Airport Festival Hof / Plauen magically attracts technical and professional assistance in combating visitors with many attractions and regulation of disasters, public emergencies and large-scale accidents are gaining ever greater importance given the worldwide developments in our latitudes. Superbly trained and equipped personnel can do good in saving lives and in the area of civil protection in many ways, a deployment of the rescue forces should be necessary. Organizations such as the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) or also the Bundeswehr are due to your valuable services in this respect from the society no longer indispensable. To recruit and promote Hof / Plauen airport Festival offers from 6 to 7 September 2008 on the airport Court, these associations a platform and all visitors unique insights in the functioning and areas in which they are used. The German army, specifically the air forces of the German army with the Transall D160 spot will be.

As a special All guests of the air show on the landing of this shoulder-Earth Eagleton, used often for aid missions, with two engines will enjoy highlight. The largest propeller in NATO aviation used ensure that the 50-ton unique with a wing span of 40 meters to over 500 km/h can be accelerated. This tactical transport aircraft is excellent due to its construction for use on a makeshift airfield, as for example in Africa. Where people no longer get or spilled are thought of man, the dog’s best friend is used. The BRK rescue dog Squadron will give insight into their area of work and in a very appealing and realistic program show what a good trained rescue dog can afford and need. Each Saturday and Sunday, 11:00 and 13:00, the relevant commands to the perfectly trained pooches are granted. This interesting performances give the airport Festival courtyard equipped otherwise very rich with attractions and entertainment programmes / Plauen, the 6th/7th September 2008 a further positive note.

Why not look and motivate his young talent to a very meaningful kind of leisure? Despite the major program offering, it has been the organizers important, to keep the prices low. So adults pay 8.00 euro 9,50 euro on Saturday, on Sunday for the air race, children up to 12 years old are on both days for only 3,00 euro, children up to 6 years pay nothing at all. Start of the event day is 10:00. Refer to for more information. (B. Mikoleiczyk)