Those clients whose premium exceeds $ 1,000, employees freed from unnecessary concerns, gathering information for them all when the insured event. Customers whose contribution exceeds $ 3,000, can cause the place of accident emergency Commissioner, who inspects the damaged car, take the statement of the insured event and immediately gives the direction for repairs. The insurance company RESO-Garantia is based on Nov. 18, 1991, ie known in the insurance market Russia for 15 years. It offers a comprehensive program RESOavto "includes not only insurance against theft and damage, but also other risks. As with other insurers, the program further provides for compulsory and voluntary insurance of civil liability and accident insurance the driver and passengers.

As in here for a client whose insurance premium exceeds $ 1,000, in case of accident information collected insurance company. But those whose contribution above $ 3,500 will be invited to the VIP-service, including a reference collection representative of the company and paid without help from the traffic police, with damage to 5% of the sum insured an unlimited number of times. jsc '' is a holding company consisting of three major regional and seven inter-regional insurance companies. Insurance Company was founded in February 1992 as the successor state insurance rsfsr established in 1921. Thus, the jsc Rosgorstrah has the insurance market of our country's 14-year history and a rich backstory. However, through an integrated program for car insurance against theft and damage, referred to as "Protection", in addition to the additional processing of the policy of mandatory and voluntary third party liability insurance and accident insurance the driver and passengers, no additional VIP-programs and services are not provided.