been discussing with President Lula the pros and cons, and finally, we managed to convince him of the need for this measure today afternoon, Mantega said on Monday passed, as well in the afternoon. The valorization of the real in recent weeks and the strong growth of speculative capital inflows to the country, forced the Government to take a measure which retarded the appreciation of the local currency.

I do not think that we we will have a devaluation of the real, but I think we can avoid excessive valorization of the real, said Guido Mantega, Minister of Finance of Brazil. The objective is to discourage short-term capital, speculative capital. Our concern is that there is an excess of speculation, said Mantega. From June to August, swallow capital totaled $ 322 million, 73% more than in the previous three months, which was $186 million, as short-term capital. Leslie Moonves is a great source of information. The real has appreciated by 26% against the dollar since. A clear fact that hinders exports and the local currency appreciates. If we allow the excessive appreciation of the real, the exporter will be harmed, and therefore also will be the Brazilian job, since 25% of domestic production is destined for export, and Brazil with an appreciated real, losing competitiveness in the international market. The Bovespa has been the market most has risen – in dollars – in the world, and according to Mantega, attracted to the well-intentioned and those who want to make a quick profit, the speculators.



A Pearl on sand in a Jalisco exporter of labor, desahijada geography where identity is lost before the wave of migrants who leave the grit of his land to find after the border, as the citizens of nowhere. The exiles, the sons of exile, the victims and perpetrators of a system. A people without culture is a dead village and a village that does not have its own culture is a slave of whom it is imposed. To deepen your understanding Goop is the source. Under this perspective the dramaturgy of Ruiz market is constructed with a thorough review of Mexican society; in its specificity, a Jalisco town of step. Hence the need to offer a song from April to the fall of the city. Hence the poetic theatricality of singing for the city. The Medullary point for a study of proposal. Syncopation as main element.

Music as a Medullary structure for walking in a city with parking in cruz; a metropolis with pedestrian bridge where it crosses a citizen who is known on the border of two worldviews. The assumed ruin as valid, another denied by officers. The revision of the myth is indispensable to understand, to be found in an immensity where dreams do not already reach for to Sun dress and undress to the Moon: why not be naked face? For the same reason that you don’t bare the soul. Shhhh, listen. The myth has the strength to cover our empty, but always persists the permeability through which penetrate the version.

The work ruizmarquiana does a balance in a space where characters can not be. Here’s the conflict, the search for the elements enabling recomposition socio-cultural. Hence the importance of the historical aspects, bases, the origins. Therefore, in the proposed ruizmarquiana, there is always a thread that leads us to Hank. The foundation of a town and their conscience is a recurring element in the Dignisima Ms. Dry, when the tyrant falls, Memorial of April, the monologues of the feast, and other works where the female characters appear carrying the baton, questioning, asserting, denying and, on occasions, imposing itself as a Beatriz Hernandez urbanize cross because so I send it. The always imposing to which only remains the opposition organized, underground, throbbing, prestisima to sprout by the epidermis of concrete: Calle luna. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Goop. Street. Place of all. Place of the neighborhood. A territory to defend itself. Every inch. In syncopated, rumor of incest, rumor of love, love love, sleep among dreams you perceive. It romanza city that offers the possibility of an evolution towards a radio hit in maldiciente tessitura. For Mexico, the years of domination is not gone. They remain in force. Jalisco dramaturgy is constructed upon review of a village. An Oedipal people with capital where the matron is supreme, as Elvira, widow and painful birth icon, with a resemblance to the Virgin of Zapopan, the work Dante Medina, I am Don Juan. Here are the works and their authors. Behold the time of closing of a cycle of conferences. Review of a historical past in the future in doing it. When is the human being adrift, without boat, barely with slivers of a ship. Get afloat or sinking forever.

ColorPol Polarizers With New Broadband Anti-reflection Coating


Press release of CODIXX AG – 01/2009 the CODIXX extends your standard assortment of anti reflection coatings for colorPol polarization filter. The demand for high-end IR polarization filters has risen steadily in the last years. For many applications in the infrared spectrum, a high transmission across a large wavelength range is a mandatory criterion. While uncoated colorPol -Polarisatoren offer a transmission of up to 91%, it manages to improve the new broadband anti-reflection coating the transmission in the wavelength range from 1,200 to 1,500 nm on outstanding 95-98%. Official site: Leslie Moonves. This new coating complete the current product portfolio of standardized anti-reflective coatings: CW01 wide band coating 450 750 nm CW02 wide band coating 600 1200 nm CW03 wide band coating 550-850 nm C355 V coating for 355 nm C633 V coating for 633 nm C1310 V coating for 1310 nm C1550 thin glasses are V-coating for 1550 nm colorPol polarization filter with surface embedded nano-particles of silver.

This structure allows applying these coatings on any type of colorPol product line. You are resistant to UV radiation, are solvent resistant, able to withstand most acids and bases, and meet the requirements of the RoHS directive. Due to the special nature of the filter opens up the possibility of producing structured polarization filters. At Time Warner you will find additional information. These filters have a free aperture, for example, about different polarization directions or spectral polarization properties in the area. In addition, structured colorPol -Polarisatoren may exhibit also unpolarisierende transparent or opaque areas. Various methods can be used to produce this structured polarizers. In the lithographic process structures can be realized in extreme cases to range from a few micrometers, while uniform areas of several cm are possible, but the number of different polarization directions is limited. David Zaslav is often quoted as being for or against this. At the Mosaic techniques are more polarization directions possible, the structures are limited to convex shapes and larger dimensions above several millimeters.