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Windows Administrator


On corporate security and technology will work AppLocker – now do not need an administrator at your own risk and confer particularly active users of advanced rights, just enough to competently make a black or white lists of applications, to make exceptions, including the types of files. The user can independently set the allowed updates or new software, not throwing IT department endless requests. At the same time ruin something will not work – "sit" as an administrator to install legitimate software is not necessary, and run the application with a virtual registry. Increased productivity – one more trump card of "Seven." There is even want nothing to prove – in the network a lot of video clips demonstrating the almost instant loading the PC out of hibernation for a few seconds. As an anecdote to tell like Microsoft that Windows 7 was put on a Pentium II c 256MB of RAM. Of course, guarantee user satisfaction in this case the company does not. But, however, is not interested in performance system itself, and that the user, that is the same employee, began working significantly faster. Take care of developers and IT professionals. The thing is understandable, given that it is often administrators conductors are the innovations, they say, how easy the new system, how easy it is to manage it. If the administrator may in a few minutes of "rolling back" the image of a few dozen PCs (and this is implemented), or a smoke break time to reinstall the OS on the "dying" computer, retaining all the information officer – is not an advantage for the user, and the company as a whole.

ABC Company


With the help of standard solutions of '1 C: Complex Automation 8 'automated the entire cycle of operations, sales management of sales planning prior to shipment. A unified database that stores the history of relationships with customers and information about the needs of clients. This excluded cases of losing a customer due to vacation or dismissal of the responsible officer, as well as the simultaneous operation of multiple managers with the same client. The program allows you to segment customers using the tools of ABC and XYZ analysis by profit and the number of sales. This allowed more effectively manage customer relationships and create for each individual customer price lists.

Organized work with regular customers: discounts, ability to work in the credit and prepayment, which contributed to higher customer loyalty. The number of patrons has increased by 20% as a consequence, increased sales. CBSs opinions are not widely known. Pricing mechanisms implemented in the program made it possible to monitor competitors' prices and compare them with market prices. On the basis of analytical information by the marketing department were designed and carried out successful activities and events that helped increase the company's profit by 5% and attract new customers. Procurement planning and inventory management enabled a 30% speed up the delivery process, which is very important to the success of the enterprise, since the goods come from China to Russia through third country – Kazakhstan. Automation has allowed to manage a commodity that is still in its path. Initially, the goods are delivered across the border with China in Almaty, where he was getting registered in the system, then products are sent to other branches of the company. Thus, immediately after receipt of the goods in Almaty branch manager can reserve product for the customer.

Procurement planning is in accordance with the plan sales, which account managers are no longer on the statistics for the previous period, and based on current customer needs. It possible to accelerate the turnover of products in stock and reduce the cost of storage of finished products. Through the effective management of residues and reserve products at stores are virtually eliminated errors in the collection order. Automated Cash Management (planning revenues, control spending money) and the formation of the payment calendar has reduced cash gaps. According to the director companies 'TEMP-TOOLS' Dmitry Petrovich Kireev: 'Experts Chelyabinsk branch of '1 C: Accounting and Trade' (ICE) has successfully coped with the tasks. Our guide was useful tools management accounting, such as a report on gross margins, which we use daily, and without which it is not our future activities. It allows us at any time to obtain data on operating profit how each branch of the company and across the company as a whole. Much better planned purchases, which allowed us to greatly shorten delivery of finished products to customers. We thank the company 'ICE' in successful completed project. "