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Beach Volleyball On F.re.e


Erhard sports playing fields for 1 Bavarian Indoor Championships in Rothenburg, Munich provides leisure, travel, recreation: which sport fits better to the leitmotifs of f.re.e “fair as beach volleyball? “Not about the Bavarian Volleyball Association (BVV) organized so his first Bavarian indoor-Beach Volleyball Championships in order to f.re.e” (18-22 February, New Munich trade fair centre). Not about BVV won the sports experts by Erhard sports as a supplier. “Because: top players expect top equipment and for the tournament have the best Bavarian Beacher” reported. The Bavarian Championships are smearing Bavarian tournament series of the winter conclusion and climax of BVV-indoor-Beach-Cup 2009/2010. The twelve women’s, men’s and mixed teams fight for the title on February 21 and 22. Including the defending champions in mixed doubles (Andrea and Norbert Schafle by TSV Vaterstetten), and the women have reported (Michaela Henry and Sabine Schulz of the Planegg-Krailling TV). As Favorites in the men’s go Benedikt Doranth and Maxi Hauser (TSV Herrsching) in the race.

Max Hauser added: “Although the other teams are also quite strong, we want to win, of course! “Very nice that the Championship on f.re.e can take place: leisure, travel and beach volleyball, which fits just together!” This is sports, the beach sports specialist number one also Erhard. At World Championships and World Cup tournaments, sport is played with beach volleyball equipment from Erhard. And also the top addresses of the leisure industry rely on the quality of the renowned sports equipment manufacturer from Rothenburg ob der Tauber: AIDA, Center Parcs, Robinson, etc.. “Jochen Koppl, Managing Director of Erhard sports international, underlining the quality of his house: the fantastic development which has included beach volleyball, encouraged us in the effort always to provide the best possible equipment for this kind of sport.” Guests of of f.Re.e on Friday, 19th February, can convince yourself and your sand and feeling for the ball test out. BVV invites all visitors to the note: on three pitches lure service offerings, training and free game – of course free of charge. ERHARD SPORT – heavily in every discipline: Erhard sport international from Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a leader in the sports equipment industry. With more than 200 employees, the 1880 family-owned company manufactures sports equipment for the worldwide market.

With a range of over 12,000 articles, Erhard sports is one of the market leaders in the industry. In particular, the planning and equipment for sports halls and sports facilities all over the world is one of the core competencies of the company. International major events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped sport by Erhard.

History Of Table Tennis


For information about the history of development of table tennis is not clear. Some experts believe that it originated in Asia – in Japan or China, but most historiographers sports, including Japanese and Chinese, like oprovergayut.Tem statement, however, home games with rackets, shapes, balls, held in special venues, is East Asia. In China, on the walls of the summer residence of the emperors, the Summer Palace, you can see the picture, showing that in the Middle Ages (5-17st.) played there in a game reminiscent of table tennis. Researchers at Japan's sports argue that at the same time in Japan there was a popular game that can be considered a primitive form of desktop tennisa.No most experts are inclined to the theory that table tennis has appeared in England as a kind of Royal Tennis. In Europe, Britain and France in the XVI century, it became a fun game without the rules. Preserved drawings, in which you can see the game of those times when we played rackets with strings similar to those now made in the ordinary, so-called big, tennis. Played Nature, on the grassy ploschadkah.Dovolno soon she moved to an open air room – played on the floor.

Later, a play on two tables located at some distance from one another. A little more time, and two halves of the table have been shifted. Between them stretched grid. This kind of game has become popular in Evrope.A to replace the game came in the premises of table tennis that developed in England in the late XIX century. First ball served cork from a champagne, a ball of feathers, and then a rubber ball. Rackets were made of wood covered with parchment, with a long handle, often inlaid with gold, ivory, precious woods. The new game was popular in aristocratic circles, among fans of the game of cricket. Cricket previously considered child's play, since it is not built for physical confrontation and does not require much effort.

Europe Penalty


"Dinamo" – "Zenith" tortured 1-0 loss team personnel without the gate played almost half an hour, until finally, branded Dynamo counterattack not a big audience cheer of the match (the match was broadcast in the U.S. and in Europe). The Edge was supposed to be in that episode of the Premier League debutant Fresh, but he has not reached the ball. Moments later, almost finished shed Kerzhakova Dmitry Kombarov and again left the team to gain power, while demonstrating a good pace and the percentage of accurate transmission. Attacks by the hosts, while were dangerous, especially when the St. Petersburg defenders lost their positions. Starting the second half of the match did not differ from that seen the fan before the break. In the first 15 minutes, but dangerous shelters in the penalty opponent, has attracted attention to the episode, when a judge awarded a small card quite unfairly Tymoschuk, thus depriving the captain's guests to participate in the game the next round.

After 65-minute initiative passed to the guests, although the most dangerous time in those moments created Dynamo, when shed from the penalty Dmitry Kombarova only narrowly failed to close his brother Cyril. Well, closer to the final whistle, the advantage of "Zenith" has become overwhelming. Guests literally occupied "Dynamo". But the advantage does not mean naked. In a rare counter-attack the hosts scored the only goal. His own expense recorded for Captain Khokhlov of Muscovites. He did it in the 84th minute, when freed from the tutelage of backache Kombarova Tymoschuk. Well, in the minutes added Ropotan pushed in the penalty Denisov, and the referee removed for it …

Petrograders. "Ruby" – "Locomotive" 2:0 Well, "Locomotive" Maminova lost, as the team lost Eshtrekova, Dolmatova, Rakhimov. The time has come to return to "the wheel" and young professionals. Time is lowered, "the railroad" from heaven to earth, or their position is hopeless, the answer to this question will play against the "Spartacus", which received good move.