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The Consequences


This explains that the professor, exactly when he does not appreciate the study, feels obligation to transmit the taste for the intellectual life; exactly when mediocrely interested for the national things, it looks for to transmit feelings patriotic to its pupils. Of another side, the performance of a paper tends to produce certainties sincere and rare a contradiction is observed enters the presentation of the paper and what professor feels effectively. ' ' The relation professor – pupil does not limit itself to the presentation of different papers. A time placed in the classroom, professor and pupils start to constitute a new group, with a proper dynamics, and between them if they develop, many times, intense interpersonal relations. It is in that the process of perception and evaluation of personal qualities assumes an importance decisiva' '.

(PATTO, 1997, P. 300) As the idea displayed for the author, relative esteretipos to the race, physical appearance, social classroom, can premake use the professor to deal with its pupils form such that the expectations derived from this esteretipo finish in fact occurring. RODRIGUES (1999) emphasizes that esteretipos and preconceptions are part of a bigger package of social norms, these, in turn, they would be a set of one beliefs given community concerning the correct, acceptable behaviors had as socially and allowed. Still with RODRIGUES (1999), it can be reflected even so that all the individuals have all the qualities, in different ratios. The intelectualista trend of our schools tends to accent the values of the qualities of intelligence, over all is leagued, also, the qualities of social conformismo. In other words, even so the pupils are different, they are evaluated by the same standard, and are pointed out the qualities, positive or refusals, with regard to this dimension of behavior. PATTO (1997, p.313) standes out that: ' ' How much to the pupils the consequences of such deformation in the way are obvious to value.

Southern Cone


I couldn’t finish it in five or six years. Then I won the life giving classes and making calculations of structure. I think that I did not have any opportunity to design something really interesting. And I doubt that you have done so. But it was the means of survival that had.

Until in 2002 came the economic crisis to the Southern Cone and I decided to accept an invitation from a professor at the University of Georgia to continue my career there. So literature, the vocation that had since childhood and against which fought almost all my teenage years, ended up winning the game. What are the problems faced by a Latin American writer? I think that in the background are the same faced by a writer in any part of the world: nobody understands that passion, this Vice but who carries inside. Of course, as in all always there are particularities. Perhaps the biggest problem faced by Latin American writers is the limitation of resources when they should do some research.

If one is a professor at United States and need a datum, a document, workbook, or hundred books about abstinence between the Papuan or the history of Patagonia, simply ask for it and a few days after they bring it you from anywhere in the country without any cost. In terms of imagination, to creativity, do not have any problem, since writing is one of the most economical trades that exist. Geniuses always protrude from their own context. Others spend their energies inventing excuses. Toward what PATRIAS of silence (memories of a disappeared person), we show the worldview of a man in captivity and this is in itself a novel narrated in times of dictatorship as abordaste these issues in particular? What need a writer to play this very sensitive topic socially? I do not know. In my particular case, I traversed my childhood and adolescence part at that time.

Tourism Aesthetic


A true melting pot, Panama is home to many ethnic groups due to its historical dependence on trade.For example, a significant number of people from mainland China and the West Indies helped with the monumental project of the construction of the Panama Canal.Other ethnic groups include Europeans and indigenous tribes.There is also a small community of Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Rastafarians. Vladislav Doronin has similar goals. Bypassing the tourists that rotate on the trail usually gringo in the direction of Costa Rica or Guatemala, Panama has tampered with the cities of beach and has an own tropical beauty. Several countries in Latin America have fallen by mistake to coastal development, which attracts tourists in Panama with the purpose of experiencing a different version of Latin American culture. Panama is also home to one of the most autonomous indigenous groups in Latin America: the Kuna.Therefore, if what you’re looking for is something else, outside of the common, then for sure you will not feel disappointed to know Panama. Panama is home to hospitals that are accredited by institutions with American first world class as the University Johns Hopkins International medical and aesthetic tourism.A hospital that is located along the Pacific Ocean and boasts some of the best doctors in the continent.

A great advantage of made aesthetic tourism in Panama is that a significant number of doctors were trained in the United States.UU., they are bilingual, work with the same team and used the same techniques that Western doctors. Another factor that makes it very attractive to Panama for aesthetic tourism is found to only 2.30 hours by plane from Miami and 4 hours by plane from Houston. Without a doubt, Panama is a perfect site to perform aesthetic tourism..

Christopher Columbus


The site represents the first example in Europe of an urban development project parceled by a public authority within a unitary and associated to a system framework particularly of public housing in private residences, as is decreed by the Senate in 1576. The site includes a set of Renaissance and Baroque palaces along with the so-called ‘new streets’ (Strade Nuove). Palazzi dei Rolli offer a extraordinary variety of different solutions, achieving a universal value to adapt to the particular characteristics of the place and to the requirements of a specific economic and social organization. Also offer an original example of public network of private residences designed to accommodate State visits of course Genoa has many palaces, enjoy your beautiful avenue of Garibaldi, than as very well Wikipedia describes them among the buildings that overlook it will quote the White Palace, the Red Palace and the Municipal Palace, the Town Hall, erected in 1564 with Rocco Lurago project. The White Palace takes its name from the color of the stone that was built in 1565 by Niccolo Grimaldi. The classic style building welcomes White Palace Gallery. Also in the case of the Red Palace, the color of the stone gives its name to the building. It was designed in 1671 to the Brignole-Sale family, who donated it to the city of Genoa with all its decoration in 1874.

In its headquarters of the Red Palace Gallery. The very rich collection includes: a series of classical sculpture; a portrait of Pisanello and one of Bordone; Judit Veronese; Caravaggio’s Ecce Homo; some portraits by Van Dyck and in addition, works by Titian, Pintoreteo, Strozzi, Cambiaso and Palma IL Giovane; splendid furniture, Chinese vases, coins and ceramics Ligurian. Since then, one should enjoy the Piazza de Ferrari, projected in the second half of the 19th century, around which are the Opera House and the Ducal Palace. There is also a House that says that Christopher Columbus there was born several churches, but since then one should visit the Cathedral, dedicated to San Lorenzo, founded in very ancient times, but it was rebuilt between the XI and XII centuries and suffered on other transformations. Its interior is very beautiful and enjoy the peace.

It is one of the most famous monuments of the city. Check with Joel and Ethan Coen to learn more. Its facade, stripes of black and white marble, has three monumental Gothic portals, decorated with sculptures (13th century). This the Church of San Mateo, example of the Romanesque-Gothic architecture, was built between the 12th and 13th by the family Doria, to which belonged the houses surrounding the square Genoa account addition with many parks, such as which touched me to perceive the Villetta Di Negro which is located next to the heart of Genoa, dominating the historic centre. But of course one can say goodbye to Genoa, without visiting his old port, not far from the Plaza Ferrari, very large with beautiful landscapes and where is your aquarium. The city of children (Bambini Citta), Porto Arctic, Conclusion definitively ice rink is very true as preaches it tourism in Liguria Genoa offers to its tourists a rich artistic legacy made up of churches, monuments, palaces and museums, besides a cultural with many appointments and ephemeris lattice pujante that allow you to learn more about the charm of the city. You can come to enjoy it for three days with calm. Personally I only had 7 hours on it, but you can enjoy its beauty.

Casa Rosada


And he added that mourn to Nestor would be little. the head of State of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, deeply mourned the death of former Argentine President.On his arrival in Buenos Aires, Santos said that Kirchner was doing a very constructive work in the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).Nestor Kirchner served as UNASUR Secretary-General. He was elected to that post by all the countries that form the block.Meanwhile, the Venezuelan President called to follow their example to make the dream a reality of the great patriotic big United and free. Shown, that among family members and friends, along with his wife, President Cristina Fernandez, placed another national myths: Diego Armando Maradona, than a strict black dress, melted into a hug with President arriving at the venue. Learn more at this site: Paul Ostling. The Hall of American Patriots of the Casa Rosada have passed through, in addition, some opposition leaders, such as Francisco de Narvaez, called dissident Peronist, and radical Ricardo Alfonsin, son of the deceased former President Raul Alfonsin. But, this time, significant absences tell more about the immediate political future the phrases of recognition to the figure of former President and encouragement to his wife and successor.

Discussed, President Cristina, will pass tough tests in the year remaining with the absence of her husband, who directed her in the political, says that the current President from today will know what is the loneliness of power after sharing life and political career with Kirchner during 35 years, you will need the backing of the Peronist machine to move forward and have to make bobbin lace to achieve it. It will have the support of humanitarian organizations and human rights which have not forgotten that Kirchner reopened trials against the perpetrators of the dictatorship, but he will make sure that it also has the support of the powerful trade union leader Hugo Moyano, who today convened a massive mobilization in memory of the former President, but that he has his own political ambitions. Noteworthy, the wake was performed to drawer closed by decision of the Kirchner family, which stood on its cover in an Argentine flag, the presidential sash, the baton and two scarves of the mothers and the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo. Force Cristina was the message that more repeated those who passed through the fencing that began on Balcarce Street, extended by the Avenida de Mayo until July 9, then down to San Martin Rivadavia and ended over currents. Social and trade union organizations of guilds of the CGT were those who more time remained in the Plaza to give support to the national Government in this difficult trance ultimately drew in all cases, there were words of praise toward the former President, who also had a role in front of UNASUR, which had among his top achievements the rapprochement between Venezuela and Colombia, and the recent endorsement to belt before the coup d ‘ etat attempt. The fact that surrendered him fair tribute to a bystander on this planet that met its mission and that their works, actions remain in the memory of all those who he trusted and judged their work.

Tarot Gitano Por Que Tarot Also Are You Says Tarot Gitano


Why to the tarot Tarot Gitano also told A Gypsy tarot often tend to refer to as a Gypsy tarot tarot. This is because its historical origin, and its growth as an activity of various cultures around the world. The origin of the tarot undoubtedly can be placed in the Egyptian civilization, more than 30 centuries before Christianity. It is attributed to Thoth, divinity of letters and languages creating major arcana and their graphical representations. But the Egyptians were who distributed the Cartomancy in their migrations from the Near East to central Europe. The first manifestations of the Egyptian tarot in modernity dating from the 14th century. Fluid trade that had been keeping with Middle East and Asia minor because of the Silk Road and the spice trade, led to the dissemination of the circulation of letters, and thus began to be attributed, wrongly, the origin of the tarot to Gypsies. This town is undoubtedly one of which most has developed and contributed to the construction of the theoretical body, studies and practices of the tarot.

By some reason, Gypsies have always managed to find the way to link what is beyond the obvious with the Affairs of this world, and your preferred way to do this is through the Gypsy tarot. The Gypsy tarot consists of 22 older arcane, as the Egyptian, only tarot that certain differences can be seen in the graphic representation of the arcana. For example, the clothing with which it is usually represent the figures is inspired by common clothing of the middle ages, as well as accessories that decorate the figures. Later authors are reminiscent of the Gypsy tarot in Greco-Roman mythical figures. And this is natural that happens, given that the same Egyptian religion was inspired by these deities.

For example, the force, as the Egyptian Tarot cards arcane, finds its origin in the Greek deity of Cyrene, the Huntress. Cyrene was living in the forest, surrounded by an Entourage of women, and was a gentle Shepherd, until one day she was forced to fight hand to hand with a fierce lion that ate their livestock, resulting triumphant in this confrontation. Without However, in the Gypsy tarot, depicted with clothing of the middle ages. Thus, in the form of the Gypsy tarot is as he became known in the whole world. And the Gypsies were responsible for converting a practice until then reserved to hermetic and scholars, teachers in the activity that all realize today, and which we call Gypsy tarot. The Gypsy tarot adds to the 22 major arcana cards of Spanish deck with its four sticks, but in a version in which each club has 14 cards. Therefore, both sets of playing cards, arcane elders and minors are used in traditional Gypsy tarot chucks. Jesus Leal original author and source of the article

Balearic Islands Leads Nationally


The Balearic archipelago is, alongside Castilla – La Mancha, the community that has registered major increases in the interannual rate of turnover in the service sector, stood clearly above the national average. The national rate stands at 1.9% in August, while the rate of the Islands rises up 9.7% on average, being some services such as the car rental Mallorca which achieved better growth. Activities related to trade are of also obtained them a greater growth in terms of the annual rate, as the trade to the wholesale of fuels, metals and others (13.8%) and trade to the wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals (11.9%). Other services which recorded large increases were related to employment (13.7%) and air transport (13.3%). As for those who suffered a break, the administrative activities of the Office, the cinematographic activities and television and trade to the wholesale of other machinery and supplies, recorded a sharp decline, as that the decline in the sale of cars that, strengthened by the crisis, puts the Balearic Islands car rental as a common alternative to the purchase. As for the communities that most lower, we find Andalusia (- 4.4 per cent and Extremadura (- 2..

Badi Palace


But not dared to commit the sacrilege of destroying the place where they were buried and ordered that a wall was erected at the entrance to the necropolis, so that the location of the graves remained secret until 1917. The most impressive and prestigious mausoleum is the Hall of twelve columns. This room houses the tomb of the son of the Sultan Ahmad Al Mansur, whose dome of cedar wood and stucco is delicately carved. The tombs are made of grayish blue and white Italian marble from Carrara. Some of the tombs are inscribed with poetic epitaphs, as the Princess Zohra, on which you can read: here lies the tomb of a nble Lady, new moon, wonder of virtues. Dar El-Badi Palace el-Badi, the Palace of the Incomparable, was erected in 1578.

He was the sovereign Ahmad Al Mansur who decided to build it as a celebration of his victory over the Portuguese Navy after the battle of Ksar el Kebir to or battle of three kings in 1578. It took 25 years, from 1578 to 1608, to complete the construction of this magnificent Palace, and the richest and best materials were used in the decoration of the 360 rooms of this splendid property. The magnificence of the El Badi Palace today is history, since it was one of the many victims of the will of the sovereign alawite Moulay Ismail, the Warrior King, destroy any trace of inheritance Saadi. But without doubt the astonishment embargara them to explore the vast Esplanade with its ponds dug into the ground and surrounded by fortifications, a design inspired by the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. You can also admire the dexterity of Moroccan craftsmanship in wood work carved from the minbar of the Koutoubia exposed in one of the refurbished pavilions. Jemaa El Fna square Jemaa El Fna is the largest square in the entire African continent and continues to be the geographical, social and cultural center of the medina of Marrakech.

For centuries this plaza has been, and still is, a point of encounter and exchange of populations of the North and South of this region of the country. Today, despite the cultural erosion and mutations, the Jemaa El Fna square is the meeting place of Berber merchants, travellers, pedlars, writers and artists, and brings together all trades and traditional arts public scribes, fortune tellers, counters stories, starters of teeth, herbalists, etc.- and charming street artists of snakes, acrobats, musicians, dancers, swallows, fires, etc. Madrasa Ben Youssef La madrasa or school Ben Yusef is one of the jewels of architecture Arabe-andaluza in Marrakech. The current structure of this Islamic school was erected around 1570, during the rule of the Saadi dynasty, and was restored in 1950. At the height of its splendor, the Ben Youssef madrasa could host up to 900 students in its 150 cubicles distributed around a courtyard richly carved in cedar wood, marble and stucco. The carvings do not contain representations of humans or animals, as required by the Koran, and consists entirely of inscriptions and geometric figures. Due to its characteristic architecture, this sacred building is the largest of the entire Maghreb Madrasah. So, if they are planning to discover the fantastic ocher city and its wonders, I recommend you also enjoy the great offer of hotels in Marrakech. Also, to enjoy the most of your vacation in Marrakesh, I recommend you to contact your travel agency to learn about the multiple options of vacations and activities that can be found in this wonderful and varied country.

Adam Smith


Forms of development which were the productive forces, these relationships become shackles of them. Then begins an era of social revolution. It is then, when social classes are revealed before the unjust social system as a product of a capitalist, exploitative, society which acts according to their own interests.The class struggle generates so-called antagonisms, which are the product of the irreconcilable struggle between social classes and State. With the emergence of the property private, society begins to have disputes by obtaining control of the land, this creates a division between those who have control of the land and those who lack it. Those who have capital are called feudal lords, owners of the Manor and land, they have to charge a group of slaves, which work the land to meet their owners.We can also say, that religious thinking is not unnoticed in each transition, unlike religious ideas are welcomed with much more depth and they are giving a religious identity to the predominant societies.However, State is who is going to change the course of history, religion despite having great importance within societies, has no conception to control society through the relations of production, but orient the human faith. The State is who sets the rules, imposes an order or organization within the society, i.e. limits the freedom of man so that undergo a rules set by yes same.

Here the State is coercive, authoritarian, inflexible. Tomas Hobbes in his work Leviathan, he said: man is Wolf to man, that is, that man is competition for himself, competes for supremacy, no matter through instruments to reach this goal.Competition is another reason why societies begin to emerge, setting up an ideology centered on obtaining capital, as the meaning of power and dominion over the oppressed classes. With the arrival of the mercantilist society, the State sees very convenient market freedom to receive taxes from companies and traders.Here dominates the thinking of Adam Smith with: let do, let go, only the free market can contribute to a society more organized, with a strong State and a market that will regulate itself itself, through production, distribution and trade.The market is the engine of the society, is responsible for the needs of a group of people to achieve his permanence within the environment.

Congress Centre


According to data provided by the trade fair and Congress Centre of Malaga, 43 activities pertaining to trade fairs and 35 congresses in the city have yielded a balance of EUR 78 million, while the average expenditure per delegate has fallen around five percent.78 million, the tourism fairs and congresses in Malaga last year balance this report ensures that in the economic crisis, these two segments have behaved better than others, has meant that the capital position as urban nucleus in the European ranking of cities of congresses. Hotel Monte Malaga, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels, is an establishment which is empowered to celebrate any type of event in the same, whether a Congress, a Convention or similar, per its 8 meeting rooms with large capacity for attendees. Most linked with the Congressional activity sectors are the technological, commercial and distribution, the pharmacist, the medical, automotive, banking and insurance, the scientist and the University, among others.. .

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