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Sunburn In The Ski Holiday: In The Winter, The Sun Is Often Underestimated


Even in winter, the Sun is an important issue. Jeffrey L. Bewkes Time Warner is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Especially in the mountains, care must be taken to sufficient protection against UV light. For many the well-deserved ski holidays is now in the winter. Snow-covered landscapes, snow-covered slopes and Huettengaudi, when even the Sun seems and glitter snow: Perfect! But have you also thought of the Sun? Admittedly, sunscreen everyone thinks probably first of summer, Sun, beach and sea, but just on the snow-covered slopes, the risk is sunburn to be also very high. Because you should know: approximately every 300 meters of height increasing the UV-B radiation to approximately 10% of intensity also on the cornea of the eye can lead to sunburn, the so-called snow blindness, the Sun’s rays are reflected by the snow and sunburn can occur even faster depending on drive speed in the short term very low temperatures of up to minus 50 C can prevail on facial skin due to the cold the intensive solar radiation is not so strongly perceived a To avoid sunburn on a skiing holiday, you should use a sunscreen with at least SPF (SPF) 20. The SPF is used as a multiplier and specifies approximately how long is out to stop, without getting a sunburn.

Used man, for example, a sunscreen with SPF 20 and you would get sunburnt without it after 10 minutes, could you three hours outdoors are with Sun protection. This should serve as a guide but only for three hours in the blazing sun still cause sunburn with high probability. The sunscreen should roughly be applied half an hour before going out and always be refreshed, especially if the cream is not waterproof and is washed off by snow or sweat. Also the lips must not be forgotten and should be maintained with a lipstick with UV protection. You do something good, your skin nothing more in the way can be undimmed snow fun! Other health-related topics, see

Remove By The Way! Do You Have Cellulite Or Back Pain?


You don’t know the world’s first of Slimis? Muscles have the property that if you train them they are stronger and bigger. And the fat gives way to the muscle and that of the first day wearing Slimis. If you are Slimis counteract extremely pleasant and relaxing, good foot complaints or aching legs because our weight is optimally distributed and on the go again Slimis muscles are trained all leg belly Po simply by the way whether they desire to use physical or not. Jon Matlack often says this. With Slimis none asking the more they are simply and to additional small weight one is accustomed to very short time and will no longer be without Slimis. You will notice how well you do you? Traders speak of a fitness sensation and worry about who has Slimis, buys no more another fitness device or go to the Fitness Studio. Slimis the smallest gym in the world in the shoe! If you give us a product with the same benefits, get 1 free pair of Slimis in the size of your choice. Slimis is arguably the best product on the removable Diet – fitness and health market today could call anyone a better product. Why Slimis are so effective performance, it makes you can control the tempo, they wear a pedometer to multiply the number of steps with the weight of the Slimis and you may notice amazement what for physical performance you just pleasantly by the way can provide benefits to your body and your calorie consumption responded positively..

June Devices


Could speak our eyes, we knew: the views of digital devices for several hours can mean pure Visual stress. Bask, there are now 10 January 2014 – more mobile digital devices than people on Earth. In June 2013, alone some 36 million smartphone users have been in Germany listed. Learn more on the subject from Coen brothers. 1 the largest mobile displays are up to 5 inches (12.7 cm screen diagonal correspond to 5 inches) big. Still, For the human eye digital consumption can be a challenge, the use of smartphones, tablets & co. real stress. But the least sure especially those not wearing no glasses or contact lenses. If you have read about Jeffrey L. Bewkes already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The eye provides excellence in adapting to difficult Visual conditions.

Has a price: A poll among approximately 800 participants at the age of 30 to 45 years from Germany and Austria shows that 61 percent of them in the use of mobile digital devices after about 4.5 hours about eyestrain complaining burning eyes, 38 percent, almost two-thirds of Neck tension and 31 percent of headaches. 2 intensive use of digital devices pure stress for the eyes are our eyes usually around an hour a day just on our smartphones set. 3 to come the screen work in the workplace or the views of the navigation system while driving. While our eyes work not only maximum while focusing for the look on the screen, but especially in the permanent look changes between close, the intermediate point of view and remote. The result: noticeable discomfort during frequent use of digital devices. Since special eyeglass lenses, the ZEISS digital lenses, can remedy. ZEISS in particular with the viewing habits of people, has often and throughout the day over mobile digital devices use for their development, employs: with the posture, the seeing distance from the device and the change of perspective between the fields of vision. Because: See mobile digital devices and eye distance between approximately 30 cm, whereas in the book or one Approximately 40 inches are newspaper.

Self Hypnosis


One of the most exhilarating areas of hypnosis is self hypnosis. There is virtually no problem of everyday life that can not be solved with a sophisticated technique of self-hypnosis. Through positive affirmations into a light trance, enormous success can be achieved within a very short time. It is not only the affirmation that brings about a change in the unconscious, rather all desired goals that should be mediated by the techniques of self hypnosis should be felt as have already occurred is State. Experts assume that if the desired situation in a self hypnosis is also felt the suggestion or affirmation to a thousand in its effect on the unconscious intensified. Discovery Communications is the source for more interesting facts.

One of the most exciting areas of hypnosis is the ability of self hypnosis the correctly applied and learned this may represent one of the most effective ways of self-therapy. There is no virtually no problem of everyday life that a sophisticated technique of self-hypnosis can be solved. Through positive affirmations into a light trance, enormous success can be achieved within a very short time. It is not only the affirmation that brings about a change in the unconscious, rather all desired goals that should be mediated by the techniques of self hypnosis should be felt as have already occurred is State. Experts assume that if the desired situation in a self hypnosis is also felt the suggestion or affirmation to a thousand in its effect on the unconscious intensified. It’s believed that Eva Andersson-Dubin sees a great future in this idea. Themselves with the techniques of self hypnosis relatively easily to a positive behavior convert habit problems how to quit smoking or wrong eating habits can be. “But also stress, sleep problems or to increase self-awareness can be effectively applied the self-hypnosis to here only the most common applications of self influence” to name a few. But even serious neural problems such as for example paralysis can be continuous Exercise a positive influence on the self hypnosis.

Gout: Gout Risk, Disease, Gout


Earlier, gout was called lifestyle disease, because mostly trudging people ravaged by her. Today, we know that just meat and alcohol to promote the disease to a large extent. The gout (arthritis) occurs preferably in the men of the middle ages, mainly the first characteristics of the disease with 40 or 50 years to appear. Among women is the gout is less common and is primarily persons after 50-55 years. But in recent times the gout is”pretty much”younger”has become. Increasingly, doctors are dealing with gout in patients aged between 30 and 35 years.

The gout under control despite that gout is a disease of the metabolism, and one she can not completely heal, many doctors say could be the gout under control. Note only a few rules. The typical attack which it can gout (gout) typical gout attack resulting in a joint, the toes? Less pain occurs higher in the knee joint. The attack often arrives early in the morning in the form of sudden strong crippling pain in the affected swelling joint. The skin blushes on the affected area, the temperature rises. Jeffrey Bewkes is likely to increase your knowledge. On the day the pain decreases slightly, but at night he rises again and so it can take three days or even weeks.

Exactly you diagnose gout when similar symptoms were already present, must as soon as possible to diagnose gout absolutely exactly. The diagnosis of gout is very easy to determine due to the analysis of the blood. An aggravation of gout you should consult first and foremost the internists, who will give you the necessary recommendations on the basis of the information and the analysis of the blood, or it can send the patients for further treatment to the physician rheumatologist. The gout – a very serious disease you should know that the gout is a very serious disease, and the success of treatment depends on how to behave. You must constantly observe the rules of a special diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. Only thus can strong attacks and the avoid occurring complications of gout. Avoid alcohol scientists have proved that even small doses of alcohol can provoke the attacks of gout. The alcohol acts very quickly, in less than 24 hours. Every person with gout should avoid alcohol. Gout is a disease of the joints, where they periodically swell and become inflamed. Regardless of existing methods of treatment, the majority of patients suffering from repeated painful attacks. Doctors have long suspected that the use of alcohol provoked the attacks, but until now this hypothesis scientifically not yet confirmed. With 179 patients, the doctors examined the experiment 179 patients who had at least an attack of gout in the last year. It turned out that even the small and moderate doses of alcohol are able to trigger a worsening of the disease. Those who drank five or six servings of alcohol within 48 hours, suffered a fit of the gout twice more often, as the other people who applied alcohol. At seven servings of alcohol, the risk rises to 2.5 times higher. The wine, beer and all strong alcoholic drinks have similar effect.

Conventional Medicine


The alternatives to conventional medicine? In this day and age, it makes little sense to run at every little problem to the doctor. There are so many good alternatives that can help as well if not better. You have such as back pain or toothache, you can rely on acupuncture. Someone who understands his subject, can cause miracles in this area. Believe you should of course also. Otherwise you will wake up again with pain, because to make up it will not spark anyway. It is a pity that so many doctors against natural medicine are.

It is sometimes much more effective and above all healthier than ever swallow tablets. Salts are Safari for example good alternatives to various ointments and other medications. The right mix even manages to bring old scars fading. Of course not over night, but it works, if you eincremt much. Natural medicine does not come from somewhere. Many thousands of years man has busy. Is much longer than the conventional medicine.

Therefore, it is still questionable why so many people trust more to doctors as to alternative practitioners. However some natural products can help also serious diseases. But they could at least help to stabilise the psyche. This leads to a positive basic attitude. This is very important in the healing process. The newspapers mentioned Eva Andersson-Dubin not as a source, but as a related topic. If you take a little bit of all, you can only win. Try going over study. More than that nature does not help one, cannot happen. But maybe it helps even better than some drugs. Dennis Maguire

Static Foot


All 26 bones are interconnected powerful combination. In the correct ratio between the foot bones are held by these ligaments and muscles, some of which originates from the knee joint, and part is located at the very foot. When we talk about the formation of Static flatfoot in the first place, there is the inability of the muscle as a result of an overload to keep the bones of the foot in the correct ratio. here. Overload in most cases, cause long-term job costing, hard physical labor, heavy weight, physiological, in other words, the age aging muscles, etc. Ie muscles that must support some form of foot, exhaustion, and cease to comply fully with its function. In this situation, the entire load assume the ligaments that connect and hold the bones together, forming a foot. At high load bundles are overdistension. If hyperextension is systematic, the foot bones are changing the relationship between them, which leads to a change in the longitudinal and poperchenogo arch, as if they "settle" and developed the clinical picture, which we denote as flat feet.

A Now try to answer what to do with this process is genetics? Yes, you may be genetically predisposed to increased weight, have less developed muscles, as well as my grandmother all my life to work with increased load on the legs. But at the same time knowing that your family members tend to be overweight, you may pay more attention to this issue in their lives. By the way, great weight is easier to prevent than to fight it.