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Federal Association


Selection for private consumers has tripled in the last year / change of the gas provider saves on average 169 euro Berlin, December 10, 2009 since 2006 consumers in Germany have the opportunity to switch their gas supplier. The contest to the end customer has but only significantly on business page this year ride. So has tripled according to current surveys of the independent consumer portals over the choice for private end customers in the last 12 months. End of 2008 gas customers in Germany able to vote in the average between 6 gas companies\”, explains by energy expert Thorsten Bohg. Currently the number of available competitors has increased to about 19.\” The density of competition in Hamburg and Baden-Wurttemberg, where more than 30 vendors to attract of the customers advertise is the highest. Much less competition, however, in large parts of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, where in many places less than 12 service providers on the market.

Especially for the price, consumers can by the benefit, increasing competition on the gas market\”clearly Bohg. Although gas prices basic utilities nationwide are gone back this year by more than 20 percent, there is much greater savings for consumers as a year ago.\” So a sample budget can expect an annual consumption of 20,000 kWh gas when changing providers, with an average savings of 169 euro in relation to the most modest of local public utilities. According to the Federal Association of energy and water, but nearly 80 percent of all households with gas supply are located in the expensive prices of basic services. These tariffs are even 265 euros more expensive than the cheapest deals of competitors on average. 2008 there was, however, no cheaper alternatives to the regional distributors in many regions\”, so Bohg. The gas market compared with the intensity of competition in the electricity market is still in its infancy\”, continues Bohg.

Federal Ministry


Each individual site will be tested prior to a possible closure. The number of permanent closures can be found in the table below. Reduction compared to previous year (absolute) 2009 7140-215 2008 7355 236 2007-7591-192 question 6) which instruments or procedures has the Federal Ministry of finance and the tobacco monopoly administration, the structure of the tobacco shops, change or develop? For the design of the structure of the tobacco shop in 1996 following instruments available are as a result of the tobacco monopoly law: in accordance with 24 TabMG can be built under certain conditions an additional tobacco shop. In particular, an urgent need is exemplifying required and must appear excluded a non reasonable yield reduction of adjacent tobacconists. The latter also applies to the transfer of the location of a newsstand within its catchment area. Furthermore the possibility not to occupy completed tobacconists or to carry out a conversion of the newsstand kind by a tobacco retail outlet in a tobacco shop or from a tobacco store in a tobacco shop TabMG according to 25 paragraph 8 1996.

Especially in the case of a Nichtnachbesetzung no longer given profitability or a reduction of the yield potential by external circumstances (E.g.: changes in traffic flows, loss of suppliers of frequency or important secondary article groups, for example, in the field of gambling, shift in shopping habits) a cushion for the outgoing Trafikanten may be granted by support from the structural funds and solidarity. These services are but granted only in cases where the expectant free” Sales potential neighboring tobacconists can be structurally strengthened. Often, thus ensuring the economic basis of existence for a disability goes hand in hand.

Federal Association


So, roughly 40 percent of all household customers located according to the Federal Association of energy and water management (BDEW) in the expensive prices of basic services. The basic supply tariffs are local utilities in the nationwide average even once 6 per cent more expensive”Bohg makes clear. Cheap provider be even 192 EUR under the regional reference prices here in the middle.” Not only families will benefit from the increased competition of the electricity supplier. Also singles and small consumers can save with a change of power supply in many places over 100 euros. To gain market share, many providers give high discounts, which are independent of consumption”, explains Bohg. Exchange bonuses are not uncommon between 80 and 120 euros per customer in the this year’s Wechselsaison.

Last year the level was much lower between 30 and 60 euros.” Through consumer portals such as ( power) or free service hotline 0800-10 30-499 consumers can be quickly and easily inform about alternatives in their region and free to switch to cheaper providers. The press release we hire appropriate evidence on request available. is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments, and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases over in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts. Media contact: Christina Salinas Tel.: + 49.30.2576205.28 Email:

National Institute


The economic slowdown in the United States has miserably reduced employment for Hispanic migrant opportunities. The unemployment rate was higher among Mexican and migrant workers. If we add that stricter controls on the Border Patrol we realize the plight living migrants today. Many people looking to migrate have been discouraged because of these recent developments. The BBC noted that the number of arrests for attempt to illegally cross the border will decline dramatically, but that deaths will not decrease.

President Felipe Calderon said that US economy may not relaunch after the economic crisis faced by it without the key element which represents the work of migrants. Latter-day press tells us that they are already one thousand 500 people per day who return by Sonora (El Financiero, 25/10/08), than 4 thousand migrants from Chicago once again the capital of the country (the weekly, 10/14/08), and that so far the year already add up to 20 thousand families residing in the United States who have returned to the State of Michoacan (La Jornada Michoacan, 10/10/08). Universal said on September 30 that the National Institute for migration has publicly accepted the existence of an increasing number of countrymen who return definitively to their Mexican land. It seems that this phenomenon will not diminish until the U.S. economy copper its equilibrium and again offers that work so attractive niche.

In conclusion, you must regret the excessive dependence we have on the economy of the United States, its deep economic crisis us this impacting seriously, not only by the repatriation of fellow countrymen and the absence of remittances, but also because 90% of our exports go to that country. This us this causing a strong unemployment in the field, tourism and very especially in the maquiladora industry, settled throughout the national territory. This requires the design of emerging employment and training programs, expedite reforms that foster greater investments, as well as strategies to open new export markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Egyptian Islamic Jihad


Colombia compared with the Region’s three borders, relatively little Islamic terrorist activity has been reported in Colombia, if this first research is any indication. The occasional presence of a fundamentalist Islamic terrorist in Colombia has been reported. These may have been people trying to visit to the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC) or travel to Maicao, Colombia, or at Isla Margarita, Venezuela, where there is significant Arab communities. Mohamed Abed Abdel Aal, a leader of the affiliates to the Egyptian Islamic Jihad al-Qaeda (Jamaa Islamiyya), was arrested in Colombia in October 1998. He had been in Italy under surveillance, according to Colonel German Jaramillo Piedrahita, the head of police intelligence of Colombia, who was interviewed by Radio Caracol from Colombia on October 21, 1998.

Abdel Aal is wanted by the Egyptian authorities for his involvement in two terrorist of tourist killings: Jamaa Islamiyya attack bomber in Luxor, Egypt on 17 November 1997, in which 62 people were killed, and in connection with an incident in which terrorists killed 20 tourists Greek by raking with shots of firearms outside his hotel in Cairo on April 18, 1996. On 22 December 1999, the Iranian Embassy in Bogota announced that Tehran has suspended the construction of a cold storage plant and slaughterhouse in the DMZ in Colombia. The Colombian Defense Minister, Luis Fernando Ramirez had expressed concern at the end of November from Iranian military advisers who were part of the group to install the slaughterhouse, and that these Iranians were connected in some way to the Farc, which controlled the demilitarized zone. An Iranian delegation first visited the area in June 1999, and an agreement between the local government and the Islamic Republic was signed October 21, raising immediate suspicions approaches of the installation of a plant of large capacity in an area that may not comply with export requirements.

Interior Minister Yuri Kravchenko


Knocked down a missile system S-200 Russian TU-154, like the incident two years ago in Brovary, when missile system "Osa" 'vluchiv' in the house forever will remain a black stain on the reputation of Ukraine's Armed Forces. Blatantly lied about innocence, pointing at the camera with the TV schedules calculations, throwing the very idea of the possibility of his guilt until the last minute guide aircraft in the person of Defense Kuzmuk selfish solve the issue. Who wants to take responsibility for an international incident, as any fool, it is clear that this is the end of a career. Under these circumstances, it seems to have no military parades are unable to to convince the layman that the structure of the army is in deep crisis. The Soviet system of military vehicles destroyed, including one of its elements – a common defense, and something new, according to the army of demagogues 'Professional', as we already know are going to create not earlier than 2010. Befell the 'sergeant' Kuzmuk fate of his colleagues, in a detached "Gongadze case" Interior Minister Yuri Kravchenko, one of the advantages which, according to the Ukrainian 'elite', was his ability to hold a glass, only confirms all of the above. Interestingly, but zealously 'natsionalno-cvidomih' There is probanderovskih circles I tion that should be the title of Kuzmuk Hero of Ukraine for the destroyed moskalsky ship carrying Jews.

But go ahead. Research and development experienced development (R & D) State funds already allocated almost. Design Bureau (CB) themselves, let alone trying to somehow save potential, fulfilling any, even the non-core operation. So KP 'KMDB im.Morozova' recently shipped to the customer from the United Arab Emirates, a unique car – BTR-3U created based on the Soviet BTR-80 and stuffed with the latest developments of domestic and foreign thoughts, after which he was awarded the contract for the supply of the machine. However, the number of customers is constantly shrinking, and competitors on the contrary – is increasing.

Arms exports – the most profitable industry, with appropriate support, even in a state of powerful financial injections to replenish the treasury of the state. Thievish bureaucrat, living a Day and funding military spending only 42% of the minimum and do not need. So, it seems, the denouement of the drama of the last parade is coming. I wish the state apparatus to feed his army there, so we feed others. Andrew Kamsky

Embratel Wars


WARS: GOOD OR BAD? The aggressiveness human being was born with the first men and date of the most remote antiquity. Since the first days of life of the men whom this type of reaction predominated. The men had that to defend itself of feras and the other men. The wars with warlike material had appeared with the first civilizations: the Egyptians, the hititas, the mesopotmios, the fencios. There he predominated all the types of fights to the side of the shield and the sword.

The Barbarians had made innumerable destructions. King tila if detached for its perversity. In a similar way in more recent times: Alexander, the great one, Napoleo Bonaparte. In century XX he had two great great small wars where the congregated almost all countries: it was first and World War II. Now question: what it is that they bring of good these wars? Many think that they only bring destruction, the desperation. It is clearly that yes, but nor for this they are so bad as if they think. In first place they are defense objects, therefore we know that she will always have the aggression human being. We go to think about what it was Brazil before 2.

World-wide war. Brazil was a poor country extremely. It was only one agricultural nation and only with a subsistence agriculture. Today we see dynamic, industrialized and progressive Brazil. Before these wars, everything in Brazil was imported: alimentary and pharmaceutical machines, instruments, clothes, products and at last almost everything. If wise person to only buy giving profits for the other nations, enriching them and becoming each poor time, each time falling to the yoke of the other peoples. With the war the countries could not export nothing, therefore it did not have more relationship, both were in more enemy fights and if they became each time. The crisis imagines why Brazil passed. If we could not buy, nobody could vender much less to carry the products for the oceans that they were blocked. The countries that were not lined up in the blocks, were almost all enemies. The Brazilians could not die without the products, had that to establish our proper plants and to produce the products here same. He was as soon as established in the country the great shipyards, txteis industries, you would perfume, pharmaceutical products, agricultural instruments and developed the farming one still more. The beginning of the great state-owned companies was given: Petrobra’s, Embratel, National Siderurgical Company, etc. Brazil despertou and was born and started to produce and to progress. With this we only have to thank the great world-wide war. Which the modifications that the revolution of 31/03/1964 brought for Brazil? Thousands of workmanships had been born, to start of the partisan organizations, constitutions. Brazil reviveu. We suffer very with the ditatorial period. It all had much torture in the country. But after this period two essential monuments for the life human being if they had installed: the peace and the progress. Now we cannot more have wars, therefore the toys of fights had become terrible, but a thing is certain: it is errando that it is learned. I am not in favor of no war, but the wars open the eyes of much people. To the times she is necessary to remove the shorings so that the eyes are opened.



A Pearl on sand in a Jalisco exporter of labor, desahijada geography where identity is lost before the wave of migrants who leave the grit of his land to find after the border, as the citizens of nowhere. The exiles, the sons of exile, the victims and perpetrators of a system. A people without culture is a dead village and a village that does not have its own culture is a slave of whom it is imposed. Under this perspective the dramaturgy of Ruiz market is constructed with a thorough review of Mexican society; in its specificity, a Jalisco town of step. Hence the need to offer a song from April to the fall of the city. Hence the poetic theatricality of singing for the city. The Medullary point for a study of proposal. Syncopation as main element.

Music as a Medullary structure for walking in a city with parking in cruz; a metropolis with pedestrian bridge where it crosses a citizen who is known on the border of two worldviews. The assumed ruin as valid, another denied by officers. The revision of the myth is indispensable to understand, to be found in an immensity where dreams do not already reach for to Sun dress and undress to the Moon: why not be naked face? For the same reason that you don’t bare the soul. Shhhh, listen. The myth has the strength to cover our empty, but always persists the permeability through which penetrate the version.

The work ruizmarquiana does a balance in a space where characters can not be. Here’s the conflict, the search for the elements enabling recomposition socio-cultural. Hence the importance of the historical aspects, bases, the origins. Therefore, in the proposed ruizmarquiana, there is always a thread that leads us to Hank. The foundation of a town and their conscience is a recurring element in the Dignisima Ms. Dry, when the tyrant falls, Memorial of April, the monologues of the feast, and other works where the female characters appear carrying the baton, questioning, asserting, denying and, on occasions, imposing itself as a Beatriz Hernandez urbanize cross because so I send it. The always imposing to which only remains the opposition organized, underground, throbbing, prestisima to sprout by the epidermis of concrete: Calle luna. Street. Place of all. Place of the neighborhood. A territory to defend itself. Every inch. In syncopated, rumor of incest, rumor of love, love love, sleep among dreams you perceive. It romanza city that offers the possibility of an evolution towards a radio hit in maldiciente tessitura. For Mexico, the years of domination is not gone. They remain in force. Jalisco dramaturgy is constructed upon review of a village. An Oedipal people with capital where the matron is supreme, as Elvira, widow and painful birth icon, with a resemblance to the Virgin of Zapopan, the work Dante Medina, I am Don Juan. Here are the works and their authors. Behold the time of closing of a cycle of conferences. Review of a historical past in the future in doing it. When is the human being adrift, without boat, barely with slivers of a ship. Get afloat or sinking forever.