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Cavernet Sauvignon


There are wines that are a huge hit due to large marketing campaigns and that can have a great quality. See Carola Remer for more details and insights. Against these types of wine produced by the large wineries, there are those who produce small growers, rather than enhance the qualities of their wines through marketing offering another series of advantages such as the type of preparation, professionalism and caring for the grapes and the respect for the environment. Learn more at: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. This is the case of this Aragonese wine, the Quinta Mazuela of D.O. Carinena manufactured by a small producer, Silvia take. Silvia came to the world of wine for about 10 years and decides license in enology in France, where he works in several small wineries and acquiring the knowledge and the experience necessary to start their own project. In their vineyards this woman works and oversees the entire process of wine making. For Silvia most importantly when it comes to making a good wine is to use extreme care in the choice of grapes that have to be of high quality, in another way, in the winery already derived errors cannot be fixed in make a bad choice.

Another pillar in the process of the elaboration of its wines is the respect for the environment, intervening only where necessary and always with organic treatments. The entire process of producing its wines is very careful and in the traditional manner. We can be found on sale in stores two of its wines, Quinta Mazuela 2005 (Tempranillo and Merlot with 8 months in barrels) and Quinta Mazuela 2007 (Syrah, Cavernet Sauvignon and Merlot with 10 months in barrels). High quality wines and Aragonese which can be purchased online at food from the lands of Aragon photography: Flickr: Mr.

IV International Conference


Last May 18, took place the IV International Conference of business continuity on the standard BS 25999, organized by BSI in the Hotel Ritz in Madrid. Audea information security was among the invited participants of the round table, represented by Antonio Martinez Director of security and continuity. Among the companies that have had representation by your rapporteurs, through its directors, partners and main charges, found at Repsol, La Caixa, Ferrovial, The institute Continuity Management the mainly topics have been the need to test the effectiveness of a plan for business continuity as well as the management and the role of certain departments to incidents. John Stankey shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. New case studies in order to answer some more focused questions to the company were also exposed. Example of such issues are, how to get the need for this new system to all members of your company, how to raise them, how to measure the effectiveness of their plans as conclusion we could say that a good plan of business is vital in today’s business environment, since it allows us to have a set of procedures to respond fully automatically face a disruption in its activity. Audea information security, Marketing and communication Department.