Business coach – is in addition to specialization, is always an expert in the field of communications, in the "fabric and inner side of human relationships." During the training, it creates an environment in which participants brings ever greater skills, studying each other and from themselves, learn by doing. The coach creates the conditions, but the content is primarily introduce the participants themselves. Just as in the daily activities that a person did, he always brings his "Individual style". Such an approach is beneficial especially for the participants and the client company. After the training in addition to skills developed, which was sent directly to the training, participants there is the ability to learn independently in daily activities. This is the reason that the theory in the training of a maximum of 25%, rest of the time – a practice, practice needed skills.

Adaptation Program corporate training takes place on the stage predtreninga when the coach collects and analyzes information about the company, said the specifics of business, important details and wishes of the customer. Adapting Open Training takes place under a specific scope of activities or services. The first feature is the adaptation of an open training – a coach who prepares the program, met with key issues, discusses these issues and solutions to the "old-timers' industry. The second – the training is directed only to representatives of this sphere of activity or services. Thus, the participants coming to the training have an opportunity: to hear options for solutions to their questions from their colleagues "in the shop, get feedback on their actions and about themselves (and possibly from the competition), to establish new long-term dating, find effective and timely solutions to their problems.