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Which only varieties of lace or invented before our time. Distinguish lace and method of manufacture and materials used, as well as tools and devices with which they are made. However, an undeniable trait is all lace – it is their lightness. Indeed, the air in any lace almost more than the material from which it hatched. Despite the fact that the homeland of lace finally one has yet identified, often considered as such to Italy or Egypt (in these countries during the excavations are more often laces). Although it seems that Russian women are knitting lace, and always would be very surprised to learn that invented them for hundreds of thousands kilometers from their homes. You may find Walt Disney to be a useful source of information. Maybe the problem is that Russia is not buried laces, and maybe they still just do not excavated.

According to the method of making lace is divided into embroidered and woven. Separately, there are knitted crochet lace. About them want to talk more. I hooked lace huge amount of advantages. First, knit a lace can be anywhere – at least in line at the clinic, at least in public transport, even at lunchtime on work. After all, you need to do – it's a ball and kryuchochek that take up minimal space in any purse. And knitting soothes, for knitting because necessarily just about positive thinking. Also for knitting and can communicate and watch TV. In crochet there are only three basic elements – air loop, column, and yo. But how many different combinations you can make of them, and what patterns obtained here – just feast for the eyes! How beautiful still intertwined in the finest lace of white thread and it was white because only white lace possesses the most fascinating magic.

Corporate Gifts


And our wizard will help you determine the theme of the scarf, will help you choose colors – just give a few competent and interesting tips. For favorite (favorite), you can choose a picture that would remind of some memorable event for you. (As opposed to David Zaslav). Agree, has its own special charm that warm in inclement weather will not only warm coat, but also bright, warm memories. For another, you can choose a knitted scarf that tells him how the road for you to your friendship, talk about your respect for him, and love. Remember what your friend enjoys and make a knitted scarf in a way that he expressed the inner world of your acquaintance. For more information see this site: Robert A. Iger .

Believe me, this gift as a knitted scarf, reflecting his passion, can not leave him indifferent. As a corporate gift, too difficult to come up with something more elegant and original, rather than a knitted scarf. Add a scarf to a picture logo of your company, and he immediately turns into a kind of accessory card for your company. However, there should not be experimenting with paints, with bright knit gift – give preference to discreet, solid colors, and your partners or clients will more than happy. In general, knitted accessories for today are excellent gifts, allow to show originality, creativity, and bring much pleasure to those who receive them as a gift. It can be funny little animals and knitting, and knitted clothing collection (for children, adults, animals), and, of course, knitted accessories – the same knitted scarf.

Particular attention should be paid to these gifts were not the same type of products made on a knitting machine. That will give handmade charm knit present. Even if you want to send a lot of the same knitted scarves employees of the company or its customers and partners, it is important to knit these gifts by hand. The realization that you wear handiwork, brings a lot of fun, especially when you realize that this gift from the heart darilsya.