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Selenne Business Intelligence


Selenne Business Intelligence expands its layers of operability and autonomy in the world of BI, there is no doubt that this business solution causes profound changes in the entrepreneurial mindset and strikes at the core of the management of the companies. The generation of KPIs, Dashboards, using methodologies different like Kaplan and Norton or strategic maps-based indicators, oriented and positively revolutionize the key decisions of the companies. In everyday life we are accustomed to measure everything that we do, we weigh, we calculate the kilometres remaining to reach a destination, we observe how much gasoline have in the car or if the temperature is at the appropriate levels. However, despite being accustomed to constant measurements of daily life in the business world, we measure short and often incomplete. Selenne Business Intelligence improves its interfaces and uses the most advanced charts and gauges that allow autonomy in decisions for the selection of indicators and implementation underway. This information revolution is It is accompanied by practical, and flexible systems where dynamic analyses are essential to the navigations. Key can be summarized in three steps: have data / information / knowledge. As relevant information for immediate advances of Selenne Business Intelligence solution, you are working on the incorporation of Data Mining options aimed at segmenting the information through processes that enhance the study of information.

Europe Penalty


"Dinamo" – "Zenith" tortured 1-0 loss team personnel without the gate played almost half an hour, until finally, branded Dynamo counterattack not a big audience cheer of the match (the match was broadcast in the U.S. and in Europe). The Edge was supposed to be in that episode of the Premier League debutant Fresh, but he has not reached the ball. Moments later, almost finished shed Kerzhakova Dmitry Kombarov and again left the team to gain power, while demonstrating a good pace and the percentage of accurate transmission. Attacks by the hosts, while were dangerous, especially when the St. Petersburg defenders lost their positions. Starting the second half of the match did not differ from that seen the fan before the break. In the first 15 minutes, but dangerous shelters in the penalty opponent, has attracted attention to the episode, when a judge awarded a small card quite unfairly Tymoschuk, thus depriving the captain's guests to participate in the game the next round.

After 65-minute initiative passed to the guests, although the most dangerous time in those moments created Dynamo, when shed from the penalty Dmitry Kombarova only narrowly failed to close his brother Cyril. Well, closer to the final whistle, the advantage of "Zenith" has become overwhelming. Guests literally occupied "Dynamo". But the advantage does not mean naked. In a rare counter-attack the hosts scored the only goal. His own expense recorded for Captain Khokhlov of Muscovites. He did it in the 84th minute, when freed from the tutelage of backache Kombarova Tymoschuk. Well, in the minutes added Ropotan pushed in the penalty Denisov, and the referee removed for it …

Petrograders. "Ruby" – "Locomotive" 2:0 Well, "Locomotive" Maminova lost, as the team lost Eshtrekova, Dolmatova, Rakhimov. The time has come to return to "the wheel" and young professionals. Time is lowered, "the railroad" from heaven to earth, or their position is hopeless, the answer to this question will play against the "Spartacus", which received good move.

San Juan Quot


The hearings revealed that the company it made secret experiments (1956-1961) of mental control with the MK-Extreme program in numerous cities. Their agents introduced hallucinogens – LSD and mescaline in drinks without " conejillos" they would notice themselves and they remained to " observar". Many " sujetos" they became ill and two died. Between 1944 and 1974, the ministry of Defense (Pentagonal) and Commission of Energy Atomics del studied in the thousand of people injurious effects radioactive material and injections of plutonium. A committee of the government informed in 1965 that was realised 4,000 experiments in dozens of hospitals, universities and military bases, generally without permission nor knowledge into " conejillos". Pedro Albiz Fields In 1931 the Dr. Cornelius P. Rhoads, transfer to the Presbiteriano Hospital of San Juan for " to study the anemia in Puerto Rico " , with financing of the Rockefeller Foundation.

What it really did went to inject to anemic with cells of cancer and the radioactive elements and to apply radiation to them to study its effects. In a letter to its friend F.W. Stewart, confessed to have dice to him death to 8 patients. Later, Rhoads directed military biological in Maryland, Utah and Panama. Also it integrated the Commission of Energy Atomics, where it organized experiments of exhibition to the radiation with soldiers and patients of hospitals. In 1951, the patriotic leader Pedro Albiz Fields denounced from the jail the Princess of San Juan that was being radiated and that the Americans use to Puerto Rico like a laboratory. From 40 to the decade of " 90, in Panama yperite tried on, neurotoxic hydrogen VX, sarin, cyanide and other agents. In the first experiments it was applied the substances to the soldiers with tragic consequences, in as much in years 60 and 70 tested toxic of agent orange and other weed killers in the forests of Panama, similars to the battlefields of Vietnam.