These tips I’ve written them for a small Conference that di within the school program for parents of the school in which I developed. None of them intends to rediscover the sugar water, as they say. As you read them, I am sure you will say to yourself that are logical, basic and easy to put into practice. But this last point is that will each Council something of value to your life, i.e. put them into action, at the beginning as something premeditated and then as something inherent to your lifestyle. List @? Here we: 1. lift with a good alarm. Did you know that the alarm clock was originally created as an instrument of torture? Therefore it is.

The idea was to interrupt the natural person’s sleep so that he could not rest. Within a few days, it begins a nervous imbalance and a few days later, these problems are so serious that they can escalate into physical and mental diseases as serious as schizophrenia. Not tortures yourself! We all have a biological clock that we can wake up with incredible accuracy. At night, set it saying to yourself, to the exact time at which you have to wake up and in very little time you will achieve it. Well, if you don’t trust him, can now do at least the following change: program your cell phone so you activate your alarm at a certain time to get up, not leave it very close to you so that you do not scare you, and most importantly, you can schedule it to rather than a stressful ringer, perhaps something to your liking, a music quiet orbetter still, any praise. Can you imagine to begin the day with the sound of praise as the first sound you hear? 2. Set up the first thought believe me, not only because I was interested in the subject, but also from my own experience, I can say that the brain is incredibly powerful and incredibly obedient (programmable).