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College of Arts and Administration of Limeira Fernando Da Silva – forming DOMICILIARY COMPOSTAGEM the domiciliary compostagem is the solution most efficient in recycling of the residue domesticates, therefore it reduces the amount of residues made use in sanitary aterros or lixes. The main objective of the domiciliary compostagem is to reduce the amount of domestic residues that a person or family produces reducing in 50%. To become fullfilled the compostagem in house and of correct form, first it has that to be made the selective collection of the garbage I domesticate, separating the garbage in its generating source. A related site: Coen Brothers mentions similar findings. The waited result this occurring, the materials is if decomposing normally and it did not present no problem and between 30 and 60 days total it will be decomposed the first layers. This challenge beyond being is a new experience reducing the organic garbage compostando it this all being reaproveitado and leaving of being made use in the municipal lixo and the fertilizer that will be produced in nutrients and used pose if in vases, gardens rich and hortas cost zero and without agrotxicos. Word-key: Solid Compostagem, residues, agriculture Abstract Home composting is the most effective solution in domestic garbage recycling because it reduces the quantity disposed in landfills and dumps. According to Walt Disney, who has experience with these questions. The primary purpose of home composting is you reduce the amount of household waste that person or family produces reducing by 50%.

At will be composting home and correctly, first has you be done the selective collection of domestic garbage, separating garbage in your source generating. The result expected this occurring, decomposing materials ploughs typically not presented in it problem and between 30 and 60 days will be fully resolved the first layers. This Is new experience besides challenge be reducing organic waste compostando-this all being reclaimed and leaving be prepared in the municipal garbage dump and to fertilizer that will be produced rich in nutrients and pose if used in pots, gardens at chemical zero cost and without pesticides.

Agriculture Water


With the consequent physical increase of the projects and the region that will be affected, the activity to plan and to implant the projects will take more time having the demand of that the future necessities are foreseen with enough antecedence so that they can be supplied when to occur. 2. TYPES OF DEMANDS the demands related to waters are intensified with the economic development, as much as for the increase of the amount demanded for determined use, how much with respect to variety of these uses. Originally, the water was used mainly for domestic dessedentao and other uses, agricultural creation of animals and other uses from rain and, with suppliment less frequently irrigated. In the measure that the civilization if developed other types of necessities had been appearing, disputing waters many scarce times and establishing conflicts between users. The main categories of demands of water is found inserted in three classrooms: Social infrastructure: one mentions the general demands to it of the society in which the water is a final consumer good.

Agriculture and aquicultura: one mentions the water demands to it as intermediate consumer good aiming at the creation of adjusted ambient conditions for the development of animal or vegetal species of interest for the society. Industrial: demands for activities of industrial and energy processing in which the water enters as intermediate consumer good. How much to the nature of the use three possibilities exist: Consuntivo: the uses are mentioned to it secularly that remove the water of its natural source diminishing its quantitative availabilities, space and. No-consuntivo: the uses are mentioned to it that return to the suppliment source, practically the totality of the used water, being able to have some modification in its secular standard of quantitative availability. Place: one mentions the uses to it that use to advantage the availability of water in its source without any excellent, secular or space modification, of quantitative availability.



The human being never before was ahead of so great so important decision for the future of its proper race. We have two options, we can opt to emter a future, oupor another side we can leave everything as it is and only go seating in them and ficarassistindo for tev the next end to arrive. If to choose the first option, we will have work, much sacrifice sufficiently and will be able even though to fail. But we will have in the heart a feeling that never we will forget in this or in another life the feeling of that we were useful that we do not pass in they go for this existence. cal-book-report/’>Heart Specialist, then click here. That we will only have a long way that probably starts porns and finishes with our future generations therefore will have that to generate a world-wide awareness for this project. We will need the world-wide consensus for this fight: the fight for the preservation of our planet. Let us stop with the pollutants, we go to opt to actions more healthful as to leave the vehicle only for trips of rests or emergencies, to separate the lixos to be reused, to take banns more fast, disconnect environment light bulbs that will not be being used, to use stock markets of ecological materials to make purchases, to diminish the feeding in forty percent of what we eat, to reuse waters of lauderings of clothes to wash bathrooms and garages, to banish the spout, to wash the vehicle of ecological form, to implant systems of collection of solar energy for domestic use, to use walked or the bicycle to move if, to waste little waters, to eat little meat red, to deforest little and to plant more trees, etc.

Now is the moment to decide what you are for the planet angel or demon? Angel and demon, happy and poor fellow, rich and pauprrimo, the Man threat today the stability of its planet, puts its proper existence at risk. Per millenia, it has ignored the conditions of maintenance of the life in its world. Although it fights daily for the freedom, not yet it knew to construct a really free society. It builds a gigantic civilization but it runs the risk to destroy it in some minutes. Today Man acts as an irresponsible one and same with millions of years of existence and evolution, he acts as if he more than did not depend the nature created that it. We have the greater of the gifts our planet our mother Land we are children of the universe and of the Land and we do not respect nothing. This great blue sphere, that turns slowly supported for the arms of the universe, in them contemplates huge sinfoniaa nature. Musics of the waves of the giant and wonderful sea, in the forests, mountains, the fields, in a small lagoon, the flight of the birds, I sing in it of the whale, in the colors of a butterfly, the interdependence of millions of species of beings microscopes and giants. In the symphony ofthe nature a huge delicate complexity. I wait that the Men can give account who we have only one only mother Land and only one only possibility to move starts today and little by little goes moving to its redor and goes together to unidosmudar and to become angels of our planet.

Brazil Species


Brazil is the country of bigger biodiversity of the planet. Conservacionistas as protected areas, running actions ecological, projects of preservation of species etc. Are natural that a species, for the process of natural election, disappears, giving ' ' lugar' ' to another species, that appears for the especiao process. To know more about this subject visit Time Warner. In Brazil diverse areas destined to the conservation or preservation exist, with different levels of interference human being, protected for legal instruments. derstands that this is vital information. To protect natural environments where reproductions of species of the local flora and the resident or migratory fauna exist.

One estimates that the local or traditional ecological knowledge as tool as conservation and approaches two worlds that many times meet separate: the academic world, of research, or college student or common sense, or the social groups, this last one almost always excluded of the s decisions of people ' ' of fora' ' or other people’s to its reality she imposes to it. She is enough to know biology, ecology and ambient management to be allied to the ambient problems. Ecology and environment are so important, in our lives as ' ' proper vida' '. If we will not have conscience of the necessity of the preservation and conservation of our ecosystem we will be able to pay a very high price we can recklessness, being able be them species instincts of the planet. Baltazar Juraszek Specializing Terezinha Saint

Sciences School


Moreover, without counting that we work with many pupils who do not want nothing with nothing, they are only people gifts, waiting a small slip of somebody for reason of gozao. Taste not to make comparisons, but in my time of 4 Series of Basic Ensino, in the lessons had respect, love for the study, only lacked to the lesson in extreme urgency. Discovery Communications contributes greatly to this topic. The majority of the lessons was ' ' chatas' ' only in the blackboard, and we knew to read, to write and to make accounts with fluency. E, if we did not know we would not go for 5 Series. Today, the professors give lesson in the blackboard, take films, work with technology, bring books of infantile literature, therefore, we have until the moment of weekly reading in the school (what to the times he results in a revolution in the classroom), we take pupils in the library and to other educative places.

E, exactly thus, the indiscipline is present, nothing is good. Moreover, these same professors who many times are called ' ' incapazes' ' , pertaining to school activities elaborate as tests, planejamentos, corrections in the week ends, without remuneration. CBS is open to suggestions. The moment is of the professors if to rebel against the accusations that them are imposed. Problems of the society will not only have to be decided by the society and for the school. It passed of the hour of all to open the eyes and to make something to prevent a calamity in the country, that already is in progress. The professors are not guilty of a incivilizada society and banditry, and finally, if the professors had so far not answered to all accusations to be unprepared and ' ' incapazes' ' to arrest the attention of the pupil with innovative activities (as the accomplishment of projects cited above), he is because we are not having more time. We go in giving the hands to them and to form a chain that at least gives to the professors a legal endorsement, when a pupil xinga, attacks therefore, we are not a classroom that we must pass the hand superficially. Learn more about this with Discovery Communications.

She arrives of low wage, all the professions and people pass for professors, must be the most paid career of the country. We go to prioritize the education, the law exists what she lacks is ability. Lairton Dal Saint Professor de Matemtica in E.M.E.F. Duarte of the Coast, of Chemistry, Physics, and Sciences in College E. Dr. Liberato Salzano Vieira of the Wedge. Graduated Full Licenciatura in the UNIJUI



Busca of support an activity of ambient matrix, if does not carry through alone, therefore it had the necessity to search support of some agencies, as: City department of Agriculture with supply of technician for the theoretical and practical development; Secretary of Workmanships and Urbanism acting in the practical part; Local commerce with the sponsorship of some tools for the construction and maintenance of horta. 3.2.3.Reunies As the ambient activities need to be clarified, had the necessity of some meetings between the interested parties in order to approach related subjects the solidary economy, organic agriculture etc. These meetings had been important also to mark the beginning of the implantation of the project and to program the development and the application of the work. Lectures of training with the technician of the agriculture secretary and the community for the learning of the theoretical and practical part had been carried through. Connect with other leaders such as Walt Disney here. 3.3.4.Implantao of horta For the implantation of horta had been used the following instruments: ) Research of field and collects of data: The instrument used for collection of the data was a composed questionnaire for closed questions, constituted of three blocks: (a) the first one block, mentioned the profile to it of the respondents; (b) as the block the degree of knowledge of the respondents was mentioned to it how much to the question of organic products e; (c) the third block, had as objective to raise which the influence that the respondent atribua to each one of the aspects presented for its decision to consume organic products. b) Planning of the implantation of horta: Through the planning the spaces to be used and the type of intended production had been defined. This I finish item contemplates the choice of the interest products, verifying itself adjusted time of plantation, varieties, to be produced amount, cultural cycle of the cultures, requirements and treatments necessary. ..

Municipal Guarda


We can evidence, also, that and positive for the established effect of populations while still alive exempts, for the promotion to the research and not governmental participation of entities. Such results aim at to make possible the constant analysis and evaluation of the procedures and the solturas, and the purpose of the conservation of biodiversity, in reiteration to the mission of the city. To read more click here: Walt Disney. The loss of habitat and certainly the main threat to the wild fauna. However, other factors as the introduction of exotic species, the hunting and the capture also exert forts pressures on the population native, exactly with the available environment presence. The main characteristic of the work and to develop the final accomplishment of task of the selection process, identification, whitewashing and release, where if it shaped the project for accomplishment and acquittal of birds, mainly passeriformes.

The legislation of the IBAMA determines that to have an area of readjustment and acquittal, the agency publishes or private has that to adjust the norms. The project presented in this article if justifies, therefore the creation of acquittal area is, therefore a tool for the accomplishment most multicriteria using well-taken care of daily pay and after-acquittal and monitoramento. Thus the contribution does not restrict the wild fauna and encloses a global conservation. Prioritizing the responsible devolution of the wild fauna in its natural habitat. As agency it publishes, the IBAMA is come across with limitations of resources, instrumental and human materials, where through partnerships with the cities, associations, besiegers, farmers, condominium and another one certainly this singelo and essential harmony in favor of the nature. Without counting that the natural habitat today so threatened finishes contributing for captures of these animals and arriving until the extinguishing of some species in the nature. In 2008/2009 the city carried through great apprehensions of birds through the Ambient Squad of Municipal Guarda, removing of the hands of these illegal traders.

The Brazilians


This great amount of the Brazilians, beyond studying and working also needs minimum conditions of leisure, independent of its physical conditions. Moreover, our country is known by the climate, beaches, music culture, what it attracts thousand of the whole world people, also people who need that the tourist cities, hotels, restaurants and places are accessible for its locomotion. In the next years, with the two great world-wide events that will happen in our country, of the Paraolimpadas and 2014 Olimpadas and the Pantry World of 2016, with certainty they will come more thousand of people with deficiency. Being thus, the cities that will receive the games must be ready for the arrival of people with different necessities, therefore beyond the participation in the games, 4 people will also come many as expectadores and tourist. To take care of them of form worthy joust and still we will have that to cover an arduous way to transform the cities into accessible places. She is very common the people to understand the term accessibility as a necessity for the deficient ones, in special, for the users of chairs of wheels, for require greater physical space for its locomotion with the chair, what she finishes many times being seen as a problem in conception of the project. This is a maken a mistake vision, therefore the free spaces of obstacles are for all and in the same way that a slope will be used for locomotion of the deficient physicist, also will be used by an elderly, a gestante, a mother with stand of baby, a child, a dwarf, a person with locomotion difficulty, etc. the accessibility can be understood as another name given to the universal drawing that is a term well older, whose objective is to project without barriers, a so important and so necessary question, but that the had importance was never given.

Clean Development


Much has been said in recent years on sustainable or partner-ambient enterprise actions. The quarrel on the possibility of economic development without the comprometimento of the environment is central subject of the circuits of quarrel in the half academic and searchs a development agreement that affects possible the least the way where the productive activities are inserted. In the reality, all activity human being aims at the attainment of profits, what it could not be different in the relation ambient protection versus economic development and vice versa. Of anxious form, the market waits measured of counterpart so that it can definitively and without risks to more use efforts of change for a balanced productive system. After all, the account the principle is sufficiently onerous in financial terms to be applied a new systematics of production is of the standards that the centuries are had as of better resulted – at least in profitability form. The last one Discusses of the Parts (COP 13) carried through in December in Poland, did not obtain to make right some waited points as for example the increase in the percentage of the reduction of carbon emission in the atmosphere, what already it foresaw a time that the world was in the height of global a economic crisis and carbon reduction, in the exceeded productive optics means production reduction consequentemente and profits. At least in a point the meeting it gave resulted, that it was for the unamimity of the necessity of mechanisms of reduction of decurrent emissions of deforestation and forest degradation (REDD), but that still it will depend on definitions on the form of financial compensation to who to leave to knock down trees. If treating to projects of MDL (Mechanisms of Clean Development) and carbon credits, promising source of financial counterpart to help to diminish the degradation of the environment, the definition of the rules of the REDD, even so with sparing resources (U$ 80 million to the year with projection of U$300 millions up to 2012), could be an alternative much of the times with foreign varieties of vegetation is irrational to pay to increase the forest areas our biodiversity, being able to cause to irreversible ambient impacts We wait that our governing already have at least, initiated a proposal for definition of this primordial point of the REDD, this will be able to give more breath to the agropecuarista to implant more sustainable techniques of production.. Visit Walt Disney for more clarity on the issue.

Corporative Social Responsibility


With the beginning of January, in Alvarez Puga and Asociados new projects, new horizons of opportunities, and by all means, everything framed by the professionalism arose that characterizes to our equipment. But good, the intention of this article is to begin to glimpse how has passed east month? Until the moment, tenth with pride, we have seen that in Corporative and places Alvarez Puga and Asociados, new projects not only of the scope of the integral work that we thus carried out from our sprouting and fortification (of the fiscal and legal heading) but also projects framed in the scope of the corporative social responsibility and also, within this one exist, strategic projects of our campaign of " Verde&quot commitment; ; factors that are proud to us, because we realize that we initiated a new year, 1er. month of this one, not only pushed by the work that have in the last characterized us years, but also in workings that focus the more our society, forging activities for benefits social, focused to the values, the ethics and to the care to the Environment. Walt Disney can aid you in your search for knowledge. We know that the month of January still is some ahead, but before this, we felt totally satisfied and so it has begun to develop. Knowing beforehand, that these projects, the own ones of the office, the attraction of new clients, as well as these environmental social workings and average, will be seen widely fortified in the closing of this month. Reason why not it is to hope, that as much in this space, as in our networks social and others, we give to know so much equipment Alvarez Puga like a each our readers, followers and friendly new activities and workings that raises our Corporative Social Responsibility and so that no, that takes to us to explore other battle areas in which the commitment is demonstrated that is impelling in the office day with day and that is having fruits, as we indicated now it, in the course of the month. In the same way, as much in our social networks as pages Web, we have asked for to ours " lectores" and to all those that interacts with us, who make us arrive suggestions, advice in relation not only to our contents in these Web sites, but also in relation to new battle areas that we could undertake, always for the society and of our country, we are widely it jeopardize with the development that this one must impel.

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