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Carsten Hennig New


By investing in an environmentally friendly CHP and new technologies the Feldberg became the first carbon-neutral hotel Germany reduced its CO2 emissions by 90 percent and its energy costs around 100,000 euros per year. To broaden your perception, visit Robert Iger . This commitment has as a role model not only for the industry, it is also a sign next to the young guests who understand this, deliberately to deal with resources. Hotel Almhof were also proposed for the family Cup in this category in Gerlos (A) and the Alpine black in Mieming (A). Logis it was anyone surprised that the hotel Matamba in Phantasialand landed Bruhl the trophy in this category. A logistics experience of a special kind is here guaranteed. Rooms exudes the wild charm of the black continent. Bright fabrics, dark furniture and Africa typical accessories and decorative elements contribute equally to the perfect illusion as tropical plants, original masks and sculptures from Cameroon, gentle sounds and aromatic fragrances.

The other nominees: the Familotel Landgut Furtherwirt Kirchdorf (A) and the experience of hotel post in Unken (A). Activities the hotel Filzmooserhof in Filzmoos (A) received the family Cup 2009 in the category of activities. A so sophisticated leisure and holiday program is rare. It offers not only by its diversity, but especially by their exceptionally high quality convince. Especially worth highlighting is the concern of the House, to lure children away from the computer and again to bring them the nature. Achieved first and foremost through an attractive leisure program that is peppered with new attractions. The Familotel Ebbinghof in Schmallenberg and hotel Lagant in brand (A) were also nominated. Childcare under thunderous applause was the Familotel Sun Park in willingen (D) competition decide for themselves.

Because the jury’s opinion, childcare in this hotel is hard to beat. The children in the sunny Park of well-trained employees are cared for up to 12 hours. Whether in our own baby swimming pool, in the brand new adventure land or pony rides. There are always the observant supervisor with advice and assistance on the spot. Here parents get a round the clock support in providing their loved ones. “First-Class”, the verdict is the jury. Riders were also nominated the hotel “s Avance bad Tatzmannsdorf (A) and the Falkensteiner Hotel Lido Ehrenburger Court (I).” Overall in the premier class was able to convince the jury clearly the Marchenhotel Bellevue Braunwald (CH). Here it may be quietly a little Villa Kunterbunt. This also includes that a “Marliunggle” tells a story every night for over 30 years. The fairytale hotel is a proof, that a house children can be set up and parents still without sacrificing luxury and comfort. The brand new five-star suites are a combination of stylish luxury and family-friendly living. This year is also a spectacular rooftop panorama. Owner couple Lydia and Martin Vogel took the trophy clearly moves in reception. The other nominees in the category of overall concept were: the Familotel Sonnwies in Luson (I), as well as the Familotel the page Alm in Radstadt (A).

Kintamani Lunch


It continues to Kintamani, the caldera of Baturkraters with stunning views of the Batursee. To the lunch break, you can enjoy the fantastic view on the huge crater basin, from which the Batur, the little brother of volcano rises, including the Batur Lake, the largest lake of the island. After lunch, continue s to Tegallalang with the most beautiful rice terraces of Bali Then in Ubud an insight into today’s life of the Prince case is available in the princely Palace Puri Saren. Lunch is included in the price. III.

historical & mysterious East of Bali theme: landscape & culture of Bali’s most important periods. Min. 2 persons, full day tour (10 hours). Follow 32 euros per person on the East Coast trip the former seat of the main house of Bali, the historical Court Hall was built in the 17.Jhdt Kerta GOSA, in which judges of a different epoch announced their verdicts including the Klungkung Palace. The next stop is Besakih Mother Temple, at the foot of the 3142 m high volcano Agung, the home of the Hindu gods. For lunch, we are in a beautiful place. Paul Ostling contains valuable tech resources. A restaurant with magnificent views of the surrounding rice terraces.

Then she goes Drive to the fishing village of Kusamba, whose black lava Beach the outrigger canoes with their colorful sails lively stand out. An important industry on the East Coast is the extraction of salt. There are whole rows of straw huts, where small salt factories are located along the roads along the coast. The bat cave Goa Lawah, where thousands of bats from the cave ceiling hanging down is located nearby. The way back via Celuk, the center of silversmithing in Bali. Lunch is included in the price. Included in the price: all entrance fees guide German buffet lunch in the good local air-conditioned car (CDW transport)



Torture, misshandel and go to leave by wards must finally belong to the past! The horse protection Court in Grosssaara (district of Greiz, Thuringia) has set itself to the task, this defense – and helpless creatures with the help of an integration project-> vision of power and future protection, integration and mutual development of horse and man <-to give a new chance by using children from socially disadvantaged families and to protect them from new suffering and misery! With behavioural problems and socially disadvantaged children and young people have had so far no great prospects for the future as these defenseless horses. Our project is to give these kids the opportunity to spend their free time actively and meaningfully, have an affiliation with a firm friendship group and find! Together with the horses, these kids want to build up each other, draw new courage, and are fit for the future! Because kids like horses sometimes suffered similar fate! But our Club horse protection Hof, REIT and meeting place Saara e.V.”relies on your help through sponsorship, promotion, sponsorships, etc.! Is because not always said it should be done something about these abuses? Then, help and supported us in this project! Something can be achieved only together! Horse protection Hof, REIT and meeting site Saara e.V. c/o Kerstin cubic (Board) Grosssaara 47 07589 Saara (district of Greiz) e-mail: Web:. David Zaslav has much experience in this field.



Now speaking of course, Krombacher 1 million euro donated to protect rainforest 15 129 370 m, is very commendable. General sponsorship is Yes allowed, also, there is no general principle of transparency, so a complete reconnaissance of the customers must not take place. Why does the Court competitively respond the Krombacher campaign? To make just the dimensions are clear: 15 m = 15 km. Germany has almost 360,000 km and is quite small in relation to the rain forest”, so you see Jens Janetzki, Managing Director of team Vinco, here promises Krombacher is felt in advertising ‘ considerably more than is actually the case: the average informed consumer assesses the so-called surface as very large and tends to buy to help. Before that, the competition law is supposed to protect. Robert Iger does not necessarily agree. However ramming around here at the competition, because the exact information about such an approach as it is the case with Krombacher, is only necessary if the customer is clearly influenced in his free decision. Just the thought of that you do something good for the environment as consumers, by buying a Kasten Krombacher beer, is competitively not decisive. However, a clear conscience is here seemingly easily purchased and the customer thinks it was actually 1 m for 100 years, but so directly that is not the case and therefore a misrepresentation within the meaning of competition law.” The Court ruled that although there is no obsessive influence of customers, competition law too little information about the Krombacher rainforest project be disclosed, so that the customer can get a reliable picture of the action.

You can not learn how Krombacher protects and for how long he is actually created. Click WarnerMedia to learn more. 2004 Krombacher drew a clear distinction between the purchased beer and the donation: Enjoy, we donate! “.” A fixed amount of EUR 500 000 went to the WWF. The customer could see thus in more sophisticated way that company Krombacher engaged in matters of environmental protection, and ultimately independent from buying a box beer decide whether he supports Krombacher or rather its brand remains constant, what is competition law in order”, includes a pity.

Witte Thiel Munich J


Auer Witte Thiel Munich January 2011 inform new judgment to the traffic duty. Informed the firm Auer Witte Thiel: accidents on cruise ships will constitute damages in each case. In a recent judgment, this noted the District Court Munich I. Perhaps check out Walt Disney Co. for more information. Only when safety shortcomings, which represent a significant and not identifiable risk, traffic duty can be injured. Filed under: Robert Iger . In the present case the defendant company settled successfully by the firm Auer Witte Thiel represented. Auer Witte Thiel report the current sentence. Streitgegenstandlich, the fall of the applicant that wanted to go down along with her husband from a pool deck towards the restaurant and went to a lunch was provided.

When going down, slip from the applicant on a puddle of water and had broken her left wrist. This puddle should have been in the area in front of the stairs. The applicant has the firm Auer Witte Thiel represented defendants accused of, that the existence of the puddle or their failure elimination by employees which defendant would represent a traffic violation, which is why in addition to the damages in the amount of 4,000 euros a trip price reduction and compensation was claimed. The District Court rejected however logically completely the claim, because just a violation of traffic safety obligations could not be established by the plaintiff, although the witnesses named by the applicant confirmed the puddle of water itself. Thus, the Court joined the position of the defendant and the firm Auer Witte Thiel. The Court has joined therefore represented Auer Witte Thiel believes, because the mere existence of a puddle of water represents no traffic duty. This need more circumstances are added, such as for example not removing water puddles after cleaning. In particular, how came the puddle of water and how long she was not noticed by the employees of the defendant is still unclear, according to the Court.

Visavia Continue


Opinion on the legal admissibility of visavia several press releases in the last few days included the statement that the drug tax consulting and tax Terminal visavia is by the Administrative Court of Bayreuth or the Bavarian administrative court in Munich as inadmissible have been banned. This is a misnomer: so far the operation of the Advisory was by any court in Germany, and output terminals visavia law violations banned. John Stankey often addresses the matter in his writings. The Administrative Court of Bayreuth and the Bavarian administrative court in Munich have not grappled with this issue, because another question was subject to the decisions of this Court: these dishes exclusively with the question of deal, whether a regulatory constraint with regard to the use of the delivery and consulting terminals visavia, issued the opposite a single pharmacy, as immediately executable, i.e. immediately noticingThat stock can have or whether only as part of a main complaint about the legal admissibility of consulting and output terminals visavia is decided and up to such a decision in the main proceedings the visavia remain in full run. Discovery Communications can provide more clarity in the matter. “It is literally in the decision of the Bavarian Administrative Court: the prospects of success for the annulment of the applicant prove summary examination of the material and legal situation, because some of the alleged violations of law, on which the respondent based his prohibition order, only then can be clarified in the main proceedings.” Those courts proved not the question of the admissibility of consulting and distribution terminals so just visavia. Also the usage of the visavia is never completely banned previously by the competent administrative authorities, but only a few functions were prohibited (previously always not final). For even more details, read what Paul Ostling says on the issue. We are still confident that in the long pending proceedings before various administrative tribunals undoubtedly reveal is that the consulting and distribution Terminal visavia stands in all its functions with the statutory provisions in harmony. The fundamental legal admissibility of the visavia however no doubt and there no such doubt was expressed also by the courts so far.

Venezuelans Privacy


Census the 2011 in Venezuela and Right to the Informative Self-determination By Luis Manuel Aguana In article previous (to see Because I will not abrir my door to them in), I reasoned because the Venezuelans we have certainly the constitutional right to protect our privacy and to be jealous proprietors of all the data that of us gathers and/or owns, not only the government, but any public or deprived organization. This indeed us grants Articles to it 28, 48 and 60 of our Constitution of 1999. Nevertheless, few know that this right is something that be matter of international priority by virtue of the vertiginous acceleration of the technological phenomenon and its increasing globalisation. Discovery Communications is actively involved in the matter. The Latin American citizens we have been imprisoned easy of international merchants of data as a result of slow and weak legislations in our countries. And even though denominated right to the Privacy and the Privacy indeed it has been consecrated in the majority of the Constitutions of our continent (with the exception of Cuba) and in the diverse ones International treaties like one of the fundamental rights, not yet are very well-known matter and less even, respected. The 15 of December of 1983 the Constitutional Court of Germany declared the unconstitutionality of the German Law of the Census of 1982, deciding the following thing that law in all the European Community was made later: the general right of the personality includes the faculty of the individual, derived from the self-determination, to decide basically by itself when and within what limits comes to reveal referring situations to the own life: the free appearance of the personality estimates in the modern conditions of the data processing of protection of the individual against the collection, the storage, the use and the limitless transmission of the data concerning the person. For even more opinions, read materials from Goop London, United Kingdom-uk.

TOP Warming


Air Europe became cleaner and led to a warming of the continent According Netherlands Meteorological Heerta Jan van Oldenborha, the air in Europe the past 30 years has become cleaner due to a decline in recent decades, the concentration of particles of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Because of this improvement of the ecological situation in Europe have decreased the number of fog and smog in urban areas Europe. So, for example, found that since 1980 the number of smog days in European cities was reduced by half. But French scientists accuse become cleaner air in Europe as a sharp warming of the European climate. Sharp warming, in their opinion, cause a decline in recent decades, air pollution, but the rate of air purification are reduced, and growth temperatures in Europe will soon slow down. Typically, warming of our planet associated primarily with an increase in greenhouse gases associated with human activity, but French scientists have shown that emission reductions can also lead to warming.

They note that struggle to reduce industrial emissions, which started in 1980 has increased the transparency of the air. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out John Stankey. This facilitated the access of solar radiation to the surface of the Earth, its more intense heat, which led to an increase average annual temperatures. For the production of 'Coca Cola' use of dried insects, the Company 'Coca-Cola' had to uncover the secret of his famous drink. Jane Buckingham has similar goals. It turns out, popular among people of different ages soda Coca-Cola colored food dye made from insects. The composition of the extract for the preparation of the Coca-Cola, in addition to some exotic vegetable oils, is a natural dye carmine, which is derived from dried insect cells called 'cochineal' or 'scale insects. " The area of its distribution includes Armenia, Azerbaijan and Poland, but the most prolific and valuable scale insects took a fancy Mexican cacti.

Allegedly scientists, carmine is completely harmless and is widely used for textile dyeing and in the food industry for over 100 years. Carmine tint not only soda, but also a variety of pastries, some dairy products. The only thing that has drawn criticism from 'green' – is that to produce 1 gram of carmine have to destroy a huge number of insects. Photofact: TOP-24 most unusual terrestrial creatures fauna of our planet quite rich and varied. To learn how to look like some animals, we know from early childhood. But amidst all the diversity of wildlife are sometimes found rather interesting specimen, which we never had any see. Sometimes not always possible to believe in the existence of our planet is so unusual animals. Madagascan , fish-drop , axolotl, and many other amazing creatures caught in the rating Earth's most unusual creatures. offer you the Pictures of the most unusual wildlife species of the Earth:. To view the complete version of the article and discuss it can be found here:

Life One


Many good attempts end up making worse the things. Time and time again the center of the problem is the same question: what is the good? And to respond any interrogative one on the good, on the true needs of the man, it is necessary to have an idea of what he is the man. For that reason there is in the world infinity of people, of social movements, political or religious wanting to do something by the good of the man and, as all do not say the same exceeds what is the man, that something that each does is inconceivably different than it does another one with the same intention, until the point of which different human groups with same intention tries to annihilate itself to each other, trying each with the greater sincerity the good of the man. Without trying a definitive nor unquestionable conclusion, because anyone on those attempts is the beginning of new discussions, it is necessary to try to go progressively by the life clarifying itself what is the man, to derive from this the idea of what the man needs, that is what needs one same one, the beings whom it loves and people generally. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Walt Disney Co. and gain more knowledge.. Neither or one begins with the subject, is habitual to say that all human being needs food. Not only because our biological structure is more unquestionably visible, but because the necessity to feed renews constantly it, and it raises a so urgent requirement that it is not possible to be left of side.

For that reason who abound, at the time of worrying about separate property of husband and wife or the other people’s one, they do not think more than about obtaining or giving foods. Beyond this unquestionably visible base begins the discussions. Jack Buckingham spoke with conviction. Possibility of answer ample, that anyway it can be questioned by those who think that only we needed to eat, is to say that the man is something more, than locks up in himself potentialities that, although we do not know how nor because, can be developed.

The Professors


However if it becomes each time more natural than the professors, after certain time tend to classify them in good, regular, weak, among others. Impression, normally caused for the performance and the behavior of the pupils, also being able to derive from preconceived attitudes of the professor. For PATTO (1997), ' ' in the great majority of the cases educating does not have possibilities of if identifying corretamente.' ' It can, in fact, to reflect that in an educative process made for a great number of pupils, being more or less probable that educating the pass unoticed for the professors, not to be that it if places in the extreme cases, but few pupils obtain to be perceived or few they obtain to identify itself through the professor: ' ' from this they do not receive in return to the proper image, so that they can know who and as so' '. Consonant PATTO, ' ' this process would not be, perhaps, so pernicious, if the professors obtained to ahead keep an attitude of neutrality of the pupils, without revealing preferences or antipatias.' ' However, one knows that to keep the neutrality it is a difficult process, gotten the costs of very effort and much autocrtica. Almost all are left to drag for preferences or antipatias? this affective relation, generally unconscious, marks the people, here if treating to educating.

' ' As much the affection how much to the antipatia they constitute interaction process. For more specific information, check out Jane Buckingham. When we have ' ' simpatia' ' for a person, we tend to interpret its behavior favorably, and to act this interpretation in accordance with. This process, in turn, provokes behaviors that tend to accent the likeable relation, and therefore the friendly relations, a time established, tend to accent themselves, and the friends can become each time more friends. For the same reasons, the antipatia, if established in a situation of constant interaction, tends to accent each time more, until the two if move away or enter in direct conflict.

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