The display on this phone has exceeded all expectations: The manufacturer claims that it "HVGA Capacitive touch screen", produced by Sharp and made in Japan. And in fact the screen perfectly responds to the soft touch of fingers, exactly like the original. Image quality and color is simply stunning. The screen is protected by a transparent coating similar to glass. Interface Pinphone 3GS: All menus, animation, interface looks just super and immediately you will notice that much better than all the other clones that I've ever seen! All applications run very fast. Icons can easily move on the screen and move to the next or a new menu page. You can set their own wallpaper.

View images made in the style of iphone. There are two folders. Folder with pictures and a folder of photos made by a camera. Works Flipped image as the original (very fast), the image responsive to the rotation unit rotates even upside down, zooming with two fingers as the original. When you click on an image can be immediately same set as wallpaper or send via Bluetooth. Multimedia capabilities are not bad enough. The camera produces is not a bad image for the resolution of 1600×1200 pixels (2MP) Phonebook like IPhone, compass, and there works, voice recorder works well, looks very nice.

Video player in your phone supports 3GP, MP4, rm, and, flv video! Video encoded in MP4, DivX, XviD, avi and compressed to 320×480, 25 frames / c, Bit Rate 250 – 450 shows no brakes. Audio player made drill handy. He normally supports album art, you can install the cover on individual files or impoverish the songs on the album. The sound quality is good (at least I liked it), is the equalizer and several sound effects. Except that phone has a 3.5-mm output jack, so it can be used with any headset or earphones. Naturally there are sms / mms. Everything works very nicely and quickly, it is possible to copy / paste. If included in the Russian language settings, then when writing sms Russian varies only in English (and not iterate through all 12 possible languages) is very convenient. The contacts can set up their ringing calls, the alarm clock, sms. fm radio works well, Headphones must be connected to an antenna. You can record radio broadcasts. Java works well all the folds, but the application must support 480×320 pixel screens. Phone set is similar to the other – phone, data cable (30-pin, iPhone Compatible), 3.5 mm headphone, usb Power Adapter (charger with an adapter for Euro socket), instructions in English and Chinese, silicone case.