The mobile phone has arrived to the world of dogs. The U.S. company PetsMobility has launched the first of these devices called Petscell. (Pet Cell Phones!)

Manufactured in the form of bone and water proof, Petscell has an identifiable speaker for the sounds of its owner, a global positioning system (GPS) that makes it possible to locate the animal in wherever you find yourself and a “translator” for barking of the animal.

The creator of the invention, Cameron Robb, who says he came up with the idea of the device when discovered by chance that in a congress at which he was invited, one of the assistants he spoke by phone to his dog while his wife was holding the device in the ear of the animal. To eliminate the person intermediary, the idea emerged alone.

Although the invention may seem somewhat absurd, the market for pet owners in the United States represents a good business opportunity.