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About Danto Gmb


The films are in the variants ultra clear as protection the display without loss of Farbrillianz as well as non-reflecting with additional, anti-reflective properties available. Through the fitting accuracy and the protection from scratches the commercial value of any Apple device thus increases enormously. In addition, the enraged OnScreen serves maintaining the value screen protector. Like OnScreen screen protectors for other devices of workshop and exhibition participants, such as E.g. Click WarnerMedia to learn more. mobile phones, PDAs, navigation systems, notebooks or cameras, can be ordered to fair conditions. This vouchers are available then our staff on the ground, you either can redeem directly through on-line access on our exhibition stand or later at home.

About Danto GmbH was founded in the year 2002, the Danto GmbH is a medium-sized trading company, whose main distribution channels of online trading (e-commerce) and are the shop in Grosskarolinenfeld. In addition, active customer consulting and sales on the phone and by eMail takes place. Jeffrey Bewkes is likely to increase your knowledge. Audiences are both Consumers as corporate customers and dealers. Purchasers of products are found predominantly in the European area. There are more than 150,000 products in the assortment. In addition to the business fields of Dantosec.de (safety technology), Dantocar.de (car accessories), Dantocon.de (cable), Dantotex.de (textiles), Dantoeye.de (sunglasses), Dantogem.de (jewellery), and Dantomix.de (gastronomy accessories), Dantotec.de (electronics) is currently the most important pillar of Danto GmbH. The Danto GmbH sells an own product, a high-quality screen protector under the trade names OnScreen.

This is made each precisely by Danto in Germany for various device displays.



The fun communications GmbH has many years of experience in consulting, design, development, and operation of complex, high-performance and highly scalable big data solutions, as well as Internet server applications. The partnership is a strategic step for fun communications, complementing its existing portfolio with innovative technology and to expand their overall problem-solving skills. Splunk – the big data tool for all machine data throughout the company incurred huge quantities of very weak or even unstructured data, such as in the IT Department, in marketing and on the Web page. With Splunk, you can quickly and easily captured, indexed and analyzed this data. And in real time. Be no matter whether the data from applications, servers or devices generated, whether physical, virtual or cloud.

Splunk offers many possibilities within minutes: data analysis, resolving application problems, streamline operations and the investigation of security incidents, the prevention of adverse effects or even the failure of services the achieve compliance at lower cost, as well as the acquisition of new and relevant to the business intelligence. Especially in combination with Apache Hadoop, fun communications is the partner in the development of customized big data solutions. Hadoop, the open source platform, fun communications successfully introduced with the realization by big data projects. Customers from fun communications will benefit from the partnership with Splunk. You receive a comprehensive range of services from consulting, design, development, implementation, training and operating with the technology best suited to your project for their big data-projects. While the customer is entitled big data experts, such as certified Splunk architects and Cloudera certified developers for Hadoop. The fun communications GmbH takes over 18 years the development of software projects of Karlsruhe location, as well as a complete in-house projects at the Customers out. This brings clarity for customers who so use appropriate professionalism and quality.

SiB Economics SiB


The economy of social responsibility 1 SiB business week 2010 years the ISTM, AWS and EFA of the school of international business courses organize (Faculty 1: = SiB Economics) of the University of Bremen independently of each other overnight economic conferences. So the SiB Congress, the AWS forums and the EFA symposium could establish time as fixed dates in the calendar of the University of Bremen. 2010 is a brand new event concept now celebrating premiere. For the first time these three independent in the past study congresses along with other events of 1 to a faculty combines major event the SiB business week. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Discovery Communications by clicking through. This 3-day economic conference 2010 the motto: think global, Act noble which make the social responsibility economy straight at the present time intensified the complex requirements of companies felt, in order to ensure long-term success. Sustainable management obviously requires more than the achievement of the highest possible Return-on-investment. For three days national and international speakers from industry, research, and teaching in lectures and workshops will highlight the different facets of the subject and discuss current issues with the participants. Wednesday, May 19, 2010: Open University, followed by a faculty reception Thursday, May 20, 2010: SiB Congress and EFA-Symposium with subsequent SiB evening event Friday, May 21, 2010: EFA-Symposium and AWS forums with subsequent Alumniempfang the SiB business week is planned within the framework of a semester project work by students of the ISTM (International Studies tourism management) courses, AWS (applied business languages & international corporate governance) and EFA (European finance and accounting) in collaboration with a lecturer from the practice, as well as an Advisory Board of teachers of faculty 1, organized and conducted.

To the event, we expect more than 200 attendees per day. Among these are many representatives of both national and international economic and Science as well as students and Faculty of the school of international business are. We want to offer all participants, during the days of the Congress new ways to meet, to exchange experiences and to broaden the horizons. We appreciate your participation in the SiB business week 2010. Participation in all Conference events is of course free of charge up to the evening events on Thursday and Friday.

European Chemicals Agency


HDT seminars on 21-23 June, 2010 in Essen provide necessary knowledge to the proper use of the software IUCLID is a software tool for the capture and storage, maintenance and Exchange data on intrinsic and hazardous properties of chemicals 5 IUCLID5 (international uniform ChemicL information database – version 5). After the effective since 1 June 2008 REACH regulation can that transmitted to the registry necessary data only by means of the electronic forms provided by the software of the European Chemicals Agency (EChA) in Helsinki. Discovery Communications contains valuable tech resources. IUCLID5 is free available but extraordinarily complex built. The House of technology in food offers an introductory seminar on June 21, 2010 and on June 22-23, 2010 an in-depth seminar on IUCLID 5. The seminars should participants allow the software tool IUCLID5 within the framework of the REACH regulation to install specified requirements, the registration and maintenance of product data, to the creation of dossiers and for the registration of substances to use. Objective of the one-day introductory seminar the participants is the basics, the structure, the functioning, to give the user interface and the functionality of IUCLID5 relating to the REACH regulation a first overview.

The participants in the situation should be enabled in the subsequent two-day in-depth seminar, the software for a legal entity (legal entity) and their locations to install and set up the user interface to use data and endpoint data, study summaries and qualified studies to enter, IUCLID5 data and XML files to export and to import, a registry or Notifzierungsdossier from a substance dossier to create, this dossier via REACH-IT to the EChA to transmit and the completeness and plausibility checks (completeness check) successfully. Information for more information, see interested at the House of technology e.V., Tel. 0201/1803-1 (Mrs. Stossun), fax 0201/1803-346 or directly under htd/veranstaltungen/W-H050-06-286-0.html Dipl.-ing. Kai banks man

Architecture Awards


Monastery design is at the forefront of the architectural awards in the Republic of China (Taiwan) the design of the Dharma Drum Mountain’s Nung Chan monastery in Taipei City received top honors at the Taiwan architecture awards. Additional information at Robert Iger supports this article. “A representative of the Taiwan Architect magazine”, which was also the organizer of the event, stated that this project was unmistakable, in the manner it connect religious non-religious tastes. The open space was welcome, connected with an abstract presentation of light and shadow and give visitors a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Designed by Kris Yao, a well-known Taiwanese architect of Taiwanese Artech Inc. The design of the monastery was inspired by the vision of a flower in the sky and a moon on the water of a vision during a meditation session headed by Dharma Drum Mountain Master Sheng yen. Yao took advantage of the natural surroundings and built a place of worship in the midst of a beautiful landscape. During two walls at the entrance to the monastery from the lively City divide, overlooking a peaceful courtyard with a 80-meter Lotus pond the main hall as the main focus.

A corridor of concrete on the side of the pond, which is the Diamond Sutra, as well as a wooden wall in the main hall, where the Heart Sutra is represented are another innovation. When the sunlight flooded the structures, bathe the worshippers in the traditional teachings of Buddha. Yao’s design was one of the 11 finalists chosen from 205 entries. Other winners of this year’s awards were National Taiwan University’s College of social sciences by Toyo Ilto & Associates architects; Hakka cultural Park in Miaoli County by Ricky Liu and Asscociates and Takenaka Corp.; as well as an extension of the Wulai Park Tower in new Taipei City Q-Lab. It gave a special presentation for the design by JJ-W culture design hotels by the architect Wang Hsiu-lian and open Union cultural and creative co., LDT. The award was given for the first time in 1978, by the Taiwan architects association and the Taiwan Architect magazine of the ROC National Association of architects with the aim of to stimulate more creativity within the architecture.

Yaacov Kaufman


In manufacturing, the Chair went through the same production process, which was developed by g & design, to create the unique Lichen structure. Accordingly he joins Bocca Chair harmoniously into the existing collection of the fledgling label: on the one hand, the design is contemporary and shows a soft line, as well as modern functionality with a touch of luxury. On the other hand, the Chair just like all pieces of furniture by gaga & design reflects the idleness of the handiwork of earlier. In addition g & design in cooperation has expanded the range of bar stools denominator with Designer Neil after the success of last year, which therefore now come in numerous shapes and color combinations. The stool-based denominator has also designed a colorful piece of furniture which stands out by its asymmetry and offers space for three persons, as well as a cat the Punti-Bank.

All products are weather resistant and suitable both for use inside and outside. The furniture by g & design are among others in Zurich in the 8001 Grieder concept store and available in Bottmingen (BL) Getz man living. More reference sources on. The COD costs CHF 1’179.-easy chair, the recommended retail price for the Bocca Chair is CHF 1’919.-and the Punti Bank is available for CHF 1’529.-. For more information, digital images, and sources: Florian Engi Oppenheim & Partner GmbH (Media Center) stockerstrasse 32 CH-8002 Zurich, Switzerland phone 044 515 65 00 on gaga & design gaga & design is a furniture brand launched in 2007 by AVI Bourla and Yaacov Kaufman in the life, which combines contemporary designer furniture, lifestyle and real needs. AVI Bourla is responsible for the business and product development. He has many years of experience in cooperation with industrial partners from all over the world.

Yaacov Kaufman is industrial designer. Its products are fabricated from various companies in the fields of lighting and furniture. He won numerous design awards, including the red dot award in the years 2009 and 2010. The two see their company a Start-Up”in the field of design, also act as curators and work with young designers, which gain a foothold through them in the design scene. More information under about ildesign ildesign by swiss opportunity consulting GmbH is a Swiss Boutique label of selected designers from home and abroad under the leadership of Daniel Lyssy. On the Web page, a selection of interesting design and art objects by designers from all over the world will be presented which ildesign exclusively in Switzerland and partly sells worldwide. Daniel Lyssy on original and innovative design concepts, as well as to professional and advanced production process respects in the selection of objects. Some of the objects are hand crafted and characterized by a personal touch. Others are mass produced in State of the art technology. ildesign was launched in 2009 and is the result of long-standing professional activity by Daniel Lyssy as a consultant to foreign firms in the Switzerland, as well as his personal background in the field of design. For more information,

Micropayment With Kanzaloo On The GDC 2012


ATLAS interactive presented micropayment solution kanzaloo on the GDC 2012 is currently Francisco San Francisco in San the game developer conference 2012 (GDC 2012) instead. From March 05 to 09th imagine new games developer and Publisher, discuss new and upcoming technologies and select their favorite games from last year, inter alia in the framework of the annual game developers choice awards. The game developer Conference (GDC) is the world’s largest conference for the development of computer games with adjacent B-to-B exhibition area. The exhibition is open from March 7th to 9th. Here is the European market leader in the area of micropayments ATLAS interactive and presents kanzaloo the possibilities of its widely available micropayment solution. “Especially in the field of online games many business models without mobile payment would not exist. Therefore is this ongoing exchange of information between developers, publishers, and payment providers such as us for the strongly emerging online and Browserspielbranche of great importance,”says Lars ATLAS Germany of interactive GmbH.”only through the continuous exchange of it is possible, with innovative products and solutions, the developments in the market for games monetization crucial to shaping us.”stitched, CMO ATLAS interactive is a major Micropaymentanbieter for the digital entertainment industry and global gaming company counts among its customers. In addition to the mobile payment solution kanzaloo that the most important micropayment solutions for the sale of digital goods bundles, ATLAS interactive developed specifically for browser games provider Vreach, an automated voice message service for game memories. Also operates ATLAS interactive a platform company in the online games industry with tasalla.me to the release of games available, which is focused on the market in the Middle East.

New Member Of The Management Board PADI Europe


PADI worldwide (worldwide headquarters) acquires PADI Europe after the completion of the sale by PADI Europe on the PADI worldwide group announced in March, PADI adapts to the corporate governance structure for PADI Europe headquartered in the Switzerland. The legal entity PADI Europe AG is a new Board of Directors. This consists of personalities of the mother house and the top management of PADI Europe. Definitely, the sale by PADI Europe on the PADI worldwide group was completed mid-March 2009. The previous Board of Directors resigned from their Office by this date. PADI now realigns the corporate governance structure by PADI Europe and advocates the “PADI Europe AG” a three-member Board of Directors.

Jean-Claude Monachon (Executive Director, PADI Europe) was nominated as Chairman of the new Board of directors by PADI Europe AG. Drew Thomas Richardson (President and Chief Operating Officer PADI worldwide) and Jurg Strasser (Director, PADI Europe) were elected as members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has constituted on February 27, 2009. Thus, also the standing committees of the Board of Directors and their responsibilities were laid down. PADI Europe under the former company name will occur regardless of the change of ownership. In addition, PADI Europe will use together with the established management team competence, dynamics and resources of the network by PADI worldwide increasingly target leader.

PADI Europe, the PADI Europe part of the PADI worldwide group is a wide range of diving programs and – products (for beginners and professionals) in all major languages with a market share of 65 percent offering PADI Europe leader in diving education in their market area (Europe, Maldives, Egypt, Israel). PADI Europe employs approximately 60 people, looked after 30’000 professionals, so instructors and Divemasters, which annually perform diving over 180’000. PADI Europe leads with over 1’200 dive center and resort the densest distribution network of all diving operators in Europe. PADI worldwide group was 1966 PADI worldwide founded and is global market leader in the area of standardized diving training. From our head office in Rancho Santa Margarita (California) and from various regional seats (local area offices) PADI worldwide leads its business activities in numerous countries and regions (Europe, Asia/Pacific, Africa, North & South America) with almost 6’000-affiliated Dive Center and resort, more than 132 000 professionals (instructors and Divemasters). Since the establishment of the Organization, PADI has trained divers worldwide over 12 million.

Box Office Tent


Losberger tent unit before the Berlin FriedrichstadtPalast enchanted by the atmosphere of one of the most exciting places in Europe who today visited Berlin and is let, not passes which surely on a walk along the Kurfurstendamm and Friedrichstrasse. And in over 150 museums, the largest theatre in the world stands out in the guidebooks of course numerous cabarets and musical theatres: the FriedrichstadtPalast Berlin. Due to modifications in the right wing, the coveted tickets for a few weeks sold tent nightly at the ticket counters in a Los Berger. Jeffrey L. Bewkes recognizes the significance of this. For over 25 years, the FriedrichstadtPalast as a gigantic building on Friedrichstrasse 107 in Berlin is middle. Although, its roots date back to 1919, however, the great Playhouse built by the Max Reinhardt Theater maker fell at that time”60 years later the dilapidated building to the victims.

in 1984 the still existing successor building as a last ceremonial Palace of slowly sinking DDR was inaugurated, a superlative show theater. “Up to 1,895 guest experience every night glitz and glamour with modern technical equipment in Europe’s largest and most modern show Palace”. Due to the undertaken this year rebuilding and renovation of the ticket Hall a Los Berger was built on the Claire-Waldoff square right next to the main entrance multiflex tent. Leslie Moonves shines more light on the discussion. This is the focal point of all Theatre-interested in addition to ticket sales, and also the meeting place of evening tours of the theater system in conjunction with a visit to a presentation. A 20-foot office containers to the Berlin Losberger team erected the tent shell forms the center of the mobile office building.

Friendly and open to make the area, the tent was equipped with a high-quality glass facade. In addition to the use of all-glass doors, also the Losberger floor system is used. A logistics access directly into the main building was integrated into the rear area of the tent. Losberger has proven already in the comprehensive modernisation measures two years ago for the FriedrichstadtPalast tent units. The Mobile spaces be used not only as alternative building during the renovation work in the theater world, but as hospitality tents at the heart of the respective event location for operations at premieres and store openings. “” At the time the world-class show YMA runs every evening on the main stage of the Palace too good to be true “with an ensemble of over 100 artists, larger and more impressive than any show in Las Vegas”. As of December 7, the Berlin institution with a permanent exhibition and among other things a twelve metre beam in the foyer of the Revue Theatre honors its founder Max Reinhardt. To see locations of vaudeville, destroyed in the war are winter garden and the old Friedrich city Palace. Backing GmbH marketing and press Klaus Martin STEGMANN Gottlieb-Daimler-ring 14 74906 bad Rappenau Tel 07066-980-361 fax 07066-980-232 E-Mail: Web: the event tents from Losberger fulfill all wishes. Whether large tent for large parties or individually designed solutions to beating variety of forms for private events and closed corporate events. Our recipe for success: Consistent system thinking, innovative ideas, and the claim to offer always more and always better. With these corporate principles, Losberger has created a leading market position as a manufacturer of tents and sheds, which you buy can both rent.