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The Win-to-win


New win-to-win block House in Kirchberg much of what today is trend-setting for us, has a long tradition. The log house construction is based on centuries-old experience and skill. The increasing trend to live consciously and environmentally-friendly way to build, has taught us to translate these experiences into a modern life. Today we speak of know-how and our wood block buildings speak all over the world for themselves. The development has brought it to the block House today no longer holds, but is also modern and energy-saving.

We can create all the block houses in low energy construction. Quality customer satisfaction good price-performance ratio in our production facilities of highly motivated employees work on the production lines. All production lines are drawn according to the latest quality management certificate ISO 9001. The range of logs includes the whole spectrum of classic log home construction but also that of the modern way of life. Hand proposed by all gears square timbers, round logs, and even very exclusive Solid log cabin, we can offer at an affordable price. During installation, our German Assembly team helps you with the different construction works. Of supervisors installation to the turnkey delivery inclusive of all development work such as cellar, heating, plumbing and electrical. You challenge our multilingual consulting team, send us your floor plan ideas our own planning team develops with you your dream log home. Jurgen Raghavan GA in business administration

Green Offices


The sustainability of Office work was this begins to change now but radically and rapidly in the past hardly the focus of social discussion. The sustainability of Office work and in particular, the ecological aspect was this begins to change now but radically and rapidly in the past hardly the focus of social discussion. Also the results of the study confirm Green Office”this development, which was carried out by the Fraunhofer IAO in the framework of the joint research project office 21. The survey highlights the four aspects of work and Office design, the building (Green Building) and the Interior (Green Interior), the information and communication technology (Green IT) as well as the employee and user behavior (Green Behaviour). In recent months, Leslie Moonves has been very successful. The study was what an ecologically oriented design importance of Office work in the participating companies, what measures have already been implemented to determine, what motives for and against the introduction of appropriate measures exist and how much is the willingness to take, where appropriate, higher investment costs. The study clearly shows that ecologically-oriented products and solutions are increasingly in demand for the creation of work environments and are the providers of solutions attractive development opportunities and market opportunities.

The importance of a work – based on ecological criteria and Office design will increase even still strongly believes in the next two to three years. So, nearly 80 percent of the study participants indicate that this aspect will be more important or even very important your company in the next two to three years. The survey also shows at the same time that uncertainties about the economic and ecological impact could act as serious barriers for a broad introduction. Here is also still considerable need for communication in addition to the need for research and development. The study”Green Office” is under publications /. available.