Sellers of companies that do not have metal in a warehouse, show your customers that metal has to be done at the factory for a specific size, the so-called special order. They argue that in this case on the roof joints will be less and less waste. That's why they say these vendors do not support the stock of metal in stock, even in the running colors. Dov'll see. The actual size of the roof rarely coincide with specified in the project. So before ordering a metal roof is stopped.

His specialist can perform zamerschik or roofer, who will continue to be entrusted with installation. On the basis of measurement is calculated material. Source: Coen Brothers. In forming the special order price of a mistake if the will "is a bit short," significantly higher than if it was a "longish". It is understood zamerschik and seller engaged in the calculation, and each of them must provides a reserve along the sheets. Argue that the resulting metal roofing on request will not have to be cut, he can only seller who has never seen it mounted.

Scraps and residues will always, and in waste will be mostly on the ridges, valleys, and the ground near the pipes. When working with a special order of the natural waste is the same as using metal from the warehouse. Joints also can not be avoided, and that why. Experienced roofers limit the length of the sheet four feet. When working with sheet metal up to 4 meters there is a risk of deformation during loading and lifting the roof. Therefore, if the length of skatovbolshe 4 meters, the formation of special order and the purchase of metal from the warehouse to the roof will be gorizantalnye joints. But no matter how you're acquires metal roofing, from stock or on order, entrust installation of metal roofing should only be experienced roofers.