The Balearic archipelago is, alongside Castilla – La Mancha, the community that has registered major increases in the interannual rate of turnover in the service sector, stood clearly above the national average. The national rate stands at 1.9% in August, while the rate of the Islands rises up 9.7% on average, being some services such as the car rental Mallorca which achieved better growth. Activities related to trade are of also obtained them a greater growth in terms of the annual rate, as the trade to the wholesale of fuels, metals and others (13.8%) and trade to the wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals (11.9%). Other services which recorded large increases were related to employment (13.7%) and air transport (13.3%). As for those who suffered a break, the administrative activities of the Office, the cinematographic activities and television and trade to the wholesale of other machinery and supplies, recorded a sharp decline, as that the decline in the sale of cars that, strengthened by the crisis, puts the Balearic Islands car rental as a common alternative to the purchase. As for the communities that most lower, we find Andalusia (- 4.4 per cent and Extremadura (- 2..