Visual Media


If the newspaper is doing poorly and has to close, you can run the risk of falling into a very dangerous pothole and put in risk your operations. This most likely would not happen to a hypothetical competitor that uses several different media to advertise. On the other hand and in another hypothetical situation, you could find, horrified, that the greater part of your potential customers do not even read the newspaper! Well, to be able to identify a good mix of marketing, is now necessary to consider that; people may respond differently to different stimuli. Some respond well to written messages, others images or graphs, others even to hearing messages, or any combination of all the above. Ideally, your marketing mix should include multiple channels and different ways of getting messages to your potential customers (market), for example; print media, internet marketing, radio, Visual Media, direct marketing, etc. The important thing here, is to combine channels with messages so that each channel used references from others that you are using in your marketing strategy. For example, If advertise you in a specialized magazine always get reference from other media you are using, unless you have a specific reason for not doing so; site Internet, some sponsorship on radio, the existence of a CD with your product or service information, etc. It is also very important to consider the market segment to which you want to go with each channel and the message type you should use, which will always be different, at least in its form, for each audience you want to reach with your advertising message. Finally, you must raise awareness that maintaining an adequate marketing budget is vital to achieve the objectives of any organisation. However, in these times of permanent crisis, you must make a special exercise in imagination and creativity in order to, under the current circumstances, the best possible marketing mixtures.

Successful Business


Become a millionaire, gain recognition, comply with the goals in life these are some of the reasons for which, usually, a person embarks on a business. All are valid, without a doubt, but it is also true that they do not necessarily lead to success. In this aspect, it is better take into account that old maximum of not all that glitters is gold. It is that many times, most of which you would like, you hear people say that they were going to set up a business on the Internet because they want to make money fast, or because they heard that someone launched a project and became a millionaire over night or simply because that is what is fashionable. But we must learn by an entrepreneur who triumphs in the world of the Internet there are others, or many others, who fail roared. When one enters the world of the Internet, there is something to learn quickly: there is no magic formulae! What really leads to success is not lucky or what is fashionable, but the work, constancy, perseverance.

And this applies not only for the virtual, but also for any kind of business. Because, and this is something that must also learn soon, virtual businesses are no different to other types of business; It is true that costs are reduced and that everything is within reach to reach out to a global audience. However, the key to success is passion. How so?, you will be asked. It is very common that those who decide to start a business on the Internet are motivated because the work they currently play does not satisfy them, not colma your emotional expectations and much less economic. Then, embark on an adventure that many times, does not mean nothing more than replace a work with which are not satisfied by other work with which will neither achieve the happiness that pursuing.

Japanese Manufacturers


The display on this phone has exceeded all expectations: The manufacturer claims that it "HVGA Capacitive touch screen", produced by Sharp and made in Japan. And in fact the screen perfectly responds to the soft touch of fingers, exactly like the original. Image quality and color is simply stunning. The screen is protected by a transparent coating similar to glass. Interface Pinphone 3GS: All menus, animation, interface looks just super and immediately you will notice that much better than all the other clones that I've ever seen! All applications run very fast. Icons can easily move on the screen and move to the next or a new menu page. You can set their own wallpaper.

View images made in the style of iphone. There are two folders. Folder with pictures and a folder of photos made by a camera. Works Flipped image as the original (very fast), the image responsive to the rotation unit rotates even upside down, zooming with two fingers as the original. When you click on an image can be immediately same set as wallpaper or send via Bluetooth. Multimedia capabilities are not bad enough. The camera produces is not a bad image for the resolution of 1600×1200 pixels (2MP) Phonebook like IPhone, compass, and there works, voice recorder works well, looks very nice.

Video player in your phone supports 3GP, MP4, rm, and, flv video! Video encoded in MP4, DivX, XviD, avi and compressed to 320×480, 25 frames / c, Bit Rate 250 – 450 shows no brakes. Audio player made drill handy. He normally supports album art, you can install the cover on individual files or impoverish the songs on the album. The sound quality is good (at least I liked it), is the equalizer and several sound effects. Except that phone has a 3.5-mm output jack, so it can be used with any headset or earphones. Naturally there are sms / mms. Everything works very nicely and quickly, it is possible to copy / paste. If included in the Russian language settings, then when writing sms Russian varies only in English (and not iterate through all 12 possible languages) is very convenient. The contacts can set up their ringing calls, the alarm clock, sms. fm radio works well, Headphones must be connected to an antenna. You can record radio broadcasts. Java works well all the folds, but the application must support 480×320 pixel screens. Phone set is similar to the other – phone, data cable (30-pin, iPhone Compatible), 3.5 mm headphone, usb Power Adapter (charger with an adapter for Euro socket), instructions in English and Chinese, silicone case.

Russian Geographic Society


The main task of the Russian Geographic Society expedition on the research vessel 'Pavel Gordienko' Hydromet is to find radiation in air and water, Sea of Japan and the Kuril-Kamchatka region of the Pacific Ocean. The first stage of the expedition will last until May 20, the second – will begin in August or September 2011. The route runs from Vladivostok on the Sea of Japan between the Japanese islands of Hokkaido and Honshu by the Tsugaru Strait, and further along Kuril Islands to Kamchatka. 'The content of cesium-137 and cesium-134 in surface sea water, and at a depth of 50 meters is about 20 becquerels per cubic meter. At a depth of 100 meters level drops to 6 becquerels per cubic meter, at depths of 150 and 250 meters of man-made radionuclides were not found ", – said the chief flight Sevastyanov. In accordance with Russian norms of radiation safety for drinking water (sea water is not normalized) level cesium-137 content must be below 11 000 becquerels per cubic meter, cesium-134 – 7.2 thousand becquerels per cubic meter. Scientists also found in the air radionuclides iodine-131 and cesium-134 and 137 from the emissions from emergency plant. 'This is a small value, thousands of times less than the permissible activity in the air for the people ", – noted the official. First on the Kuroshio Meanwhile, Russian scientists were the first who measured the radiation levels at the northern boundary of the Kuroshio Current, which carries warm water from the tropics by Japan and then goes into the North Pacific for traveling to North America.

Honda Civic


Each car has its own detractors and fans. The main argument ardent opponents of the car 'Honda Civic' in Russia is its low ground clearance. They believe that riding in a car with such a small landing difficult in terms of bypass various obstacles and parking. Supporters of the car, in turn, say that all these difficulties are caused by simple inability to drive and park carefully. Of course, the condition of the roads in our country much far from perfect, but nevertheless, it is not a reason to turn away from all amenities offered by the 'Honda Civic'.

Let's see what we can offer the manufacturers of the car. First, it sporty appearance. Rear wing posted, which greatly increases stability when driving at high speeds, but at the same time a little worse for review reversing. It is also necessary to note the unusual fog lights in a triangle and a hole form the main muffler. It should be noted that the appearance to some extent may vary depending on the country where producing the car. K three or four-door example hatchback produced in Japan is different from the five-door, made in the UK, mostly pronounced big-eyed lenses. We now turn to the main disadvantage 'Honda Civic' – a small clearance. Ground clearance of the car is only 15 cm, and if you make the protection to the bottom, it will be less by 2 centimeters.

Many will say that for urban driving conditions this is enough, but still you will have to keep strain to catch the bottom of the fear of 'lying politseyskkih' and other obstacles that would eventually lead to the fact that you will not feel a proper degree of comfort. A ride on the back roads here in general do not have to mention – not suitable for such a small clearance off-road. You can follow the advice of seasoned car owners and replace the standard rubber 'Honda Civic' on the rubber with a higher profile, thus increasing the clearance of 1 centimeter, but sacrificing a small loss of accuracy in the readings of certain instruments, such as the speedometer and odometer. We conclude the topic clearance and move on to the road performance 'Honda Civic'. Safety and comfort – these are the performance inherent in the different models, the eighth in a row, generation car 'Honda Civic'. The body is presented in three main versions: a four-, five-door and sporty version called Type R. The most impressive powerplant in the 200-hp Equipped with front-wheel-sports version of the 'Honda Civic' – Type R, which makes it possible to accelerate this car up to one hundred km / h in 6.6 seconds. In various versions of cars can be seen, and automatic and 6 speed mechanics. Engines of 1.8 liters. And with a capacity of one hundred and forty horsepower Mounted on two other versions of the car with sedan and wagon. The longest car of all the family – this is universal, though it is inferior to height and has a less roomy luggage compartment than the 'relatives'. Summarizing all the above, I can say with confidence that, in my view, the advantages of this car is much more than the minuses, but it is already doing findings to you. If you have plans to buy a car, something not talked vocal critics 'Honda Civic' – this car is certainly worthy of that about him to tell you.

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