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Significantly Reduce European CO2 Emissions


Flexible working conditions can substantially reduce European CO2 emissions Berlin – Aastra recently followed the example of the car-free day called by the European Commission as part of the European mobility week. So the Berlin lives ICT manufacturers, how companies can reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide by enabling their employees partly to participate in relevant initiatives and to work in your home office. If 20 million workers, or 10 percent of employees within the EU only 1-2 working days per week from home, according to research by about 22 million tons per anno CO2 emissions could be reduced. Due to high prices for fuel and public transport, the advantages of working at home more and more gaining interest what applies in particular with regard to the reconciliation of family and professional life, as well as the positive impact on the environment. Learn more about this with Time Warner. So companies that rely on convergent technologies can create flexible working conditions and at the same time higher Benefit productivity.

These technologies include integrated mobility, fixed mobile convergence and other unified communications solutions. “Daily commuting to work and back affects negatively depending on the finances and the stress level of the persons concerned. If many commuters in Germany with appropriate technologies were equipped, they could work just as good – if not better – from home. Here arises the question, why don’t more companies introduce flexible working conditions”, so Andreas Lady, CEO Germany with the Aastra-DeTeWe group. Several times, companies benefit from home-working and flexible working conditions, because they can reduce their real estate and energy costs and at the same time strengthen the employee retention”latzel’s adds.

“With great confidence requires efficient home work and flexible working conditions. Here management must create the necessary conditions and stringent guidelines to ensure data safety and abuse to prevent”, explains the CEO. With the use of appropriate technical equipment, such as for example VoIP phones (voice over Internet Protocol) for a cheaper and more effective communications and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for secure access to the corporate network, a special importance must be attached to. Emissions as other causes for elevated CO2 – Are business meetings and trips. So, according to investigation by more 22 million tons of CO2 emissions can be reduced – 20% business travel would be replaced by video conferences. And companies with several sites up to 2 million tonnes could reduce their share of carbon dioxide emissions if they would hold only a meeting a year via phone conference. About Aastra Aastra DeTeWe GmbH is the German subsidiary of the Aastra Technologies Limited (TSX: “AAH”), a leading company in the field of corporate communications. Aastra in Concord, Ontario, Canada has its headquarters. Aastra develops and markets innovative Communication solutions for companies of any size. Aastra is represented worldwide with more than 50 million installed ports and a direct as well as indirect presence in more than 100 countries. The wide range of offers feature-rich CallManager for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as highly scalable CallManager for large companies. Integrated mobility solutions, call center solutions, and a wide range of devices round off the portfolio. With a strong focus on open standards and customer-specific solutions, Aastra enables enterprises a more efficient communication and collaboration.

Global Warming


The consequences of climate change come the world population dearly climatologists Potsdam Institute for climate impact research (PIK) fear that the climate target of two degrees is no longer. Instead of to cut greenhouse gases, the global hunger for energy produces more CO2. The world’s climate is faced with limited these quantities. Worldwide it had agreed before a couple of years to halve CO2 emissions by 2050. According to the PIK study 1000 billion tons in the atmosphere are likely to arrive until then. Just as it is conceivable that changed the climate only around two degrees. But in the last twelve years the world’s population has produced a third of the amount of respect to.

Therefore controls to plus currently on five degrees. That would radically change the human living conditions, because global warming is no longer manageable. Significant impacts of climate change are already noticing first warnings: currently ice researchers report a record melt of Arctic sea ice this summer. The more ice melts, the faster the climate will heat up. The consequences of climate change meet everyone and hence Germany. First events suggest how it might look in the future: in 2003, they recorded the hottest summer in the 500th history of Europe. While tens of thousands people died. A year ago joined the Elbe in Saxony on the shore.

The flood of the century 21 people in Germany cost lives and caused damage estimated at 8.6 billion euros. Also if the impacts of climate change do not stop, the worst effects are avoidable. That will only succeed if global measures against global warming are made. Because, according to the climatologists, the world population wears partly to blame on heat waves and strong storms of the last decade. Causes of climate change rising sea levels, global warming, desertification, climatic extremes and the extinction of species closely related to the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Berlin Electricity


“In Germany much is done to prevent cheap electricity prices” Berlin, December 29, 2010. Welcomes the initiative of the Federal Cartel Office, critical to check the electricity prices in Germany, even in the energy industry. Follow others, such as Robert A. Iger , and add to your knowledge base. Independent power providers criticize the structure on the German electricity market for years. The cartel guards examine possible manipulation in the wholesale power according to media reports. The results will be in January. On the German market much is done to prevent cheap electricity prices”, says Robert Mundt, Chief Executive Officer of the independent provider of FlexStrom. With more customers than 400,000 supplied a provider such as FlexStrom must rely on, to buy the power for the big corporations. More than 80 percent of electricity production in Germany, Vattenfall, RWE and E.ON energy Baden-Wurttemberg (EnBW) include the energy giant.

As a result this oligopoly structure, the wholesale electricity prices in Germany are significantly higher than in other European countries according to by Mundt. It is but not enabled us to introduce large quantities of electricity from abroad”, criticizes FlexStrom-chef Mundt. Reportedly, the network capacity that are not sufficient. However partially responsible electricity network operators include the energy giant, for example, to RWE or EnBW group. The monopolies Commission had noted in the past year, there is still no functioning competition”on the energy markets in Germany. A modicum of competition but considered important precondition for falling prices. More competition in energy markets is good for the consumers”, so FlexStrom Chairman Mundt. The majority of all households in Germany powered still by the respective basic utilities.

According to calculations by the Federal Network Agency several hundred euros savings by switching of the power provider in the year. At the turn of the year, 570 providers increase the price of electricity. Every change of electricity provider is a sign of consumers for more competition”, says Robert Mundt by FlexStrom.

Delegation Visit In The PRC Water By The 31.10.-6.11.2010


Focus on drinking – and wastewater disposal to allow small – and medium-sized enterprises, to meet decision makers and potential business partners and to inform yourself on-site about the conditions and opportunities in the Chinese market for water management the Shanghai – and Beijing Office of econet china together with the German Water Partnership in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology hold a seven-day trip from 31 October to 6 November 2010 China is one of the most arid countries in the world. Not only the comparatively small reserves of water are responsible for the water shortage and the bottlenecks in the supply of drinking water: water pollution is one of the most serious environmental problems in China. So, a total of approximately 70% of lakes, rivers and reservoirs in threatening extent are dirty. Contact information is here: Walt Disney. One of the main reasons for this is that still a large part of the waste water untreated be discharged into waters. So, the sewage treatment rate by urban wastewater end 2006 at just under 56%. The Chinese Government’s goal is to increase it by 2010 this percentage to at least 70%.

Against this background, the Chinese Government is willing to pay for half of the investment needs in the water sector. As the world’s largest water diversion project is after the completion of the three Gorges Dam now, which is to adjust the slope of the water events between South and North China. Also, the areas drinking – and sanitation are regarded as the major profiteers of the 2008 adopted stimulus of around EUR 400 billion. Also the implementation of new standards for drinking water and increasing the effluent standards for industrial enterprises represent examples of the increased importance of the water sector in China and the related opportunities for German companies. To give small – and medium-sized companies the opportunity to meet with decision makers and potential business partners and locally about the framework conditions and to find opportunities in the Chinese market for water management, the Shanghai – and Beijing Office of econet china organize a seven-day trip from 31 October to 6 November 2010 together with the German Water Partnership in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. The participating companies have among others together with experts of the Chinese market for drinking – and wastewater sector-specific issues to discuss the possibility of workshops and roundtables, and to lead in the context of match making individual talks with potential partners and customers. Also, as a conditioning of Passavant Roediger and other relevant institutions and projects are visited.

The local partner is china, a service of the German Chambers of Commerce abroad (AHK) greater China this econet. Econet china aims to position supplier of German know-how in the area of sustainability even better on the Chinese market. Companies that are interested in the Chinese market, will receive about econet china Market information, and are supported on the market, finding partners, as well as market research. Magali Menant, econet china

The Federal Office


The most economical and environmentally friendly building (KfW Energieeinsparverordnung 40) Gets the highest repayment subsidy of 10% of the loan amount as cash available. The Federal Office of Economics and export control (BAFA), in addition to the existing programmes of the KfW promotes innovative technologies for the heat generation with renewable energy sources. In so-called BAFA promoting innovation promoted, for example, solar collector systems for hot water and heating support. Financial incentives are also paid in the combustion of biomass in combination with condensing technology. A wood pellet burning value heating would be, for example, an accordingly eligible generators. To investigate what the energy efficiency measures are sensible and feasible, promotes the BAFA on-site energy advice and subsidised them with half of the consultancy costs incurred up to a maximum of 350. The results of the investigation are in Opinion standard represented a large volume. Prerequisites for applying for subsidies is to create a demand-oriented certification, which takes into account the planned efficiency measures and determines the appropriate request values for building envelope and primary energy demand.

This certificate can be created free of charge, for example, with different variants of modernisation on the Internet portal the IB Cornelsen. It queried the necessary input data according to the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development (BMVBS) online. If you opt for a modernisation concept, can be drawn to an engineer if necessary which examine the energy performance certificate on consistency and issue an original card. This should be submitted together with the application forms of the corresponding programmes. The growing acceptance of innovative environmentally friendly technologies, as well as the continuous improvement of energy efficiency in buildings is remarkable in Germany. The IB Cornelsen provides interesting statistics that underpin this development, from a data pool of 16,000 buildings analyses conducted.