It's actually very simple, but before I ask them to think about someone having a problem. If you have read about David Zaslav already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It can be a friend who cheated, a parent who beat them or do not understand them, or a couple who were deceived. Robert Iger has much to offer in this field. No matter who the person or that has been injustice, in fact can use this formula yourself. For now, something we take very seriously because it is the first time I do, although it may work with any type of problem. Well, we already have someone in mind, right? As relationships are very important in our lives going to let me take the example of someone who deceived us.

So the betrayal will be our example and see if we can transform that feeling into compassion, respect and unconditional love. Step One – Identify the conflict. This step is very simple. You have to define exactly the conflict or injustice. In this case the example is "Unfaithful" and "Betrayal." Step Two – Roles – How I provoked this happen? You have to identify the roles each played in this situation. I am in no way acceptable or justifiable betrayal or infidelity, but we have to take responsibility for the role we play us in that particular case. How did it expose infidelity that will take place? I'll give you a clue. If you were deceived (a), "You provoked this infidelity ignoring some warning signs you received and did not matter? For example: Perhaps you know that flirting with other people and not talked to avoid problems.