So, knowing this, don’t you think that it is much more beneficial to our mental hygiene, introduce positive information in the early hours of the morning? In addition, if something happened, already in the < >. 5. Minimize waste of time as you noticed, in addition to improving the quality of life, what I intend to contribute with this small article, is to minimize the sources of stress in our daily routine. Like this that, do you think that you optimizarias your time, if all evenings let prepared everything that is in your hands for the next day? I.e., polished your shoes, clothing list, gathered in one place tools or accessories that you’ll get, the roles you’ll need, checked the vehicle, the keys in place, bought things in store for breakfast or snack, the pockets of the children in the car or at least near the door, etc. And, do you think what would happen if you developed you two, three or more days to what they have to do, advancing work beforehand, before it becomes a pressure? 6 Avoid the swirl of everyday life this is a phrase that I really liked and that I heard for the first time at a Conference on the internet. Refers to the unconscious live form. And I have to clarify that here use the word <> as < lack of consciousness >. I make this clarification, that can also be used to indicate those processes that have been incorporated by almost always repeat to our internal knowledge base and that are useful for everyday life. An example would be, the driving of a vehicle, which today, after many years of handling, I do it unconsciously. The above clarification, I’m sure that you’ll agree with me, when I say that the vast majority of people live in < autopilot > and dominated by a routine that has come to be absorbent to such a degree that, even in many cases deprives individuals of the ability to enjoy life, with everything that this includes.