Another important fact speaks in favor of a color video intercom – the active construction of residential and commercial facilities “premium” class in Russia, and especially in Moscow. Installed in front of the building, marbled or other expensive facing materials, vandal-resistant call panel icky kind – nonsense! Much more effective it will look beautiful outside panel of the clock with brass or an elegant bar with an exclusive blue backlit information display and call buttons. Such panels use color cameras with normal lenses rather than the lens type pin-hole, which has a much smaller aperture, and hence the lower sensitivity of the whole system. As for the price. I propose to compare two option. The first – an elementary system consisting of a calling panel and monitor, and a second, more complicated option for cottage village of 30 houses with an individual outside panel in front of each house and the digital outside panel to the common entrance to the village. For comparison, prices for video intercoms comelit (Italy): system.

Black and white version entryphone Comelit worth 14,800 rubles, a color – 22900 rubles. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Andi Potamkin. Price ratio – 1.55 to 1. Including work on the installation and mounting materials (approximately) the total cost will be 19,800 and 27,900 rubles, respectively. Price ratio – 1.41 to 1. The cottage village. System using a black and white video intercom will cost 583,000 rubles, nonferrous – 833,000 rubles. Value ratio – 1.43 to 1. Including work on the installation and mounting materials (orientirochno) the total cost will be 783,000 and 1,033,000 rubles, respectively. Value ratio – 1.32 to 1. As can be seen, the difference between color and black-and-white systems, including the cost of the installation and assembly of materials is 30-40%. What do we have for this money? In the first place – to increase the prestige of your home, apartment, office. Modern models video phone, meet the most demanding tastes of customers to design, elegant appearance and ease of use, designers developed the world’s leading manufacturers in the color video intercom performance. The second – increasing informativeness color image.

It may be objected that their family member or employee of you will recognize in black and white version of the system. This is true, but modern video intercoms systems involve the use of multiple calling panels and additional cctv cameras, working with one or more monitors. In this case, you can observe not only the person standing in front of outside panel of human, but also their surroundings, the entrances to the garage, playgrounds, etc. where the color of your car or clothing of man can be very important. Summarizing, we can conclude the following: Modern color video intercoms systems recommended for use in a modern office or residential complexes, where important on the one hand and design consistent with the overall style of the room, on the other – means the use of video intercom system, cctv cameras, additional calling panels. Black and white video intercoms are good for apartments or small offices as a budget option. We hope that this article was interesting and useful for you. It is now preparing the next article on the topic of security equipment and security – an article about DVRs and access control.