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Syndical Agreements


Generally when congregating me with companies whom they intend to implant a structure of formal remuneration (complete, with descriptions of the positions, wage evaluations, comparisons with the market, classification and bands) a question appears: Which will be the impact of this implantation in the current Leaf of Payment? The more onerous it will be? The idea of that the company will increase its costs after & ldquo; furaco& rdquo; that the implantation of a structure of positions and wages will cause is pure myth and normally this is proven when we present the proposals of wage framing (current wage x wage considered for the new structure) to the end of the work. Alloy Enterprises may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It has some factors that knock down this initial impression with which I am boarded for the controllers of the company-customer soon in the first contacts: 1) When a company does not have a formal structure of remuneration is parallel not accustomed to search wages or to compare them with the market objective where it acts or it concurs. The parameter for comparison is the wage intended for the candidates in the fulfilling of the Proposal of Job or a fast looked in the current wage of these candidates. It happens that the market follows the old rule of offers and the search, with retractions and expanses that not necessarily follow the linear logic that the company after practises year year with the traditional syndical legal corrections/that, not rare, they inlay some real profit. An employee admitted in 2000, for example, contracted with wage the market level and that he has had its readjustments for the Syndical Agreements between this year and 2009, surely would have a profit in relation to the market, fruit of the crisis of 2008 that it implied in resignations and recontrataes, not rare, with lesser wages. If this same company opted to implanting a formal structure of remuneration nowadays, if of this implantation a wage research was integrant part of the process, would not be surprise if the current wages were above of the bands proposals parametrizadas for the market.



Primerica, obe231.blogspot.com says:

This is a blog about my experiences at Primerica and my opinions about this great fantastic company. Primerica does what is right for their clients 100% of the time. I’m an agent and I feel positive and good about what I do for families. Disclaimer: The postings on this blog does not represent Primerica Financial Services as a whole, but as a matter of opinion and information based by me.

One knows well that all strategical planning must contain objectives and goals. The concept of both the terms still sufficiently is confused. For Rodrigues et al (2009), the objectives is understood by quantitative and qualitative results desired by the company. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jeff Bewkes. The authors still mention that goals are resulted quantitative measurable if to carry through specifically in stipulated stated period, that is, the goal mensura what the objective desires to reach in form of numbers. The objectives and goals have basic paper in the strategical planning. To if establishing stated periods and quantifying the results, the objectives and goals become the planning most easy of being executed. It is important to attempt against itself that the objectives, as well as the strategies, must take care of the necessities of the organization.

The objectives and goals must be tangible and not a dream in the imaginary one of the executive. For Coast (2007), the objectives and goals also have the purpose to consider challenges to the strategical planning. Bigger and bolder Quo will be the objectives and goals, more challenging will be planning. According to agreement of Rodrigues et al (2009), the objectives can be classified according to nature, form and stated period. Referring to the nature, the objectives can be general or specific.

How much to the form, them they can be quantitative or qualitative e, finally, in relation to the stated period, of short or long stated period. For Ansoff (1990, p.58), the objectives of long stated period inside have determinative paper of the organization: But, to remain income-producing in the long run, the necessary company to continue renewing itself same; new resources must be applied and new products and markets need to be developed. Many basic phases of this activity of auto-renewal possess long periods of maturation. Therefore, during the next period applications of resources for some types of necessities long-range, such must be made as research and development, managemental training, and new capital assets.

Technology Review


Since the time of the industrial revolution, in middle of century XVIII, that the workers in the entire world fear the loss of the job as result of the technological advances. At the time, the machines had brought greater productivity for the industry, but they had destroyed many ranks of work manual. Other occupations, however, had been created to give have supported to a system of more modern production. This process if has repeated throughout centuries, whenever a technology is substituted by another one. The question that if places currently, is to know if the speed with that the technological innovations & ldquo; destroem& rdquo; jobs are bigger of what the sprouting of new ranks of work. According to reviewed Technology Review, of the Institute of Technology of Massachusetts (MIT), in the United States, the American product grew in the last five years, but the amount of lost jobs arrived the six million more than. It is possible that factors as terceirizao of man power is of the country has affected these numbers, but the analyst believes that the responsible greater for the exaggeration between economic growth and generation of job has been the automation.

Nobel of economy in 2010, professor Peter Diamond, does not believe that the technological innovations provoke a permanent reduction in the job, but foresees an increase in the income concentration as consequncia. An option to the search for job has been the empreendedorismo. That is, to use to advantage the chances that appear with the technological advances and to become entrepreneur. The business plan, therefore, can be the best alternative to the lost job for the automation. Ricardo Keys Rasp

Sabin Positions


Company MARRIES detaches paper of the leadership to keep climate in day In the Sabin Laboratory, net of reference in Brazil with a wallet of more than a million of customers and 62 unidadesem three States, the culture of high performance are proportionate, in first place, for a sensation of ‘ ‘ pertencimento’ ‘ of the people. ‘ ‘ We work strong established in values that had been defined for proper funcionrios’ ‘ , the superintendent of RH, Marly advances Vidal. According to it, to define the values was a process that involved the house collaborators oldest and arrived the seven item that are the premise for all the actions and strategies of the company. Beyond this alignment of ideas, the employee has freedom to give suggestions and feels that he has transparency in the decisions. ‘ ‘ The worse crisis that a company can have is reliable ‘ ‘ , Marly says. An example of this concern is in the election of people to inside occupy higher positions of the company. In accordance with the superintendent, 100% of the positions of leadership of the 62 units of the Sabin had been busy by means of internal processes.

It is one reliable politics. When a vacant appears, them does not search in the market. To strengthen the confidence, the company instituted allegiance prizes, has its goals divulged for the totality of the staff, guarantees participation in the results, bonds and benefits based on meritocracia. Still thus, the management of people looks for to work the paper of the leaderships to inspire continuously the group and to invest in action as feedback, for example. With headquarters in Brasilia, it is natural that one of the main competitors of the company in relation to the occupation of the best vacant is the public office, but, exactly thus, the Sabin looks for to establish some 0 variable to hold back its talentos and ‘ ‘ brigar’ ‘ against the stability of the state sector.

Operational Administrator


Retailers. Many companies obtain to grow prescriptions quickly when the prices of pra there low sales play. This is good? The extreme increase of the practical one of? dumping? it comes making with that these companies forget the part income-producing it business: ‘ ‘ To gain dinheiro’ ‘. To play pra the there low price of sales without foreseeing operational the necessities existing causes future financial crises? The edges do not cover the costs. To practise? dumping? it is an operation that it needs to be folloied of close and with strategical planejamentos? The operational costs continue increasing. It said Michael Porter, book author diverse on competitiveness strategies and professor of Harvard Business School: ‘ ‘ A COMPANY WITHOUT STRATEGY MAKES ANY NEGCIO’ ‘. Five are the main factors that practise influence it of? dumping? negative: 1? Not to know which the operational cost of the business; 2? Not to know the deduction of the existing tributes of the business; 3? Not to follow the yield of the business; 4? Not to diversify the mix of products of the business; 5? To beat the price of the competition without a good negotiation of purchase? The most practised.

All company needs to grow, since that, inside of this growth a healthful yield for the business exists. To change figurinhas was thing of the past. They think about this.

Corporative Services


The creative company who propitiates a good environment of work more is valued by its employees and customers, therefore, will have more success. It must itself be led in consideration also that nor always the organizacional climate take care of the necessities of the collaborators, therefore is the consequence of the effect of the culture of the company in the organization, that is, of the attributions of the norms, uses and customs inside of the organization. Thus, he asks himself: why in as much organizations the services are given of so deficient form? Why they make it to the people with a so mediocre performance? Why are so frequent the claims of the external customers how much to the quality of the atendimentos? How many customers the companies lose for not being intent its climate? He arrives yourself to think it that the problem is in the lack of training or me the election and conscription of people. However, you are welcome he advances the companies to fire its employees, as if only they were the true culprits for the development of its work. To measure the quality of the services is a challenge, therefore the satisfaction of the customers is determined by many intangible factors.

If the organization of services intends to remain itself in the competitive market, the continuous improvement in productivity and quality must be part of its strategies and the corporative culture. The research of organizacional climate is a tool that can contribute very for this (LIGHT, 2003 p 168). She is necessary that the companies have people working joined to guarantee the satisfaction of the customers, therefore the human character gains prominence and therefore the motivation is an important factor, being that the diagnosis of the organizacional climate to point the imperfections that harm the quality in services. Employee to give a good service to it, she is necessary that it knows, that can and wants to make it.