Judith Cramer presents: ‘and at the end, the hope is’ online partner operators are the trend and more and more people meet their soul mate on the Internet on single exchanges and in chat rooms. You are committed to the task, to help people to a happy relationship. Not so in Judith Cramer’s debut novel and at the end is”hope. Here, partner agencies will be the scene of a relationship drama with surprising output. Based on a true story, the original E-mail traffic records a feeling strong horror scenario of a modern partnership which takes refuge from reality in virtuality, to break loudly in real life. Judith and Alex live in Mallorca in a harmonious relationship and enjoy the intimate together in her beautiful house near the sea.

There, they live their successful dream of walking out for years. A visit of the couple in the local Bodega caused an unexpected crack in the happy image of togetherness. Out of nowhere, Peter shows up there. Suddenly, the intense encounter with the stranger changes their lives in just one night. Peter departs the next day and the E-Mail traffic is right after entspinnende produces an emotional maelstrom, Judith can not resist. However, their tentative request and quickly inflamed passionate desire remains undetected by a carelessness not. Anger, sadness, frustration and revenge cause Alex to enroll in the online courtship PARSHIP and ElitePartner and to look around.

Judith’s secret look at Alex E-Mails reveal a wild dance to deep longings and confusing sexual fantasies. Both follow her seemingly unnoticed, until the day when something totally unexpected happens and again abruptly changed their lives. Rarely, the world of online contacts was so realistic, humorous, but also dramatically depicted as in Judith Cramer’s novel and is at the end of the hope”. Schnidt author succeeds in her book a fresh, undisguised tone and carries the reader with in virtual touch, terrifying mental and physical Entblossungen. The voyeuristic look into the dreams and phantasms of a couple leads to exploring alien worlds of feeling and often ends in a clandestine journey to himself. Judith Cramer, and the hope is at the end! Publisher: BoD ISBN: 978-3-8391-7381-7 binding: Paperback pages: 248 published: 15.12.2009 price: 14.90 more info under: real word work communications Studio 2.0 Mario Dieringer of Rossdorfer str. 13 60385 Frankfurt work Tel: 069-255 344 34 Mobile: 0157-725 296 67 website: mail: