One word can not describe this film, it is impossible to convey all the feelings and emotions that you experience during and after the show. The plot concerns the soul, reports that a wave of violent events occurring in the film, shows the reality of our time in everyday life. Judging by the picture itself, one can firmly say that the script was not written with the purpose of obtaining money, and the actors played their roles are not for the sake of premiums and fees, they got used to their roles to bring to us with you the essence of life, showing how all of it really is. Maybe for one of you, my review may seem too pretentious, banal, but trust me, it's hard to choose words to describe this film. Robert Iger is likely to agree. All in words can not convey it to see, to understand and make sense of what is really 'hate – it's heavy luggage. Life is too short to spend it for evil, it is not worth it. We are not enemies, but friends, we must not be enemies. Visit Jack Buckingham for more clarity on the issue. Although bond our friendship is not always strong, they should not be broken. The memory of this friendship will take his own, when in their hearts, inevitably we will swallow their best feelings '.