In many companies, it lacks of qualified junior executives in the sales. Sales managers are needed who, have sufficient practical experience in the sale of business skills and management skills. In addition it is for sales managers of necessary part functions of training to take over. Training salespeople to junior managers should contain also a trainer training. Since 2003 this course of the BEST sales GmbH meets these requirements. The participants conclude with the regulated trade businessman for sales management (IHK) training \”from and gain the IHK certification trainer for continuing vocational training (IHK).\” It is a training in a blended-learning process. Education is about learning materials and tutor-led webinars.

The seminars serve the application of knowledge in planning games, primarily Role-play, case studies, and group tasks. Systematic action learning do, leads to the development of skills and training the ability of participants to solve problems better. The courses of BEST GmbH be performed at 6 locations in Germany and enjoy increasing popularity. To determine is not just new recruits take part on the course, but increasingly also active Verkaaufs and Sales Director take the opportunity of this training. 40% of the participants, employers finance the measure.

Private participants use largely to finance, the regulated part of the training, the promotion of AFGB. To learn about the sales manager & trainer training, of best GmbH. The BEST sales consulting GmbH was founded in 1992 by Bernd Stelzer and developed a concept for the training \”Expert advisers in the field (IHK)\” as the first provider. The book series \”The consultant in the field\”, published shortly after the very practice-oriented education concept and the multiple award training awards the BEST sales consulting helped GmbH to take over the leadership in this area. In 1996, followed by the training as a \”trade merchant for marketing (IHK)\”.In the development of the framework material plan for this profession by the IHK Dusseldorf, co-wrote the BEST GmbH and also became the leading party.