The consequences of climate change come the world population dearly climatologists Potsdam Institute for climate impact research (PIK) fear that the climate target of two degrees is no longer. Instead of to cut greenhouse gases, the global hunger for energy produces more CO2. The world’s climate is faced with limited these quantities. Worldwide it had agreed before a couple of years to halve CO2 emissions by 2050. According to the PIK study 1000 billion tons in the atmosphere are likely to arrive until then. Just as it is conceivable that changed the climate only around two degrees. But in the last twelve years the world’s population has produced a third of the amount of respect to.

Therefore controls to plus currently on five degrees. That would radically change the human living conditions, because global warming is no longer manageable. Significant impacts of climate change are already noticing first warnings: currently ice researchers report a record melt of Arctic sea ice this summer. The more ice melts, the faster the climate will heat up. The consequences of climate change meet everyone and hence Germany. First events suggest how it might look in the future: in 2003, they recorded the hottest summer in the 500th history of Europe. While tens of thousands people died. A year ago joined the Elbe in Saxony on the shore.

The flood of the century 21 people in Germany cost lives and caused damage estimated at 8.6 billion euros. Also if the impacts of climate change do not stop, the worst effects are avoidable. That will only succeed if global measures against global warming are made. Because, according to the climatologists, the world population wears partly to blame on heat waves and strong storms of the last decade. Causes of climate change rising sea levels, global warming, desertification, climatic extremes and the extinction of species closely related to the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.