Fine for the security Nowadays we need to always walk with the hands in the high one, therefore we can at any time be assaulted. When they are not the assailants, they are the policemen, in its celebrities BLITZ (that many times do not take the nothing). Until today I do not obtain to understand the synonymous one of security. In house I run the risk of being assaulted. Discovery Communications: the source for more info. In the streets, of being boarded and to finish in the chain. Reason: To be good citizen! I ask if still it has resqucios of the dictatorship, therefore the authoritarianism continues and the bilges can be constructed to all hour. We even live with fear of living, therefore what it guarantees in them the security is a prayer.

To the times done to pressas or, one goes with God, my son. Instead of in them offering security, these fardados terrify in them. The empfia of who has the power in the hands makes with that men not so straight, abuse the authority wanting educating in them to any cost. We are victim of the State that apia the disobediences and the disrespect against the citizen. Where it does not have order, what it is seen is a society grace of outlaws with clothes of young man, playing of super-heroes where the villain of history is the morality. She is necessary to teach to our bodyguards as if it must keep the ethics.

To respect the citizen is part also of the function. But the soldier’s pay that they want is the abuse of being able, used many times to show the sovereignty. Hidden behind its layers of hero, organized for a corrupt power, them they leave to the streets in search to save its pockets. With them the poetry was concrete (they pardon me the brothers Fields) e, Caetano Veloso that soon puts in its wallet its documents, therefore walking without handkerchief and without document it is bordoada in the certainty.