And he added that mourn to Nestor would be little. the head of State of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, deeply mourned the death of former Argentine President.On his arrival in Buenos Aires, Santos said that Kirchner was doing a very constructive work in the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).Nestor Kirchner served as UNASUR Secretary-General. He was elected to that post by all the countries that form the block.Meanwhile, the Venezuelan President called to follow their example to make the dream a reality of the great patriotic big United and free. Shown, that among family members and friends, along with his wife, President Cristina Fernandez, placed another national myths: Diego Armando Maradona, than a strict black dress, melted into a hug with President arriving at the venue. Learn more at this site: Paul Ostling. The Hall of American Patriots of the Casa Rosada have passed through, in addition, some opposition leaders, such as Francisco de Narvaez, called dissident Peronist, and radical Ricardo Alfonsin, son of the deceased former President Raul Alfonsin. But, this time, significant absences tell more about the immediate political future the phrases of recognition to the figure of former President and encouragement to his wife and successor.

Discussed, President Cristina, will pass tough tests in the year remaining with the absence of her husband, who directed her in the political, says that the current President from today will know what is the loneliness of power after sharing life and political career with Kirchner during 35 years, you will need the backing of the Peronist machine to move forward and have to make bobbin lace to achieve it. It will have the support of humanitarian organizations and human rights which have not forgotten that Kirchner reopened trials against the perpetrators of the dictatorship, but he will make sure that it also has the support of the powerful trade union leader Hugo Moyano, who today convened a massive mobilization in memory of the former President, but that he has his own political ambitions. Noteworthy, the wake was performed to drawer closed by decision of the Kirchner family, which stood on its cover in an Argentine flag, the presidential sash, the baton and two scarves of the mothers and the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo. Force Cristina was the message that more repeated those who passed through the fencing that began on Balcarce Street, extended by the Avenida de Mayo until July 9, then down to San Martin Rivadavia and ended over currents. Social and trade union organizations of guilds of the CGT were those who more time remained in the Plaza to give support to the national Government in this difficult trance ultimately drew in all cases, there were words of praise toward the former President, who also had a role in front of UNASUR, which had among his top achievements the rapprochement between Venezuela and Colombia, and the recent endorsement to belt before the coup d ‘ etat attempt. The fact that surrendered him fair tribute to a bystander on this planet that met its mission and that their works, actions remain in the memory of all those who he trusted and judged their work.