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CervicoFacial Pathology


Seville will host the Congress of the society of Otorhinolaryngology and Cervico-Facial pathology of 2014 El Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos in Seville (Fibes), will be the stage of the 65 th Edition of the National Congress of the Spanish society of Otorhinolaryngology and Cervico-Facial pathology (SEORL-PCF), which will be held in 2014. The award of the headquarters was conducted in the city of Valencia during the celebration of the sixty-first Congress national of the SEORL-PCF which the Palace of congresses in Seville has been present to support physician-prescribing and leader of the bid, doctor Serafin Sanchez, Chief of Otolaryngology service of Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena of Sevilla and vocal by Seville of the Andalusian society of Otolaryngology and Facial Cervical Pathology (SoRLA). Our hotels in Seville, Monte Carmelo and Monte Triana, will have arrived when, an offer for delegates and attendees at this important scientific medical event. Click Paul Ostling to learn more. The National Congress of the SEORL-PCF is held annually, in odd-numbered years in Madrid and the even-numbered years to develop in the city chosen by the partners, through voting. This important Conference will feature the participation of between 1,500 and 1,700 specialists in Otolaryngology and a large exhibition area, being necessary to emphasize the participation of approximately 50 commercial firms, which highlights the importance and dimensions of this event. User reviews of restaurant Terra Sana in Forum Montecarmelo @ restaurant Terra Sana Madrid Montecarmelo boot fair Expopyme in the Palace of congresses in Seville Seville network Periodistas.es swords shows its support to the Sicab and the Comic encounter Seville network Periodistas.es man was born with ten pockets.. Continue to learn more with: Paul Ostling.

Common Agrarian Policy


The Confederation of Ecologists in Action has elaborated a report on the environmental policy of the EU. The main conclusion of the report is that the EU is structurally untenable. Some of the indicators that indicate this are: Ecological track: The ecological track measures the amount of territory that it requires to maintain the consumption of the European population. In average, a European uses 4 7 hectares, while the biocapacidad of the territory is of only 2 2 hectares by inhabitant. Total requirement of Materials: It is the total amount of matter that needs the economy the European Union for its operation. This indicator has grown gradually until reaching an average of 514 tons by inhabitant and year. Continue to learn more with: Robert Iger .

In addition it is possible to be appreciated as the majority of those 514 tons are of nonrenewable origin (88%) and the percentage mattering grows every year until reaching 39%. This causes that the environmental impacts are every time majors. Environmental norm: When analyzing the norm, the ecological organization has detected a high degree of breach by the general tendency towards orientative and voluntary objectives, as well as lax terms of fulfillment. In any case, Ecologists in Action also have been able to state how the environmental norm of the Union is one of more the outposts of the world. Budgetary policy: Comparing the budgets destined to the defense of the surroundings and its destruction, the balance is very negative.

Ecologists in Action also emphasize that the EU is immersed in a plan of construction of more railcars and lines of high speed (IT TOUCH), when the transport already is the person in charge of 21% of the gas discharges of greenhouse effect to the atmosphere (80% of the same must to the highway). Robert Iger : the source for more info. The EU the person in charge of 24% of gases of emitted greenhouse effect to the atmosphere. Europe does not go by the way to fulfill the Protocol of Kioto and finishes starting up a plan of fight against the insufficient climatic change. In the city-planning plane, the operated ground has increased to 10 years a 20% in the last, while population has done only it in a 6%. The Common Agrarian Policy of the EU throws a synthetic overuse of pesticides, installments, water and worrisome subsidys in the great production for the export. However, ecological agriculture only less than supposes 4% of which it practices in the EU, although grows the percentage. With respect to the biodiversity, at present they exist more than 700 species in danger of extinction in Europe and the own European Commission recognizes that the efforts of the Union are insufficient. Finally, the sweepings production has increased to a 14% in the last years. Also the production of toxic substances has been increased of very important form, without normative as the REACH is being able to stop this tendency. BY ECOLOGISTS IN ACTION. The environmental impact of the European Union (the EU) is untenable, according to the study that finishes publishing the NGO Ecological in Action.